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Ling Han’s thoughts flutter, the golden generation that emerges from the brush, the old monsters and the little monsters that came before indefinitely have all come out in this era. Should it not be a coincidence?

When he was thinking, the young man in the armor also came out of the fog. The slender figure exudes the meaning of killing the evil spirits, and people can not help but tremble.

“In the next Yang Yangyi.” The young man smiled, it touches very mild, “you met the older generation.”

All the saints are slightly daggers. After all, people stand on the edge of a sage. Moreover, Yang Yi’s elders are most likely to be quasi-diversity. Therefore, this point is still to be given.

Yang Yi also looked at the young people: “We want to challenge young geniuses, but can someone please give them?”

The emperors looked at each other and no one spoke for a moment.

They have been given the family sage’s spiritual voice, so that they do not impulsive, this Yang Yi is still unpredictable, or let others try it, if it is terribly strong, then it is not to shame in public?

Yang Yi also exposed a touch of the astonished color: “No one?”

This sentence exports, so that all the emperors are somewhat ugly face.

How disrespectful is this?

Do you think no one can match him?

Did you come out of the fog and go mad, no one can be against you?

“I’ll teach you!” There was an emperor who stood out. He was Yitai Ming of the Yan family of the blood, not the golden generation, nor the silver generation, but the ordinary emperor.

However, the word emperor is the loudest name, representing an absolute genius.

Yang Yi still smiling calmly, arched toward Yi Tai Ming: “Please.”

Yi Taiming ate lightly and killed Yi Yi in the past.

Yang Yi also shot, is an ordinary punch, but this boxing can seem to be able to crack the world, horror can not be described.

After a brief look, Yi Taiming fell to the ground and he stunned.

Seeing this scene, everyone is browsed.

As a matter of fact, Yi Taiming was only just entering the spiritual world. Although he was the emperor, even if he encountered the genius of the Taoist genius, he was still only lost.

Can Yang Yi also return this punch… It’s terrible.

Not only power, but also the kind of momentum, that kind of supreme confidence, as if the world can collapse, people scalp tingling.

How great is this?

Yang Yi also faint smile: “Which Xiongtai are willing to give strokes?”

The silver generation took a look at each other. Is it true that after Ling Han and Ding Shu, they started to run out of a metamorphosis?

Can he be so arrogant?

The silver generation of the Wanleidi family, Hang Weili, came out and he also smiled. “We’ll be able to consult Wei Li in Xia Hang and ask one or two to Yang Xiong.”

“Please.” Yang Yi is also very polite and gentle.

Hang Wei immediately killed him. He took seven spiritual bodies at the first time. He exhibited all his great moves and went off to attack Yang Yi.

Obviously, he is very jealous of this opponent, and has already gone all out.

Yang Yi still gave a punch, just as it did just now, but he did not know how many times he had improved his power.

Hey, Hangwei Li was bombarded and flew out of the ground. He fell heavily on the ground, and he died again.

Hey, two fists defeated two emperors.

Moreover, what is even more striking is that the power of the second boxing and the first boxing is very different. It seems that the strength of the opponent has also been adjusted accordingly.

Yang Yi also smiled slightly and said: “I am a nine-year change, but I will never press people with realm. Therefore, what is the opponent’s cultivation? I will press the realm to the corresponding level.”

Therefore, the power of the second punch and the first punch will be so bad.

Hearing these words, everyone is even more vacant, and there is even a fear.

If you are pursuing cultivation as high, it is not unusual to beat the emperor with a punch. There are too many spiritual environments to do. However, under the premise of “repairing”, it is also terrible to defeat the silver generation with a punch.

The golden generation…can you get it?

At this time, everyone’s eyes went straight toward Ling Han.

This guy did it and beat the silver generation.

Gosh, I really have to come out with a monster.

Yang Yi is still very frivolous: “Well, you can have more people together, ten or twenty.”

He looks mild and looks dim, but he is aggressive and proud.

Actually, let the emperors join together, and it is not two or three. Ten or twenty do not matter.

What kind of madness is this?

So provocative, so that the saints of the Tetris are some of their faces can not hang, they represent the world’s strongest, but now some people are provoking their authority, if you do not fight back, then it is not to make people laugh at the world?

“Oh, since Yang Xiaoyou is so confident, let’s go together.” A saint smiled.

Rely on, hello?

Can you think of one-on-one? Who can be the opponent of this metamorphosis?

Silver generation punch one second, single-on-one is not to send food?

Moreover, as soon as the golden generation has not been here, in the second year, the last golden generation has also entered the leader level. How come and how can it be bullied?

What is the point of winning?

Or gang fights, although this also has no light on his face, but at least it is possible to criticize Yang Yi’s spirit. Moreover, is this not his personal request?

Soon, there were emperors who came out one after another, basically a generation of silver, and there were 22 people.

“Come on.” Yang Yi also smiled and was extremely gentle.

The emperors took a look at each other and these twenty people joined hands and never had anything.

But now the arrow has already had to be sent.


All of them rushed out to show off the arts. It was awful.

However, Yang Yi also made great strides forward with double fists and no fear.

At this moment, his hair is flying high, and his look is also flying. It is no longer the gentle young man. As if he is a sword, he is exiled with a warlike spirit and goes straight to Sky.

Madness, domineering, unscrupulous!

Oh! Oh! Oh!

He punched one, how was the silver generation, and how they joined forces, was not the enemy of his fist, but saw the shadows fly. After 22 fists, the whole world was quiet.

Everyone was stunned and could not believe his eyes.

It was defeated and defeated. It was just a few breaths. The twenty-two emperors lost all.

Does this say that someone will believe it?

Too shocked!

Yang Yi also received a boxing, flying hair hanging down, he resumed before the gentle and indisputable, softly said: “Can someone still give it?”

The voice falls and nobody answers.

The golden generation does not appear. Who can resist?

Even if the golden generation was born, is it really his opponent?

The golden generation can be compared to the Great. If this person is even more powerful than the golden generation, isn’t he better than the great emperors?

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