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Ling Han also looked carefully.

Yang Yi still did not win the victory with force. Indeed, his strength was far higher than the corresponding realm. He definitely did not go all out. This is certain.

The key point is that each of his strokes has an unutterable charm that seems to conjure up the heavenly path. Therefore, the power can be increased by a large amount. Naturally, the combat power also rises.

Ling Han does not itch with his fists and wants to dry up with this rare opponent.

This person is very strong, strong enough to make Linghan war bear burning.

The same nine changes, this guy is better than Lian Yutang and Ishizawa. Even if he has made seven changes, he should still not be his opponent.

Let the other party repair it?

Ling Han shook his head. What did you mean by playing it like this? You could give it a go and you could really exert your full power, otherwise you would always be bound.

“Dragon came to meet you.” Xiaoqing Long couldn’t help but jumped out.

After seeing Xiao Qinglong, Yang Yi did not like most of the first sightings and despised four-legged snakes. Instead, he stared at him with two more eyes, and then smiled: “What are the real descendants?”

This eye poison!

Xiaoqing Long Yang proud: “Yes, it is your grandfather! Since you know, do not hurry to call grandpa?”

Yang Yi is still not angry. He does not seem to have this kind of emotion. Lightly: “I once had a dragon and the blood was pure. Of course, it was worse than you.”

This is it!

Xiaoqing Long’s face immediately collapsed. What do you mean by this?

Oh, do you still want to accept me as a beast?

“Come on!” He killed him, banged, and his combat power was on.

Boom! boom! boom!

Yang Yi also revised himself down and fight with Xiaoqing Long.

At this time we can see Xiaoqing Long’s enchanting, and before it was the silver generation who were also joined by Yang Yi, who also punched and shoved it all down, but Xiao Qinglong could still have a hard time with Yang Yi, but there is still something to do.

The giants of the Tetris were all shocked. After this four-legged snake was actually a real dragon?

According to legend, the true dragon is unparalleled in strength and strength is the best in the world. Now, the legend is true.

Ling Han’s brow was wrinkled. Xiaoqing Long was the most famous descendant of the Tianlong Emperor’s family, and was still a true dragon’s parent. In theory, he should be extremely skilled in bodybuilding.

If it is not Ling Han who still has the power to destroy, he can quench his own body with a higher level of energy. Otherwise, his physical skills should not have been tyrannical.

However, now Yang Yi can work hard to fight without losing his breath. This is terrifying.

Of course, this fellow’s cultivation is even higher. This power can be suppressed, and the tyrannical power of the body can’t be followed and weakened. However, it is incredible that the body can be repaired to such a part in the spiritual environment.

“Interesting, a little bit of meaning.” Yang Yi also smiled a bit, his hair began to fly again, gentle eyes, light, exudes wild, the momentum of the entire person changes.

He became overbearing and overbearing, and he launched aggressive attacks and frequently used tricks to completely suppress Xiaoqing Long.

Although Xiaoqing Long struggled all over, he was still in a poor position and was forced to fall into the wind.

“God doesn’t fight.” This guy is not stupid. If he can’t beat it, it’s natural to stop.

“Follow me, how do you fight all over the world?” Yang Yi still did not stop fighting, recruit strong, forced Xiaoqing Long can only continue to fight.

This seems like a very tempting invitation, but the word “follows” is to point out Yang Yi’s ambitions. You can only follow my footsteps and be my right hand.

“Roll your mother’s egg!” Xiaoqing Long will promise to look at other people’s Xiao Hanzi. Although sometimes talking can kill people, he really treats him like a friend. It’s like you, that kind of pride that is hidden in the bones. Disdain!

Followed by you, uh, that’s really self-reliance.

Yang Yi still is not angry, but storms, it seems to be strong strength to Xiaoqing dragon.

“Didn’t say I’ve been fighting with you, but what else are you doing?” Ling Huan figured out and punched Yang Yi.

“Seven changes?” Yang Yi also smiled, but also a blow back in the past, the power suddenly exploded a large section.

For whom, he used the strength of the corresponding cultivation, which seemed very fair and showed his strong self-confidence.


When the two attacked each other, the power of terror reverberated and vacated. Both of them took a stab at the same time and then they retreated.

One step, two steps, three steps… Seventeen steps!

At the time of the seventeenth step, Yang Yi also took the lead, but Ling Han retired 22 steps.

Ling Han lost?

Ling Han did not think so. When the two were fighting against each other, Yang Yi still had a seven-changing power. However, when he was retreating, he uncontrollably used more than seven forces, which was better than him. Stable.

Even so, it is enough to explain this guy’s horror.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xiaoqing Long took the opportunity to back away from Yang Yiyi.

Yang Yi also did not pursue it. Instead, he looked at Ling Han and laughed: “To learn from it?”

“No interest.” Ling Han directly rejected, this name will use the power beyond the realm, what is the meaning?

Yang Yi also smiled a little, in the eyes is revealing a hint of curiosity, this person is who, actually can confront with oneself?

Others do not know that he naturally knows how strong he is. It is a height that the emperor could not achieve through normal means.

But he actually met his opponent!

Others do not know, only that it was Ling Han caught up in the first fight, so he was caught in a fight.

It turned out that Ling Han was a hard-nosed person.

What kind of person is there to qualify for imperialism?

Yang Yi also looked around and said lightly: “Can there be anyone who enlightens me?”

No one answered, Yang Yi was also unscrupulous and invincible.

This is really sad, so many ethnic tribes here can’t find a genius that can compete with each other.

These Tetri people are ugly faces. Is this face set?


All saints are a glimpse, and then look to a place.

In a flash, I saw space being ripped off by a big hand and then came out with a burly old man.

Next to the old man, there is also a slender young man who looks ordinary but has a gold pattern on his forehead.


The big brothers are very strange. The saints are not Chinese cabbage. There are only a few of them under the heavens. It really counts. But this sage has never seen it before. It naturally makes them wonder.

“How do you call a friend?” asked the shattering star sage.

The burly old man smiled: “The Holy Blue falls.”

Blue sky? Blue sky saints?

All the people looked at each other, and they all had no clue. It seemed as if they had never heard of this saint.

“Today the holy place is everywhere, is to want this little guy to meet with the world.” The blue sky sage pointed to the young man around the gold line.


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