963. Chapter 960 Experiments

The strong man passed by Dudin and pressed it on the wall beside the iron gate.

Du Dian has already seen through perspective that the wall is a dark grid mechanism, connecting the bearings and lead wires. As the brawny man pressed down on the loose wall panels, the iron gate slowly opened and was open on both sides. There were razor sharps and poisoned arrows buried in the iron gate. If anybody forcibly broke the iron gate, it would trigger the organ.

Behind the iron gate is still a dark world, everything is in the dark, but Du Dian can see clearly, there is a very spacious room, a combination of animal and cloth sofas, tables, and rows of bookshelves and several A spacious table with stacked messy papers. In addition, in the open space of the room, there are several strange instruments.

Du Dian recognized one of the instruments, but it was a microscope.

From the perspective of modeling and steel, it seems that it came from old times.

When the strong man entered the door, he readily touched the wall. Hey, the room suddenly lit a dazzling light, with a yellow-orange color. When the eyes got used to it, they felt soft and warm.

Tashit and Jason saw this sudden lighting, and jumped, widened their eyes and looked surprised.

The brawny gentleman gently put Dana on a sofa, covers the sofa with a beaded blanket, and then turns and turns the young girl with her shoulders on another sofa, bending down Suddenly, whispered.

Du Dian heard his voice, his brow moved, and resumed as usual.

The strong man scowled at the girl and saw her flushed, but she was not shy, but like a fever. She was almost soaked with red skin. She closed her eyes and her eyebrows rose. There was a bit of pain. At the same time, a lot of hot sweat is oozing on the forehead.

He reached out and touched her arm and reached into her clothing and touched her back, but touched a wet hand.

If it is an ordinary person, such symptoms, he will think that the first time is a fever, but what is the girl? How can you get a fever? The germs that contributed to the fever, in terms of her resistance, could easily be killed.

A flash of thoughts flashed in his eyes, and what the brawny man had suddenly thought of was to hold up the girl’s eyelids, but she saw bloodshot eyes in her eyeballs, and the end of the bloodshot darkened.

The brawny man was shaken, recovered his hand, turned his head, and his eyes fell on Du Dian, who was in the doorway, and his eyes flashed with a hint of ice and cold.

Du Dian saw his expression and said with a bitter expression: “This can’t blame me. I just want to save my life.”

The brawny looked at him coldly, and his eyes glanced at Halisa, who was next to him, and said coldly, “If I haven’t guessed correctly, if I didn’t meet her, are you trying to deal with me with a dead body virus? ”

Du Dian reluctantly said: “How could we? Give us a few courageous people and we wouldn’t dare to shoot you.”

“Is it?” The brawny sneered slightly. “If you dare not, how can you make a big circle and come back here?”

Du Dian can only shut up. Since the brawny man has already guessed, he has no need to keep concealing.

Call! call!

In the silence of the room, only more and more heavy breathing.

The voice comes from the young girl’s mouth. Her chest fluctuates faster and faster. The frequency of heartbeats continues to increase, and the blood flow throughout the body also accelerates. This also causes her body temperature to rise rapidly. If she looks closely, she will find her. In the crevice of the lips where the fierce breathing is topped off, the white teeth, which were originally flat and white, gradually became sharper, like a dog’s teeth.

Tashit and Jason saw the appearance of the young girl, and her eyes were in doubt.

The strong man looked at Didean with a glance. “After a moment, I’ll look for you later. You three are waiting here. Be honest.” Then she picked up the girl on the couch and quickly walked into the room and pulled another one. Fan door went inside.

Hey, the door was closed, and the voice gave Zachset and Jason a shiver. The duo were already scared.

After the strong man left, Tashit wondered: “Difficult. Is she infected with a virus?”

Du Dian tossed the duo to the ground with a look of sigh. “I met her on the road and I didn’t have to resort to some means to save my life. I died long ago, and I was forced to protect myself.”

Tashit and Jason face each other and bitter in their mouths.

When they took a graceful affair and tortured them as adults, they had already touched the scales of the brawny. Now the second daughter is actually planted in their hands, and the corpse virus is still in irreversible state. It is worse than Dinah.

They dare not imagine what kind of anger baptism they will receive.

When the two were frightened, the strong man came out of the room. Du Dian saw through the perspective. He sent the girl to the cage in a huge lab inside the door.

There are many other cages there, which contain many bizarre things, including dead bodies.

At the moment, the young girl became one of them.

He was in a complex mood. He wasn’t happy or disappointed, but he still felt disappointed. It wasn’t because the brawny man didn’t read his affection. It wasn’t a half-dollar relationship with him. It was his hand that he was still looking forward to from the strong man. I saw a glimpse of hope here, but I didn’t expect him to seem helpless with the virus.

After the brawny came back, he went straight to the sofa and sat down. He picked up the towel next to him and wiped his hands. He glanced at Didean and Zaset and Jason, and said, “Know why I didn’t kill you?”

The three were silent, and even if they had some guesswork, they dared not say it.

The brawny men wiped their hands and said carelessly: “My two daughters are injured in your hands. One is infected with a virus. It is basically dead, one dead and one hurt. This hatred is not enough to kill you alone. .”

The three hearts sank.

Tashit carefully said: “Adult, this is caused by him alone, he is the main culprit, we are the most accomplices, I am willing to do anything for you, absolutely loyal to you, I hope you can forgive my mistakes.” He said that he was extremely sincere and low-profile, as if he had become a slave to a strong man.

Du Dian heard his words, looking indifferent, without any change, no excuse.

The strong man’s eyes fell on Dudian, as if he had not heard Zachit, slowly said: “You just need to do one thing for me. If you are lucky, you may survive.”

Tashit and Jason looked up, although it may be difficult to know this, but they still saw hope.

Hope always inspiring.

Du Dian was silent like a stone without any expression.

“Adults, you said, I must do my best!” Tashit said quickly.

“Me too.” Jason was not to be outdone.

The brawny nodded slightly. “I’m just missing some experimental material at the depths of the abyss. You three are here and will complete my experiments with me. I hope you will live to the end.”


“Experimental material?”

Tashit and Jason lived and his face stunned for a moment.

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