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Knowing that there is a way to kill Chu Feng, Linghu Tiemian suddenly changed his mind, and his heart became more excited.

He hated Chu Feng’s, so deep, even dreaming of Chu Feng died.

“What is the method?” Linghu Tiemian asked.

“I have a secret treasure. Although this secret treasure can’t kill Chu Feng, it has a strong explosive power. You aim it at Chu Feng. Chu Feng definitely can’t hide and will be hit hard.”

Tantai Xing’er spoke with a pearl-sized ball in his hand.

This small ball is black, but it can be above, but it is dense and full of spells.

The ball passed by and no one could notice it, but Linghu Tiemian, still noticed.

“That seems to be in the legend, the dark wind whistle.” Linghu Tiemian sighed.

This dark wind and thunder is a rare treasure, not so much a treasure, but rather a rare weapon.

This dark wind and thunder is extremely lethal, and it is said that it can kill Mortial Immortal Realm. Only the powerful Venerable Realm can compete.

“It is indeed a dark wind, but the power is not as strong as it is rumored, so it cannot win the life of Chu Feng.”

“It’s not that you can kill him. Since this thing can’t kill, how do you want me to kill him?” Linghu Tiemian asked.

“Or, I wanted to keep it. I accidentally dealt with Chu Feng. Although I can’t kill Chu Feng, I can also find the chance to defeat him.”

“But now it’s different. The vision appears, indicating the mortal dark passage. You can push Chu Feng into the dark passage with this dark wind and thunder, and he will naturally die,” Tantai Xing’er said.

“Really?” Linghu Tiemian asked.

“If you don’t believe it, then that’s it,” Tantai Xing’er said.

“Then why don’t you do it yourself?” Linghu Tiemian asked.

“Because I don’t want to be this bad guy,” Tantai Xing’er said.

“This time, you are saying it is straightforward.” Linghu Tiemian was speechless.

Tantai Xing’er, don’t want to be this bad guy, is he Linghu Tiemian, want to be this bad guy?

They are such geniuses, which ones do not want to have a good reputation, even if they are arrogant and bad at ordinary times, but in so many elders, so many experts, so many people, they will try to maintain a good image.

“You think about it yourself, this is a rare opportunity,” Tantai Xing’er said.

“I want to kill him. There is an opportunity in the future,” Linghu Tiemian said.

“You really have opportunities in the future, but today, Linghu Hongfei is not participate Ancestral Martial Ten Stars. You can compete against Chu Feng. If you let this Chu Feng win the first place, your family will never be erased. The shame, even if Chu Feng is dead in the future, how can it be?” Tantai Xing’er said.

With this in mind, Linghu Tiemian’s face became gloomy and she was also immersed in contemplation.

Chu Feng did not pay attention to Linghu Tiemian and Tantai Xing’er, the little tricks in the dark.

At this time, Chu Feng landed before the twelfth door.

This is Chu Feng’s view that the safest door is the one that can pass the fastest and reach the exit.

However, Chu Feng stood in front of the twelfth door, but his eyes gazed at the thirteenth door.

Although the vision disappeared at the moment, the observation of Chu Feng’s eyes disappeared, but Chu Feng’s awakened Nine Dragons Saint-cloak still reflected.

Nine Dragons Saint-cloak did not emerge, and no one else could see the vision.

But I can feel the power of Nine Dragons Saint-cloak, the feeling, as if it was summoned, and summoned him, the third thirteen door.

“Maybe legend is true.”

Chu Feng has this idea, he thinks that the legend may be true, this thirteenth door, it may be really, can enter the deepest road of Nine Dragons Upper Realm.

As for those who have gone back, it can only show that this road is extremely dangerous, and it also shows that they are not good.

If it is ok, Chu Feng really wants to go in and find out.

It’s a pity that he can’t, after all… He wants to save Bai Liluo, and there is only one way to save Bai Liluo, which is to win the first place in the Ancestral Martial Ten Stars.

To do this, he must be fast, to get through the bureau under Star Region Main Realm as soon as possible, in order to compete for the first place in Ancestral Martial Ten Stars, so Chu Feng can’t take time and can’t take risks.

“Why have you been staring at the thirteenth door?” At this moment, a voice rang from Chu Feng, who was Wuma Shengjie.

Chu Feng told Wuma Shengjie that the twelfth door was the safest and let Wuma Shengjie follow him, so Wuma Shengjie stayed with Chu Feng.

However, clearly standing in front of the door of the twelfth door, Chu Feng has been staring at the third door, which makes Wuma Shengjie very puzzled.

“Nothing, just squat, let’s go, see together, the Nine Dragons Strange Shaped Mound’s dark passage is as ugly as the rumor.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Although observation is an indispensable part, there are also those who are daring, and they rush into this dark channel in the first time, so Chu Feng and others can not delay time.

“Be careful.”

But at this time, Wuma Shengjie shouted, and then she pushed the palm of her hand and pushed Chu Feng away.

Nourishment –

The next moment, in the body of Wuma Shengjie, a powerful Thunder broke out.

The Thunder spread rapidly, and there was a hurricane. The hurricane was extremely strong. It directly pushed Wuma Shengjie away, and the direction of pushing was not the twelfth dark road, but the direct entry into the thirteenth dark passage.

Everything came too fast. When Chu Feng reflected it, Wuma Shengjie was already in the thirteenth dark passage.

“Linghu Tiemian, what are you doing?”

At this time, Chu Feng was furious and looked at Linghu Tiemian with anger.

Because, the one who used the secret treasure to push Wuma Shengjie into the thirteenth secret door, preceded Linghu Tiemian.

Linghu Tiemian, who hates Chu Feng too much, even if he wants to bear the nickname, he still moves under the public.

But never thought that Chu Feng did not notice his movements, but was discovered by Wuma Shengjie, and because of Wuma Shengjie, Chu Feng escaped, which made Linghu Tiemian angry and wrong.

“You count your life.” Linghu Tiemian coldly snorted, and then his body shape, even directly into a dark passage entrance.

“Looking at others, this Linghu Tiemian is so despicable, and should be severely punished.” Off the field, Gong Qing yelled.

In fact, I don’t need her to say that the eye-catching people are watching. Linghu Tiemian took the shot to Chu Feng, but Chu Feng was saved by Wuma Shengjie.

“This method is indeed despicable, but the selection of Ancestral Martial Ten Stars is competition. There are also a lot of calculations on weekdays. There are also a few people who directly kill people. This is within the rules, but as Linghu Tiemian, It’s really not good to do this,” said Gong Celestial Clan Clan Head.

“What kind of deep hatred is there in order to let Linghu Tiemian do this for Chu Feng?”

At this point, everyone guessed.

“The deep hatred and hate can be revengeful, but with such a sloppy behavior, it can only explain a little.” Someone suddenly said.

“What do you say?” everyone asked.

“That is the bright and honest fight can not take revenge, so it is only this policy.” The man said.

“Ah? So, Chu Feng is really so powerful, even Linghu Tiemian have to use despicable means?”

“And, after the failure, I immediately entered the dark channel, is it… this is afraid that Chu Feng will find revenge for him and escape?”

In a word that awakens the dreamer, everyone at this moment is suddenly stunned, and the more he feels that Chu Feng’s is unfathomable, otherwise it is impossible to make Linghu Tiemian.

“Linghu Tiemian, but Ancestral Martial Ten Stars third, even he is so jealous of Chu Feng, it seems that this Chu Feng, really is not the same.”

At this time, people looked at Chu Feng’s eyes and looked more and more.

And many people think that Chu Feng is the first place in the Ancestral Martial Ten Stars. After all, he has the strength that even Linghu Tiemian is afraid of.

But in the next moment, people changed their looks. Whether they were older or younger, they were shocked at the moment.

Because Chu Feng, turned and plunged into the thirteenth secret door.

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