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673. Chapter 673 What are you calculating?

673.第673章 你在算计着什么呢

The impact shocked the internal organs, and Lu Tian was hard to get rid of.


But he didn’t need to worry about really spitting the floor, because Seiji raised his hand and grabbed his neck!




Lu Tian had difficulty breathing, and felt that he quickly lost his body strength and was sore and cold.




Between the confusion, he felt the cold and sharp things pierced himself, and the pain was so severe that he crossed the limit and broke into Dark.


At the same time as the members of the Revenge Alliance were killed, Seiji also successively replenished the players on the 723 side.


Keep them together to deal with the gods?


It’s good to have a good time playing Demon King’s story, but even if they are willing to do so, what role can they play if they are beaten?


It is better to solve the problem of replenishing the knife, and absorb more black fog to enhance the mysterious power.


As for the battle to the present, there is still room for it.


Among the remaining people, the most important thing to note is the Tendou Ame!


Even if the “Tendou” didn’t show up, Seiji didn’t plan to make up his knife, because God knows if it will trigger the violent state of last week.


Although the mysterious power may be able to win the violent Tendou, it must be consumed, which is not conducive to the next generation.




With the help of Shika and others, Seiji “killed the killing” and turned over the audience!


Realizing that they could not win, some members of the Revenge Alliance fled.


The remaining 731-party participants also left the scene and gathered in the next place, which should be re-engineering.


Seiji, who controls the movements of both sides through the map, chooses to take a break with companions.


Next, will the gods take the shot?


If he takes the shot, it is a decisive battle.


If he is puzzled by this mysterious force and wants to test it, then there is still time.


If there is time, Seiji wants to talk to the 731 participants who have reorganized the situation and fight for the big Demon King.


It is a good thing to get it, even if there is only a little help, it is better than nothing. And if it is not, it will be like that.


There are also those who have been judged to be defeated.


What will happen to them later, can they leave the field smoothly, I don’t know.


Ghost attacks and dark fog seem to be related to the life preserver. After the life preserver is consumed, it should not be so dangerous again, but it is hard to say.


I hope they can leave safely.


At the same time as I thought about it, Seiji actually felt that it was impossible.


Unless you lift this field, no one can go out… this is the most likely.


As for the people outside, maybe you can’t get in, maybe you can come in but don’t plan to come in, stay outside and wait and see.


Can’t look forward to the rescue outside… In the final analysis, the situation is what the outside guys want to see.


The gods brought death to this ceremony. Preparing the stage and letting the former perform such a play is the organizer and related forces.


The depth of the water inside is not known.


Seiji himself may also be a chess piece. When Yui gave the war card, it was said that “because it is good for me”, now I think it may contain deep meaning in this respect.


What are you calculating, Yui.




The night wind blew, blowing the hair of the beautiful young girl.


Black-haired black, she stood there quietly, overlooking the scene underneath, as if melting in the night, sparkling Limang in her eyes.


“The monitoring values ​​fluctuate drastically and it seems to be moving to the next stage,” Yellow-haired’s youngster reported.


“Yeah.” Young girl sighs.


“Do you perform the investigation?”


“No, wait a minute.”


“The chance of a distress will increase dramatically, does it matter?”


“It’s ok.”


This is not ruthless, but trust.


Yellow-haired youngster can hear, Ojou-sama believes that that person has enough strength and will not be in danger because of this level of danger.


How long has it been… The growth rate of that person is really too fast!


At this time, should I say that it is really the younger brother of Ojou-sama?


Recalling the scene when I first met, the yellow-haired youngster continued to concentrate on her work after feeling.




Seiji perceives the changes in the status of the remnants of the Revenge Alliance, all of which have been judged to be unsuccessful, so that they are gray-brown… that is, the ghost possessor.


It seems that the gods judged that they were defeated, they did not continue to use the value, so they were all puppet!


It is the style of the Envoy Organization.


Then the ambient fog became more intense and rich enough to use the spiritual vision and could not see the range of twenty meters away. The Higanbana emerging from the ground has also increased a lot, forming a brightly colored flower.


The most notable change is the red moon in the sky!


It is obvious that even the scenery of dozens of meters can not be seen, but you can see this round of red moon, you don’t have to think about it, this is definitely not the real moon.


Seiji recalls the bloody mountain that she had previously collaborated with Sakakura Maki, and felt that the current atmosphere is somewhat similar to that of Inner World.


Is it going to become such a Spirit World if it continues to develop?


It is undoubtedly very dangerous to really become a high rank Spirit World like the Mountain of Blood Moon.


“I don’t think it’s very good.” After seeing the Red Moon, Kana looked at the deep Dark and said, “It’s like watching a terrifying movie, and then it’s going to be a terrible thing.”


“The monks also think so.” Izawa echoed the road. “The red hypocritical month, I don’t know what the thick fog of hidden, it feels very ominous.”


The voice just fell, and there was a faint scream in the fog.


This situation makes people instinctively do not want to leave the house. However, this is not a terrifying game. It is safe to stay in a house. Instead, it should act as soon as possible.


“Let’s go,” Seiji said.




“Go to the survivors.”


This refers to the nature of the remaining 731 party participants.


It’s too late to find them, Seiji feels like this.


The four started on this and stepped into the deep fog.


After a while, I heard the strange sighs and sorrows, and this time it was much clearer, like it was ringing nearby.


“Be careful……”


Seiji reminds companions to be vigilant, and as soon as they exit, there are a few black and red ghosts slamming from above!


bump! Seiji waved out the right boxing and shattered it.


Shika avoided the attack and counterattacked, and the blade’s edge passed a ghost but couldn’t break it.


Izawa guarded Kana and avoided the attack in time.


These ghosts are hidden in the fog behind them, and a few seconds from the right side!


Then from the left, then from the left and above, and then from the front and the rear… They rushed into Seiji and others in all directions, threatening.


The power of Seiji’s right hand can easily eliminate these ghosts, but the counterattacks of Shika and Izawa and Kana are not very effective. And their number seems to be very large, and they can continue to attack.


“Come on! Don’t be dragged!!”


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