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Interrogating the attacker with the help of the Tenth Group, Seiji learned that this was a puppet teacher named Imito Taita. After seeing Shinobu, he was amazing and perfect, so he wanted to grab the hand.

This is a temporary looting, no wonder so done.

Not a person of Ote Family, okay.

Ote Family may snatch Miaka Shinobu, but both Seiji and Natsuya believe that even if they want to grab it, they won’t do it right away.

However, I did not expect to bring such a guy.

Seiji realized that he underestimated the value of Shinobu and must pay more attention in the future.

After I was too confessed, I decided to ask for mercy and beg for survival.

It seems a bit too much to kill people like this. Seiji asked the guy to swear that he would never do this again, and after paying a large sum of money, he would stun him and let the ten groups randomly find a place to throw away.

Half of the money received is for the ten-character group as the labor fee, and the other half is the extra income.

Although he is now rich, but the money is not too much, and you can’t let anyone lose it.

“It seems that I can understand the desire to win Miss Miaka.”

Tomohisa, who quickly arrived after learning about this incident, watched the beautiful puppet young girl, with a look of admiration.

“This perfect doll is simply the dream of my (house) generation (male)!”

Seiji: “…………”

“Dream?” Miaka Shinobu blinked.

“It means a beautiful imagination. What he means is to regard you as a very beautiful existence.”

“Yes! Can you take a photo of Miss Miaka taking a few shots? It is best to take a photo with you!” Tomohisa glasses flashed.

“I haven’t taken photos with Shinobu yet, it’s your turn later.” Seiji refused.

“Why do you want to shoot now?”

“I am not in the mood now.”

“You can set up a shooting set right now!”

“Not a problem with the set.”

“You can prepare all kinds of clothes right now!”

“Not a problem with clothes.”

“You can find a professional photographer right now!”

“Not to make a photo album!”

After repeling Tomohisa, Seiji took Shinobu home by car.


“It looks like everyone is just as good.” After knowing puppet young girl, Mika was amazed.

“Can I touch it?” Chiaki’s eyes brightened.

Seiji said that it feels strange…

“Shinobu is just a child, don’t scare her.”

“truth is ?”

“So a pretty doll, a young younger sister, must have fun, oh~”

Uncle Youkai Chiaki was immediately suppressed by Yin-Yang division Seiji.

“Cool, soft, slippery…” Reo asked for permission and touched Shinobu’s hands and face curiously.

“The touch is no different from the real human body. It is unbelievable that this is an artifact.” Kaede, who is a health teacher, also touched and sighed.

Kagura Shika is just quiet watches, without a word.

Miaka Shinobu Kagura Shika, 眨 了 眨 目.

Puppet young girl and the disinfect young girl silently… This scene makes the scene inexplicably quiet.

“Like cha.”

Seiji heard the sound and looked at it. It was Chiaki who raised the cell phone.

“This picture is so beautiful, I can’t help but take it.” Chiaki showed the photo.

The beautiful silver-haired young girl on the screen and the black-haired young girl are quietly facing each other, and there seems to be an indescribable mood.

Seiji stunned for three seconds and then pulled out the cell phone.

“This is the material.”

In this name, Shinobu and Shika are photographed together as a model.

Then everyone found that these two people are a perfect match!

As long as they appear together in the lens, all kinds of postures can shoot the mood!

No matter how beautiful it is, you can shoot a photo album without a professional photographer.

“Let them make a debut as an Idol combination!” Chiaki decided.

“I think so too.” Mika agreed.

“It’s too pretty… if they put on sakura clothes, it’s better.” Kaede watches sighed.

Even Reo-chan also keeps his eyes shining.

“When Idol is not that simple. But it’s really too good, Shika and Shinobu…” Seiji also praised.

The photos taken now will be red on the Internet. If you put on a more suitable clothing, plus the set, or out of the cos and so on, it will be red!

The lethality of the combination of the two is so great.

He doesn’t want them to be Idol, but I can imagine what they are doing on the stage as an Idol combination… Just think about it and start it!

Seidi has limited interest in Idol in the third dimension, but if Shika and Shinobu are combined, he will definitely become a fan, and it is a brain powder!

No, I can’t imagine it anymore, otherwise I really want to let them go to Idol.

He stopped his dreams in time and tried to calm himself down.


Kagura Shika has some wonderful views on Miaka Shinobu.

This kind of perception is inexplicable. If you want to say it, you feel that the other party is a special existence.

Puppet Youkai, who was rescued by the Seiji elder brother and provided with spiritual energy, was able to move…. Why is it because she is dependent on the Seiji elder brother?

After thinking about it, Kagura Shika thought it should be like this.

She relied on Seiji to have the meaning of survival.

Miaka Shinobu survived by Seiji.

She is different from her but has similarities, so she has a different look and feel.

Will the doll be affected by Whirlpool of Disaster?

She relies on the spiritual energy of the Seiji elder brother, and maybe it can be like the Seiji elder brother, not affected by my power… Kagura Shika thinks so.

Or, so hope.

Why is there such a hope?

Because it is the same kind, I want to be a companion?

No, not the same…just an approximation.

But to say this is the reason, it may not be wrong.

Kagura Shika didn’t know the essence of this subtle emotion, but made sure that he wanted to get along with Miaka Shinobu.


Miaka Shinobu has some intimate impressions of Kagura Shika.

This kind of look and feel, she did not know how to describe it, only felt that the feeling felt by the owner was somewhat similar.

So in her opinion, among the people I have known so far, Kagura Shika is special.

The owner’s adopted sister and Shikigami… should be called Kagura adults.

Taking photos with Kagura, Miaka Shinobu was happy.

Looking at, approaching, touching… Listening to instructions and Kagura adults to make a variety of movements, there is a wonderful sense of pleasure.

“Kagura is very pretty.”

Puppet young girl stares at the black-haired young girl and speaks the compliments she knows.

“You are also very pretty… Don’t call me an adult, just call me an elder sister.” Kagura Shika smiled and responded.

No. Miaka Shinobu wants to say that.

But the smile of the other party attracted her and made her look good.

“elder sister…” unconsciously blurted out.

The tremor of the heart.

She was gazing at her own beauty, and she felt the impact.

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