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Demon Lord @ Greatest Formidable Villain
Hi i am about to read this one now and see if its worth it but if you are looking for a novel vilain Mc no pussy folloer or i do everything for a woman then just check out I am a real vialin! the Mc name is Xu zimo , i dont wanna spoil u but he had to choose between saving his loyal subordinate vs letting his Gf family kill him because they said he was a demon... guess what?? ah ah he exterminated the Gf family even her father was killled a saved his follower.

kappalord @ A Random System Everyday
It's chinese novel rape and sexul harassment is OK, didn't u saw last news a famous Chinese female tennis player announced she got assaulted and rape by CCP memeber then she disappeared and her social account got deleted :D so CCp approve those novels

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