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Azsotic @ Mechanical Flesh
4/5 This's what a sign-in novel should be. Want to sign-in? Use your cleverness and scheme to go there!

Chasm @ Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years
{~Goggle Translante~} If you are not a reader of Chinese descent, read chapter 599 before thinking about reading it, I have nothing against Chinese mythology. I've read a few books before with a lot of emphasis on Chinese mythology, but in this book you can feel the Chinese fanaticism about it, and I've read it all the way to chapter 599 with no problem, but the author really licked all the chineses' feet and emphasized how the Chinese, not Asians but Chinese are a different race from us "the apes" and we were only able to evolve because a Chinese "immortal" destroyed the dinosaurs and brought his Chinese people to populate the Planet earth

BELASHOV @ Harry Potter – I’m The Legend
Pretty quickly, the hero forgets about his system, although it does not say here, but the hero strongly influences the history of the world, although it is interesting but he It's pretty boring, up to chapter 100 everything is pretty good, followed by a slight shift in priorities and the emergence of Grindelwald. Chapter 202 where I have so far reached but here's what I can say this 1942 he became an arms baron completely ignoring the ban on the study of Muggle weapons.

soram @ Invincible Boss System
Arrogant mc , too much shitty plot. Should be good for Those who like harem .

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