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Tsuru @ I Am God
Ty for the useful review. A review always need a small dose of spoilers-nutshell to be good.

world_simulator @ Spellmaster’s Manual
I changed my mind. if you can learn the skill: ignore, after reading this novel, it's actually a good read. Very unique plot and world layout. The heroin point of view is the best part, they have their own lives and don't focus on love. I hope comrademao can update this novel further. Skor: 4/5. Evaluation: "Unnecessary details and information are really very disturbing. If you are interested in reading this novel, I suggest not reading chapters that explain other people's point of view besides MC, heroin, and his close friends. Too many unknown points of view that have little to do with the original story. It's really useless."

bigking @ Red Heart Survey
Sound like a good story but it's too confusing to read , my brain is hurting trying to figure out what is going on

its_shrey @ Pretend To Be Creator
Damn it went from ridiculous to stupid suddenly, like mc was becoming a god or something, well its not earth, its a parallel universe so maybe in that universe, mc is indeed a god, its ridiculous but its a novel but suddenly mc goes to past and with black technology genius talent creates the biggest black technology for china, and yes you have probably guessed it already, its a lithography Machine.

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