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修罗武神最新章节, 第三千八百六十三章 神树的力量,飘天文学


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“Impossible, Qin Kunlun adults, although the cultivation is the demon statue, but he never bullies, but guards the weak, how can it be related to your despicable demon?”


“And the Qin Kunlun adults have disappeared for 20,000 years, and it has long been confirmed that he is dead, it is impossible to live to this day.”


“If you do evil, you will be evil. Why do you want to talk about Qin Kunlun adults coming in?”


Soon, the voices sounded, and those who were imprisoned not only heard the name of Qin Kunlun, but they did not believe that Qin Kunlun had a relationship with the Blood Devouring.


Moreover, they have a deep respect for Qin Kunlun, so everyone has blamed the Blood Devouring.


“Depicable Devil?”


“Who is despicable?”


“My Blood Devouring, although the cultivation is a demonic technique, has never hurt anyone, and has never been bullying, or even occupying the territory of any of your powers.”


“Otherwise, depending on the strength of my Blood Devouring Mozu, I want to capture which Upper Realm can’t take it. Will there be even one of his own territories?”


“Don’t ask yourself, can you have the power of today, can you have today’s territory, aren’t all of your Old Ancestor snatched from others?”


“The martial practitioner world, the strong is respected, this is nothing at all, but my Blood Devouring Mozu has never done this kind of thing.”


“But even if we respect you so much, we are still seen as a thorn in your eyes, uniting the power of the entire Star Region to deal with us and want to destroy us.”


“Give us a deduction, killing innocent charges.”


When Zhang Yanfeng said this, he was full of anger.


“In the past, in order to promote the cultivation realm, refining the sentient beings, this is what everyone sees with your own eyes. What do you deny?” Someone said.


“Hey, what do you want to add to the crime? It’s all Star Region Main Realm and your fabricated lies.” Zhang Yanfeng sneered again and again.


“Well, even if you don’t mention it in the past, you are now imprisoning us here. Isn’t it just to kill us, to open our doors with our souls?” Someone accused.


“Yes, we are going to use your life to open the door to the hall of God.”


“In those days, you slaughtered my ethnic group and almost killed my family. We avenged the people. Why not?” Zhang Yanfeng asked.


“Strong words are really strong words.”


Chu Feng Xiaoyou, kill them and kill all the Mozu people.”


In anger, those imprisoned began to turn to Chu Feng for help.


“All stays.”


But Chu Feng, but suddenly coldly snorted.


Chu Feng’s voice is not very big, but everyone in the room immediately closed his mouth.


They all know that the lives of all of them are in the hands of Chu Feng’s.


Especially the people of Great Thousand Upper Realm, they know a little about Chu Feng’s character, know that Chu Feng is a maverick, their request, Chu Feng will not listen, let alone… they did not ask Chu Feng’s qualification.


“You just said that Qin Kunlun is still alive, you come here, want to get the inheritance of Qin Kunlun, then Qin Kunlun, is it in the hall of the god?” Chu Feng turned his eyes to Zhang Yanfeng.


Compared with other people, Chu Feng is not convinced that he is alive. Chu Feng is even more skeptical. He can even say that Chu Feng’s inner balance is more biased and believes that Qin Kunlun is still alive.


So, Chu Feng wants to know more clearly.


“Qin Kunlun adults are indeed in the hall of the gods. As long as we enter the hall of the gods, we can get the inheritance of the Qin Kunlun adults.”


Chu Feng, you are different from this group of wastes. It was not related to you.”


“You can join us without having to be a member of my Blood Devouring Mozu, but as long as you put my sister, we can take you and enter the hall of God together to get the inheritance of Qin Kunlun adults.


“With your talent, as long as you get the inheritance of Qin Kunlun adults, you can surpass your father and your grandfather, even if you are like Kun Kunlun adults, can to move unhindered the entire Saint Light Galaxy, it is not impossible. Zhang Yanfeng said to Chu Feng.


Chu Feng is not interested in the temple of the gods that have been opened by others.”


“Don’t talk about me, just answer my questions.”


“Is it true that all the people you caught before the door was opened are just alive and will not be killed?” Chu Feng continued to ask.


“Yes, these people’s lives are still left to open the door, and naturally will not kill.” Zhang Yanfeng said.


“Since you have been prepared, why not arrest people beforehand, but then grab people after entering here?” Chu Feng asked.


“Forcing people to grab, refining is useless, people who must succumb to Void God Tree, only the soul of these people, is useful.” Zhang Yanfeng said.


“It turns out.” At this time, Chu Feng unraveled the doubts in his heart.


“Now tell me how to use this pendant.”


“Right, don’t want to bully me. When I look at you seriously, if you lie, I can see it.”


Chu Feng When he asked this, his eyes became deep and everyone could feel that Chu Feng’s eyes were like sharp edges and straightforward.


This makes the Blown Devouring people, including Zhang Boyi and Zhang Yanfeng, frowned.


After all, they are facing more than just a junior genius, or a Saint-cloak World Spiritist. It seems really difficult to lie in front of such people.


“It seems to have been realized by you, yes, the power here is not the Formation formation technique, but the power of the Void God Tree itself.”


“And this pendant is given by Qin Kunlun adults. There is no means taught by Qin Kunlun adults. It is really impossible to use this pendant, and it is impossible to control the power of Void God Tree.”


“And you can be aware of this, I know, I can’t deceive you.”


“This is the end of the matter, I can tell you the method.”


“But you are a guarantee, as long as I tell you how to control the power here, you have to let my sister.” Zhang Yanfeng said.


“Well, I am guarantee, as long as you tell me how to motivate this pendant and control the power of the formation technique here, I not only let your sister, but also all of you,” Chu Feng said.


“You swear in the name of your father.” Zhang Yanfeng said.


“I swear by my father, Chu Xuanyuan’s.”


Subsequently, Chu Feng swears in the name of his father.


And Zhang Yanfeng also complied with the promise, and actually told Chu Feng how to push the pendant.


Originally, to control this pendant, you need to make a mark on your body, and use the mark to conclude a contract with the pendant so that you can control the pendant.


Chu Feng According to Zhang Yanfeng, it was successful to conclude a contract with the pendant.


And, as long as you put your palm on the pendant, Chu Feng can blend in with the pendant and feel the power here.


“This is the power of the god tree!!!”


At this time, Chu Feng not only had his eyes wide open, but his mouth was shocked and opened slightly.


He felt an extremely powerful and mysterious force.


This is not Martial Power, nor is it the power of Formation.


But it… is powerful enough to make Chu Feng creepy.

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