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Welcome to ComradeMao Community! We are avid readers of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese webnovels who do machine translations (MTL). The novels being translated can be found in our website ( and all of the heavy-lifting is done via Discord (

If you want to directly contact our admin, Tyr, then please email him at [email protected]

How does it work? All of the novels are translated automatically by our in-house translation tool. Our team made a script for the translation program, then we added the novels (manually or by source) to the script, creating some terms & propositions, pressed run, and its done. There is no editing, proofreading, quality check, or anything else that would change the quality of translation directly. Please don’t complain about the end results. (Moreover, we are not a translation group but a free service similar to google translator, yandex translator or bing translator)

Why? Sometimes you just can’t wait until the novel gets properly translated. The translations take so long, the team went hiatus, there is legal problems going on, or any other reason that make waiting seems like hell. Sometimes you want to take a quick look into what the novel is about. Sometimes you have free time and got addicted to read more. Sometimes you just want to read ahead others and tease them about it. Our community is made for us who just want more and satisfy their cravings.

Can i join/help the community? Please join us on Discord to suggest stuff, get news about the translation, propose new things, or just lurk around!

We don’t claim any rights to the content and anyone who wants to take the machine translations and polish them out is free to do so!