Donation Novels.

We at ComradeMao,com have come with a method for readers of the MTL community at to have a better reading experience.

This method consists of term makers making terms for a variety of different things such as names, locations, cultivation realms/ranks, techniques, idioms etc. For the readers who don’t know what terms are, they are essentially Chinese characters translated to English for users to understand the novel more. An example of this can be Jindan which is termed to Golden Core.

According to the new method, readers (one or more can come up together to pay the total amount to the term maker) can donate money ($75 per novel for 500 chapters termed) to one of the approved term makers to make terms for the specific novel within a given time frame. There are specific rules to this new method.

The rules for this system is quite simple;

1. 100% of the total amount will be sent to the term maker when he or she begins to work on the novel on portal.

2. Requesters and term maker has to pre-negotiate the time frame within which the terms must be ready for the novel to be MTL’ed.

3. Term maker will work on the number of chapters of the requested novel. As a result, cultivation realms, locations etc will be automatically added to the novel and the reading experience will be much better than raw machine translation.

4. If the requested novel has an HTL (human translation) version then term maker will read that part and begin to work on the number of chapters following the chapter HTL is left otherwise term maker will begin from 1st chapter.

5. No Korean/Japanese Novels

6. Please join our discord channel through this link for more…


P.S: Note from Tyr (admin). doesn’t accept donations and wont accept them in the future. This will be a transaction between a reader and term maker (We at will be guarantee between the two sides). The perks of this is that you can get your favorite novel without waiting for queue/voting/survey etc.