Martial Dao Great Emperor
Juvenile Luo Xiu is of humble origin and average talent, but accidentally merges the origin of life and death into the treasure. From then on, he hides the chaos of life and death.

Enemies At Reach
“I don’t read many books. Don’t lie to me. The meaning of being an enemy in the distance is that I stand still and can destroy a hostile country by one person.” “But, I remember, this sentence seems to mean that when two people are close, the other person is useless even if there is a country behind them.”

Eternal Sacred King
He is a young man without a spirit root. It is believed that this denies him the chance at cultivation. However, a mysterious lady imparts a Supreme Demon Classic to him and from then on, he starts his path of cultivation. He undergoes a total transformation to emerge as the most fearsome and powerful fiendish demon in his era, that even immortals and fiends are fearful of him, and saints are at his beck and call. Mastering the Supreme Demon Classic is the turning point in his life. He is able to unleash his immense and divine power from within, illuminating the entire universe!

Instant Kill
In the instant that his soul awakened, a new world emerged in front of his eyes. It was a foreign world, a world of Fuzhou. Countless secret realms, countless charmed beasts. There were even higher-leveled Fuzhou worlds. 12th Guo was like a pawn crossing the river*. He instantly killed all enemies that obstructed his survival. He needed to constantly get stronger, needed to find even stronger Fuzhous. When he stood on the peak of the Fuzhou world, could he still continue forward? * this line is likely a reference to the game of Xiangqi/象棋, where a pawn/soldier, upon crossing the halfway line of the board, known as the river, gains additional abilities.

Alchemy Dao Grandmaster
Qin Yichen returned to his youth with over 10,000 years of memory. Superb Spirit Power accomplishments, advanced elixir medicine recipes, advanced Martial Skills, advanced cheats, everything. In this life, I don’t want to leave any more regrets. The elegant royal princess, the ruthless witch, the holy and cold goddess, intersect with him one by one.

Divine Cultivation System
In an accident, Qin Shaofeng, the otaku, was reborn to another world and became the Lianyang Country Blue River City Qin Family Eldest Young Master. What repairs are scrapped? Dantian can’t fix it? Not afraid, we have a Divine Cultivation System, even the most severe dantian can be repaired! The system is in hand, and I have unlimited power! The Body Metamorphose Scripture of Old Ancestor Bodhidharma …… Golden Fire Eyes of Qitian Dasheng …… Little Li Throwing Knife of Li Xunhuan …… A wonderful world, I, Qin Shaofeng is here!

God-Level Exchange System
None yet!

Nine Dragons Supreme
I took a look at Goddess, and it turned out to be a transmigrator. The big student Chen Jiu accidentally came to the Heaven and Earth Continent. Looking at this martial arts and Magic unhindered World, he cocked his middle finger and saw the Nine Dragons he had accidentally bought. Ring …… cultivation Level: Body Tempering 9th Layer, Heaven Opening Eight Transformations, Origin Seven Source, Yin-Yang Liuhe, Five Elements Pentagram, Fortune Four Realm, Heaven and Earth Three Acts, Second Myth, Primal Chaos Great Accomplishment! Heaven and Earth Continent. …

Let Me Game in Peace
1 drop of blood = 1-Up Other people game overnight, I game overnight and bleed. Ever since the dimensional storms descended upon Earth, numerous dimensional zones have appeared, bringing with them all kinds of dimensional creatures—Immortals, Buddhas, Devils, Angels, Elves, etc. Yet, all these strange dimensional zones can turn into dungeon instances on my phone. Other people risk their lives adventuring, I spend all my time gaming. Monsters drop dimensional crystals that boost stats, imbue new skills, and join me as Companion Beasts. These Companion Beasts fight alongside me or alone, augmenting me with their skills and strength. Rare monsters in real life? I’ll just restart the game with a drop of blood to grind it. I really need a blood transfusion.

Battle Through The Heavens: Rebirth of Emperor Yan
Continue to fight to break the sky, Xiao Yan’s another new starting point, a new journey, the growth path of a peak strong. The pinnacle is inevitable or necessary. Is the persistence in the heart for strength or loved ones? Is a familiar enemy of another world doomed, or is there another reason? Everything starts with strength and ends with strength …