108 Maidens of Destiny Chapter 758

Emperor Liang is cultivating Bright Moon Immortal Secret Art on the upstairs of Jiangshan.

One after another, Crimson Star is like a meteor shower, and Bian City, Great Liang Dynasty and even the entire four realms can hear all kinds of exclamations.

Emperor Liang opened his eyes and looked at the distant Maiden Mountain, frowned.

Crimson Star has fallen too much, and there are actually more than twenty.

“This Fallen Star is really unprecedented, that brat is not mad at it.” Emperor Liang thought, shook the head, and continued cultivation.

… The picture of the world solidified at this moment, Song Qingci was staring at the sword, the forehead Star Talisman flashed, and the loss of Star Energy was predicting her upcoming Fallen Star.

“Not good.” An Suwen fiber finger points, immediately cast the Earthly Step Misty Rain Congealing Heart.

All the injuries were immediately transferred to the body of the Earthly Efficacious Star.

“You are running fast!” Hua Xue licked his mouth and cast a glare. Arrow-Hit Tiger Ding Guanjing’s world’s arrow also killed. After Xue Mingxi Fallen Star, Ding Guanjing hated Shi Xian, and she didn’t realize it. Heavenly Step, but the arrowhead is full of young girl’s anger shot.

Xuan Yunshang pulled back Song Qingci and pulled back. “Little Sister Suwen!” Song Qingci also used the Kowloon Seal, but the attack of the Purple Star Star Treasure almost impossible to pass Shi Xian’s move.

“Want to run?”

Shi Xian sneered, killing Hua Xue in one sword, breaking the arrow of Ding Guanjing, Wu Xinjie an Eight Gates Five Metal Chain in front of her, but was easily shredded, Hu Niangzi used This Undying Sentiment Rope I barely caught Shi Xian and finally found a chance to escape for Song Qingci. Lin Yingmei became Wu Siyou and quickly came to see Shi Xian’s expression dignified.

Shi Xian aloof and remote , eyes narrowing, a smile of harmless to human and animals.

“Unfortunately, unfortunately.”

“Little Sister.” Su Xing hugged the fallen An Suwen and his face was very distressing.

“Elder Brother…” An Suwen wants to say something encouraging.

“Go back to Star Embryo first,” Su Xing said quickly. “Give me back.”

An Suwen un’ed entered Star Embryo.

“This is only the first one…” Shi Xian underestimated the broad sword, and when the words fell, he cut off the red rope and smashed toward Hu Niangzi. “The second…” Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei hurried to stop.

… “Su Shengxiang, you must not die!”

With a miserable curse, Zhao Heng was inhaled in the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol and was refining. As a result, Lady Snake Scorpion, Yan Wudao, Gong Song, Ye Futu, Demon King Peng, etc. were successively smelted into Ten by Su Shengxiang. Thousand Souls Parasol became a member of her secretly devastating Dafa. These once laughed at Liangshan Continent’s Star Master, and even became an Overlord’s person. Now everyone and everyone have become Su Shengxiang’s tools to enhance their strength.

Listening to the curse of resentment, Su Shengxiang drove an umbrella and walked in the desert with a red foot. Having absorbed so many powerful Star Cultivator’s Star Energy, Su Shengxiang’s cultivation base has reached the Starry Sky peak, and Ten Thousand Souls Parasol is even more powerful and aggressive.

In the Fields is shrouded in infinite darkness.

Xu Jingshu is desperately resisting the attack of Ten Thousand Souls, Gold Lancer’s Treasure Armor has faded the rays of light, and people are beginning to dim. “Hu Mi, hurry up.” Xu Jingshu is constantly struggling.

Already the exhausted Hu Mi makes the Primal Chaos Chart only extremely reluctant to resist.

Su Shengxiang looked up at the sky, and the red and crisp hand counted Crimson Star. “The Star Master actually has twelve, and it can’t be Seven Stars Gathering yet.” Su Shengxiang frowned, and the number of Star Masters was more than she had imagined. I don’t know if there are a few follow the Purple Thunder Monster. She had a good relationship with Hu Mi and Su Xing. She wanted to let her go, but now it seems that there is no need for it. There are too many Star Masters. Seven Stars Gathering Seven places can only be one more opportunity.

“Sorry, Fairy Greedy Fox.” Su Shengxiang nod (ded), Ten Thousand Souls Parasol.

Xu Jingshu blocked Ten Thousand Souls Parasol with his body and Su Shengxiang shook his head.

“Su Shengxiang, you are so sinister that Su Xing will let you go!” Hu Mi coldly said.

“Shengxiang just wants to climb to Maiden Mountain. It’s not right for yourself.” Su Shengxiang Ai Ai sighs, it’s very embarrassing.


“And Hu Mi, you didn’t give yourself the opportunity to see that you can become the man’s harem. In the end, you choose to be an enemy of him. You can only blame yourself for choosing the wrong way.” Su Shengxiang charmingly blinked : “If Shengxiang can choose the wrong one.”

Ten Thousand Souls attacked and almost devours Xu Jingshu.

“Jingshu.” Hu Mi had a pain in his heart and shed tears of crystal.

… “This Devil is what escape technique, so fast.”

Xie Chang’an finally arrived at Qi Xianlin and was incredible about the general escape technique of Su Xing bloody light.

“could it be that is the end of the legendary??”

Xie Chang’an was thinking about the sudden feeling of a large Crimson Star falling behind, and there were as many as six. “That Su Shengxiang is really insidious…” Xie Chang’an sneered.

“Your Highness.” Huyan Shuang suddenly squinted.

Xie Chang’an was amazed at the sights.

What is this all about?

Dozens of Star General and four women fight, one side is the sky, you come to me, the other side Wind, Thunder, Water, and Fire, turned upside down, and two Buddhist Garment women every a fist are heavy as Mount Tai Even if you are separated by a few kilometers, you can feel the oppression. Of course, what Xie Chang’an cares most is Su Xing himself.

Su Xing, Lin Chong, Wu Song, Hu Sanniang, Wu Yong is dealing with a woman who is slender and dressed in a robes and smiles, but a wide sword waving in her hand is faint, Wu Song, Lin Chong These top grade Military General’s Realm were actually suppressed.

“The woman seems to be very strong, but who are they? What is going on? Even Seven Stars Lin Chong can’t beat her?” Xie Chang’an was confused.

“Your Highness, what should I do?” Huyan Shuang is a bit eager to see a strong opponent.

Xie Chang’an Seeing that Su Xing could fight the woman for a hundred rounds, it didn’t matter. “This time we will help Purple Thunder Monster, at that time a Seven Stars Gathering.” Anyway, ready to beat Purple Thunder Monster It is better to simply show it. “Let’s say Shuang’er, you must also want to fight a game.” Xie Chang’an said with a smile.

“The mourner is doing this.”

Xie Chang’an and Huyan Shuang immediately rushed to Shi Xian. At this time, Xin Lao also rushed to Qixianlin, and Xie Chang’an turned the enemy into a friend. The expressionless woman just looked at the in Eyes flashed hatred.

“This woman is too strong.”

Wu Xinjie has never encountered such a strong opponent, Lin Yingmei’s strength in the past generations of Star Battle is second only to the previous generation overlord, plus Wu Siyou, Hu Niangzi and other True Phoenix Military General, now even if they meet Hu Banzhuang Absolute strength to overcome. Just facing Shi Xian, if this is not the case Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie can almost see the tragic scene of their death under the sword.

The phoenix sword Immemorial is strange, True Phoenix Realm Military General has almost no advantage under this sword.

“drop dead, revenge for Mingxi.” Ding Guanjing is still throwing arrows to attack Shi Xian, also thanks to her arrows, so that Shi Xian failed to fully develop his own martial arts.

Shi Xian feels annoyed and kills a sword.

A bloody light saved Ding Guanjing again. “You are not her opponent, calm down.” Su Xing looked at this crazy little girl and reprimanded.

“I want to avenge Mingxi.” Ding Guanjing felt the blood boiling, and almost a little, Heavenly Step can understand. “Don’t stop me…” Ding Guanjing pushed Su Xing away and continued to launch Shi Tian once and for all. Su Xing can only help her Protector, his martial arts is not too low, but he can barely deal with Shi Xian and then pull Ding Guanjing around.

“Look at Guanjing Heavenly Step!” Ding Guanjing finally felt the vein of Heavenly Weapon Heavenly Step, heart happy, with the slightest hesitation.

I saw Ding Guanjing pointing at the sky, countless arrows flying into the sky, the sky suddenly dark, and countless starlights in the darkness shined, then the girl pulled it, as if the sky was made as a tabernacle Then, the Heavenly Star Chen fell immediately, and it felt like the whole Starry Sky became her angry weapon in the black girl’s palm.

Heavenly Step.

falling stars! !

This girl’s Heavenly Step is so fierce, Su Xing has to retreat, the terrible arrogance makes Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou have to leave Shi Xian for a while, and the arrow falls, just like the Milky Way falls on Shi Xian top of the Head, shrouded the woman.

“Revenge for Mingxi!!” Ding Guanjing finished the Heavenly Step already exhausted.

At this time, I saw Sick Tiger Xue Mingxi’s Star Weapon karma flag, took a nose, swallowed and walked over to get back Star Weapon.

“It’s awful.” Su Xing saw her lost soul secretly thought, he once again made Chaotic Tail Escape, but this time Shi Xian is faster.

Bloody light penetrated into Ding Guanjing’s body and killed her instantly.

Shi Xian is angry.

“Everlasting Unhindered Tyrant!” Su Xing looked at Shi Xian, who was in front of him, to make the Early Brilliant Falling Moon Blade’s Earthly Step.

Invincible’s imposing manner broke out and Su Xing was unstoppable. Shi Xian was blocked with a sword and could not be cracked.

“Purple Thunder Monster, this temple is going to help you.”

Just then, there was a arrogant word next to it, Xie Chang’an appeared, and his body had Six Ancestors Sarira bodyguard, Eight Divisions Heavenly Dragon Protector, it was not spectacular. Huyan Shuang is next to him, mentioning Unequaled Wind and Moon Whip, gracefully lifting long whip, wind, flower, snow, and moon.

“Stupid! Go!!”

Su Xing cursed.

The proud Xie Chang’an has no room for reaction, and Shi Xian stepped forward, one more time.

Enough, she is fed up with the provocation of these stupid men.

All the envelops disappeared, Xie Chang’an did not have the kind of Su Xing that could harden against True Phoenix Realm Military General’s martial strength, but Xie Chang’an was quite some self-confident, his Six Ancestors Altar Scripture Sarira that was Buddha Divine Ability, and the Eight Divisions Heavenly Dragon Protector, even Lin Chong can’t easily kill him.

All good thoughts and fantasies and pride end with the sword of the phoenix.

Six Ancestors Sarira was shredded directly by murderous aura. The Starry Sky cultivator’s large magic weapon was vulnerable, not to mention the Eight Divisions Heavenly Dragon Protector. The glass world collapsed and Xie Chang’an couldn’t believe it.

Shi Xian hateful man, especially the self-righteous look of the hateful man, so she cut the head of Xie Chang’an with a sword, and then cut the skull into a fragment with a sword.

“Temple… Next…” Huyan Shuang spit out a blood, black in front of her eyes, almost fainting.

Then the next moment.

Shi Xian ended the woman’s sadness without mercy.

Heavenly Prestige Star, Fallen Star.

(To be continued)

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