108 Maidens of Destiny Chapter 761

A few hundred kilometers away from the Baixian Forest in Maiden Mountain, another place on the top of Maiden Mountain, Xie Zhenyuan looks gloomy and the road is blocked by an invisible strength.

Yang Luoshui said. “It seems that the Purple Thunder Monster is not over yet.”

Xie Zhenyuan nodded, but he couldn’t think of the Slay the Demon Alliance already, and who is now qualified to stop him from becoming Overlord. “In any case, we will look at the fire from the other side. When we go up the mountain, I believe that Purple Thunder Monster will not chase us.” Xie Zhenyuan already made up his mind on fish in troubled waters, becoming the last Seven Stars Gathering, maybe not to become Overlord. The slightest meaning, but want to make a change can only be based on the hope that there is a variable in the uphill, cold and sudden arrival.

The temperature plummeted between Heaven and Earth, and Hou Ruolan only thought that the cold intention had shrunk the little shoulder toward Xie Zhenyuan’s arms.

Xie Zhenyuan and Yang Luoshui were shocked and looked at each other.

I saw a layer of extreme chills over it, frost covered, and the goose feathers fell.

It is still a warm spring time, just in the blink of an eye, Maiden Mountain enters the ice-cold winter.

Xie Zhenyuan clearly felt that the strange changes in this season came from the hands of an ice-cold Star Maiden.

“Heavenly Step?” Yang Luoshui stunned.

The world of daylight makes Xie Zhenyuan’s expression more dignified, and the roots don’t know what happened to another place in Maiden Mountain. Panther Head Lin Chong made the powerful Heavenly Step of Heaven and Earth, but Xie Zhenyuan heart is Feeling powerless and frustrated. “You must go up the mountain as soon as possible!!”

Fearing that things have changed, Xie Zhenyuan once again ran his weak Star Energy and rushed towards Maiden Mountain.

Heavenly Secure Star Yang Luoshui silently looked back at his master doing nothing, the crazy look is like a wild beast that is out of control, and Hou Ruolan in his arms doesn’t even dare to speak. Yang Luoshui sighed slightly, and Xie Zhenyuan sign the contract to see the elegance and unyielding of this man’s surname, even if he was so ridiculous in his own dungeon, since he kept the absolute temperament, now think of those self-confidence It is based on her Heavenly Star’s exist (ence). When it becomes a loser, can anyone avoid it as a ridiculous clown?

Yang Luoshui suddenly remembered the man who rescued himself from the killing formation, shook the head, Yang Luoshui dispelled this shadow from her mind, and she was about to stop Xie Zhenyuan from getting out of control. At this time ,suddenly felt the danger, “Master, be careful!” Yang Luoshui.

Xie Zhenyuan glanced, a black shadow suddenly paved, and the cold blade glow took his key.

The other side’s sneak attack speed is extremely fast, and the hiding is also extremely deep, which is unexpected.

“Elder Brother!” Hou Ruolan rushed up and used it as a shield. Blade glow unrelentingly bloomed on the little girl’s neck and killed it directly. The black shadow finally showed Earthly Succeed Star Mu Duiying.

“You are still not dead!!” Xie Zhenyuan was so annoyed that at the Three Purities Field, Mu Duiying was smothered with a gang of gangs and seriously injured. Finally, this Assassin was mistakenly hit by the formation and escaped from birth. But even such a strong injury can not live too long, did not expect not only lived for a long time, but actually stared at himself.

Being stunned by this Assassin staring at Xie Zhenyuan first time.

“Revenge for Elder Sister.” Mu Duiying continued to stab.

Assassin, who did not assassinate the first hit, lost his biggest advantage. Xie Zhenyuan sneered: “Well, kill you and restore me Star Energy.”

Blade light Mercury paving, Yang Luoshui a blade picked up Mu Duiying’s body.

“Little Sister, you should run away!!” Heavenly Secure Star is also sorry for this Earthly Star Little Sister’s.

Xie Zhenyuan sneered: “Kill her!” Can take away Heaven and Earth Assassin is not a small achievement.

Yang Luoshui was about to kill, Mu Duiying stunned, and she was afraid that she would make another trick. Yang Luoshui was trapped in Tianzhu.

Xie Zhenyuan suddenly went back to prepare for the technique. I felt that behind the cold, a sharp knife tip passed through his spine, the internal organs broke out from the chest, the blood splashed, and the cold blood poured. Xie Zhenyuan’s smile abruptly stopped, he was incredulously looking at the tip of the knife through the chest, and then looked at the Assassin that was fallen by Yang Luoshui a blade.

“Impossible.” Xie Zhenyuan looked at the eyes behind Assassin’s double intention.

It is another Mu Duiying.

When Xie Zhenyuan turned back, another Mu Duiying direct rushed to take his key.

“This is…” Xie Zhenyuan’s obsession with Star Battle’s gradually cooled with the rush of blood, unwillingness, despair, grief, and all the fear of death was filled with the body and body that lost qi and blood, Xie Zhenyuan looked at this silly girl first time to feel the fear and remorse from the heart, but in the end, when a back like Hou Ruolan appeared, all negative emotions were all vanish like smoke in thin air, this pink and lovely little Girl gave Xie Zhenyuan endless power and peace of mind.

Mu Duiying slashed the knife, Xie Zhenyuan fell to the ground, his pupils stunned, “doing well.” Xie Zhenyuan gave a sigh of unspeakable surprise, this time forever bowed his head.

“Elder Sister, I am better than you.” The three Mu Duiying spoke at the same time and turned into one.

This carefully Third Watch! !

“Master!!” Yang Luoshui grief, turned to the frosty moonlight cold light, Heavenly Step “Reincarnation Six Paths Extinguish” broke out.

Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

Gu Tong, Shi Yuan, Tang Lianxin, Zhang Yuqi are very anxious. Suddenly meteorological changes near Maiden Mountain, the winter is shrouded, and the sights have spread to the scope of Longevity Palace. Girls will soon feel that this is Lin Yingmei’s masterpiece. . Tangtang in Gu Tong’s arms couldn’t help but hug her mother.

“Su Xing’s Who is the enemy, so powerful, can Sister Yingmei make the Heavenly Step?” Shi Yuan looked deeply worried that Wanli’s territory had turned into a cold winter under Lin Yingmei’s move.

“It didn’t help us to go, it only added a burden to Elder Brother.” Tang Lianxin was powerless.

A few people are silent, and it’s nothing to die. But falling into Su Xing’s Star Embryo will bring negative impact to Su Xing. This is the most important thing. Now, they are waiting for Longevity Palace. There is no other way. “Young Su has so many Elder Sisters to help, don’t worry,” Zhang Yuqi said. “But let Longevity Palace rush.”

Gu Tong nodded.

“Mom.” At this time, Tangtang pulled Gu Tong’s clothes and the little loli pointed at the back.

Everybody has a look.

A golden light is coming quickly.

… “Blizzard Through the Long Night.”

“Cold Frost Freezes the Nine Provinces.”

“Icy Heart Seals Sun and Moon.”

“Millennium Congealing Ice Dream.”

Wu Xinjie muttered, and smiled, Lin Yingmei’s Heaven and Earth Dark Yellow was really interesting, just don’t know if you can beat Shi Xian.

The wind and snow finally stopped, the world of the eyes was ready white, the snow did not stop, Lin Yingmei took the gun.

Shi Xian is still set, a phoenix sword bloody light surging, horrible majesty, rug armor cracks, some wolverine.

“This woman is very powerful.” Wu Siyou gasped and made Heaven and Earth Dark Yellow, Pilgrim had no way to fight again, but looked at Shi Xian steep and weak, even if she was Not Laugh If We are Drunk on The Battlefield and Lin Yingmei’s Seven Stars Heavenly Step couldn’t beat her.

“Her her Innate Skill is probably against you, and the Star Weapon is also dangerous.” Su Xing shook his head.

Wu Siyou’s lips bit a bit of blue silk, unwilling written on the face.

“You take a break first, she should almost reach the limit, give it to me.” Su Xing patted Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou nod (ded) was left by the Yi Yue to leave the First Stage range.

Shi Xian’s robe is ready to be divided. The woman wipes the blood donation from the corner of her mouth and slowly opens the eyes. “Now you all drop dead!!” Shi Xian raised the phoenix, and the murderous aura was full. “This humble one is accompanied.” Lin Yingmei raised long spear and wanted to attack again.

Cold light A glimpse of a young girl in the middle of them, with a wave of hands, knocking Lin Yingmei back, and then finger points pressed Shi Xian on the spot.

Wu Xinjie and others were shocked and thought that this woman had finally shot. Even Chao Gai, who was watching from the distance, had a tight heart. Fortunately, Fang Moujia had no fighting interest. She said leisurely: “Enough, stop.”

Heavenly Killing Star suppresses its own murderous aura,brow raised :”Your Highness !”

“Don’t fight again, let Su Xing go up the mountain.” Seeing Shi Xian’s killing, Fang Moujia once again lost the boring battle. “Su Xing, Moujia believes in you…”

“Please excuse Shi Xian for a hard time!!” Shi Xian interrupted Fang Moujia.

“Shi Xian !” Fang Moujia frowned.

“Your Highness, please kill Shi Xian, otherwise Shi Xian must kill this man.” Shi Xian’s discourse has no room for manoeuvre.

“Do you really want this? Maybe you are dead, Wude, Shu’er, and Niang’er are all lost.” Fang Moujia shook his head.

Shi Xian laughs: “Your Highness didn’t say that he can end Star Battle for Your Highness? That’s it, he killed this humble one and said that he really has this qualification. But if this humble one can’t get through, humble general doesn’t. Admit that this man has any ability to satisfy Your Highness’ desire.”

“Are you serious?” Fang Moujia whispered softly.

“Since following Your Highness, this is Shi Xian’s most serious one.” Shi Xian has completely opened the booth pupils, and there is no previous shack.

Fang Moujia’s killing intent, invisible, young girl looked at Su Xing, blue’s nephew with a little melancholy.

Su Xing stood up and said: “That’s just right, I will divide her with her, don’t kill Shi Xian, and I am sorry for my wife, those Sisters.”

“Just by you?” Shi Xian disdain, top grade Star Maiden is not an opponent, not to mention a negligible Star Master, it is so ridiculous.

“Su Xing, really don’t need to be shot by someone?” Wu Konghou slightly smiled.

“Senior Konghou, you are here.” Chai Ling was happy.

Looking at Wu Konghou both hands Nine Stars Galaxy General Noble Frost Demonic Lotus dual swords, Su Xing is a bit dazzling, it really is Eighth Generation’s Overlord.

“This is me and wives and her grudges, don’t bother with Senior.” Su Xing.

“It’s a good man to look at, it’s very good.” Wu Konghou was satisfied.

“The arrogance, wait for you humble general will also kill.” Shi Xian said as if it was natural.

Fang Moujia closed her eyes, she floated in the air, white light was thorough, behind a Mysterious Maiden Nine Heavens shadow set, young girl like this mysterious woman, everybody did not speak. “Well, Major, if you can go to Shi Xian, my Fang Moujia will admit that you can change the situation of Star World.”

“Thank you for Your Highness.” Shi Xian’s left knee was awkward.

Fang Moujia looks at Shi Xian sighed, “Be good, Shi Xian.”

Young girl shook the head, disappeared in the middle, Wu Konghou’s mouth is a hook…

“It’s your luck to get Your Highness, but humble general won’t allow any man to tarnish Your Highness’ eyes…” Shi Xian got up, raised his knife, and looked at Lin Yingmei, Su Xing, Wu Siyou, Hu Niangzi, Wait for the body to drift over. “Humble general, this phoenix phoenix falls through tens of thousands of True Phoenix Star General, killing you is enough.”

Yu Feng is lying on his back, and Shi Xian’s murderous aura is invisible.

“Is it the Earthly Step? It’s too arrogant for a move.” Su Xing full power, with a hint of Liangshan Seal, Five Dragon Lanterns.

“Killing Smile Immortal’s “super kill” can be true.”

A light voice walked into the eyes of everyone. Su Xing saw, white clothes squatted, slender figure, and raised a very long knife, the young girl came along.

Prices Shangshan Wushuang.

“Shangshan Wushuang, what are you doing? I don’t need you to shoot, this is me and her grudges.” Su Xing screams.

Young girl has a cold eyebrow. “The unparalleled is just to give you a little bit of Innate Skill self-protection. As for Shi Xian, the unparalleled is not going to shoot.”

Su Xing.

Young girl long blade A wave of sadly everybody feels that Realm has improved.

“The unparalleled Realm command can make her range of Star General Realm improve, and we can only do so much, this Shi Xian is quite a savage,” Xiaiangiang said.

Seeing that they are so severe, everybody also feels that the enemy is currently.

“Shi Xian’s super kill can instantly kill the targets around her, you are better off.” Li Shishi urgently reminded.

“go with.”

Su Xing without the slightest hesitation, throwing the Liangshan Seal, Ten Thousand Seizing Lock is more closely locked around Shi Xian.

Shi Xian’s space is calm, the previously terrible murderous aura seems to be an illusion, but Su Xing understands that this is just the calm before the storm and rain. Su Xing full power The Liangshan Seal, Liangshan Seal turned into a giant mountain, as if it could break Maiden Mountain and head towards Shi Xian.

“We are also careful.”

Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, Xi Yue also come up with their respective magic weapon Protector.

Shi Xian suddenly spits out a “drink” word.

Then the storm wind and rain finally arrived.

The loud sound of the sound, the Ten Thousand Seizing Lock surrounded by heavily was actually crushed in an instant. This layer of iron ropes that had been tempered by the sky could not stand Shi Xian’s murderous aura, which made Su Xing stunned. “You die!! “Shi Xian swings the sword.

not good! ! !

Without any warning, Su Xing, Chai Ling, Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Hu Niangzi, Hua Wanyue, Wu Xinjie, Li Shishi, Shangshan Wushuang, etc. suddenly encountered the attack of Shi Xian and Feng Feng, clearly that everyone is separated, but Shi Xian is only In an instant, they all covered them in the attack range, and the speed reached the peak, even the Chaotic Tail Escape was far behind.

Bloody light , Sword Qi Somebody body blooms at the place.

There is no room for crevices and reflections.

There is no suspense in the middle.

The first wave of sword light came very suddenly, everyone’s defense disintegrated, the sword light bloomed on the chest, and the blood reddish the earth.

When the second wave of sword light hit, Su Xing never felt dangerous. When the chest was broken by the blade light, the Eversion East Rising Purple Qi dragged the Liangshan Seal. This huge Liangshan Seal finally brought a lot of pressure to make Shi Xian’s Earthly Step less calm.

An earth-shattering loud sound.

Yan Feng’s sword light splits the Liangshan Seal, a top grade magic weapon that shakes Liangshan Continent.

“Look at you.”

Liangshan smashed, Shi Xian appeared in it, and there were huge stones falling around. She looked around at the people present. The man Magic Energy was stronger than he thought, and he was stabbed. He suppressed her strongest attack with magic weapon. Looked at the dripping blood on the sword edge of Shi Feng, Shi Xian’s expression is more gloomy.

Lin Yingmei, Hua Wanyue, Hu Niangzi and others have a sword in the middle, and the body is full of blood. It was Shangshan Wushuang who was dyed red in white clothes, and the girl was also inserted into the long blade, and the legs legs stumbled.

Almost defeated.

This is Shi Xian’s.

Earthly Step.

Super kill!

It’s just the Earthly Step.

“This is dangerous.” Wu Konghou looked at himself with a sword, stroked the wound with his hand, and licked the finger’s blood.

(To be continued)

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