48 Hours a Day Chapter 1378

“But our people are still below!”

“I know, I am also very grateful to him. If he hadn’t helped hold Simon, I wouldn’t be able to freeze this pool of water.”

“Do you know that you are not only freezing Simon but also the seahorse?! I advise you to leave this pool before we do anything to you.”

The expressions of players on the second battle line are not good. Although Haima always likes to be alone, run around the world, and don’t participate in guild activities much, but after all, they are also members of the guild, and they are impossible. Watching his companion was frozen to the bottom of the water by the boy who didn’t know where he came from.

However, the young man hearing this is still indifferent, at a moderate pace said, “How many people have died in your previous actions?”

The people on the second battle line are hearing this for a moment.

The young man continued, “Let Simon get out of trouble, and how many people will die in the world? Sacrifice one person and save the whole world. Isn’t that why we are here?”

The people on the second battle line were a little dumb, but after a moment of silence, they continued to hold on, “You don’t know Seahorse, he is unmatched underwater, even if you don’t need you to freeze this pool, he can kill Simon. “

“Perhaps, I hope he is really as strong as you said, but ten minutes have passed and he has not come up yet. This shows that he has indeed encountered some trouble in the battle, which means that there is a possibility of failure. If he fails What do you plan to do if you lose it, send ten more bad luck ghosts wearing your ridiculous diving suits to give away their heads?” The teenager with beats headphones around his neck looked around all around.

More people are silent this time, even the man with sunglasses stopped.

“You have to think clearly that opportunities don’t always exist. When that seahorse loses, even if I want to make a move, it will be too late.” The teenager leisurely said.

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