48 Hours a Day Chapter 1380


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Zhang Heng witnessed the death of Seahorse with his own eyes. This tough guy who had fought with him for more than a quarter of an hour ended up dying in front of him in a confused way.

Of course, considering the physical condition of Seahorse, his method of death is not surprising. After Seahorse died, Zhang Heng immediately took out a kerosene lamp from the backpack behind him.

[Name: Explorer’s Lamp]

[Quality: C]

[Function: The kerosene lamp that never goes out, the top grade equipment that explorers dream of. It can not only provide you with a light source, whether you are on land or underwater, but also help you control the surrounding temperature. The brightness of the adventurer light, you can adjust the ambient temperature within the light range. 】

This C-Rank prop is one of Zhang Heng’s gains in Chernobyl copy, but didn’t expect it came in handy at this time.

This seemingly ordinary kerosene lamp has quite a magical effect. It can guarantee a constant temperature within the range of the light source. Zhang Heng used this lamp to emit in the backpack before The heat that came out withstood the cold overhead, and when he took out the lamp, the surrounding temperature became warmer at once, and the previous chill was completely disappeared.

Zhang Heng then adjusted the kerosene lamp to adjust the surrounding water temperature to 40 degrees, which is also the temperature within the body.

Zhang Heng feels like he is in a hot tub now, and the scene in front of him is amazing, the terrifying chill is still freezing the deep water, and the ice is growing at a speed visible to naked eye , But the place where [Explorer’s Lamp] is irradiated, the temperature is always maintained at 40 degrees and cannot be frozen. At the same time, the ice layer at the edge is rapidly melting and disintegrating


By the waterhole, although the players on the second battle line still saw the teenager wearing the beats headset very uncomfortable, but unexpectedly did not act on him like the threats before.

Actually, after Extreme Cold Nether Soul spoke, the overwhelming majority players present fell into silence, and even those on the second battle line couldn’t help but have some strange thoughts in their hearts.

It must be admitted that although everyone had expected that it would be very hard before the start of this battle, the loss of so many manpower in a short period of time was still a little beyond their expectations.

Especially even experts such as Ghost Twins failed to stop Zhang Heng for a few minutes, and everyone felt the horrible battle strength of the player Number One Person more intuitively.

Although the seahorse launched this time is not as high as the ghost twins, it is recognized as invincible in the water. If even he can’t deal with Zhang Heng, what should everyone do next?

The question raised by Extreme Cold Nether Soul asked everyone’s heart, so including players on the second battle line, they also began to think, if you can sacrifice Seahorse, Zhang Heng will be completely solved. Is it worthwhile?

Actually, many players have agreed to the other side’s view after hearing the words of Extreme Cold Nether Soul, but Haima is one of the people on the second battle line of the Three Great Guilds after all, but the players on the second battle line also fell silent collectively. However, no one has come forward to stop the Extreme Cold Nether Soul from freezing the entire pool.

Extreme Cold Nether Soul saw that it laughed and didn’t say anything, just put on the headphones again, so all the players on the shore saw the cold air spreading at an alarming rate. At this moment, although everyone could not see the scene under the water pool, But just by looking at the freezing waterfall, you can know how terrifying the chill is.

Before, some people thought that the freezing of the pool by Extreme Cold Nether Soul meant freezing the surface of the water, but now they understand that the so-called freezing is the meaning of freezing all the deep water below into a lump .

However, in just a few moments, the thickness of the ice is enough for an overloaded truck to pass normally, and Extreme Cold Nether Soul still hasn’t stopped. After a while, everyone’s feet suddenly felt There was a shock.

Someone is knocking on the ice, trying to escape from below!

Thinking of Zhang Heng’s terrifying battle strength before, everyone’s nerves immediately became tense, and they raised their weapons. Only the Extreme Cold Nether Soul, who was squatting on the edge of the pool, remained calm, and saw someone using a gun. Aiming at this side, he waved his hand, “Don’t be nervous, the people below can’t get out.”

Everyone is hearing this and relaxed, but there are a few people on the second battle line who are hesitant to talk. Some of them thought about the possibility that if the ice is breaking, the person who wants to come out is a seahorse, but the problem has not been solved yet. After asking, he swallowed again.

Since they have acquiesced to Extreme Cold Nether Soul, of course they all know how to choose when faced with this uncertain possibility.

Fortunately, the nervous shock not at all lasted too long, and the calm under the pool was restored, and this time, it seemed to be permanent calm.

Extreme Cold Nether Soul squatted by the water pool for two minutes again, then stood up and patted his hands, “Okay! The matter has been resolved, everyone can disband and go home.”

The man wearing sunglasses is hearing this but slightly frowned, “Are you sure he is dead?”

“Of course,” Extreme Cold Nether Soul is affirmed, “I have frozen the entire pool, there is no way for the people below to escape. If you don’t believe it, you can try to smash the ice. See if you can dig up his body, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, this project is not small.”

The man wearing sunglasses was slightly relaxed after hearing this sentence, but he immediately called, “I need explosives, a lot of explosives, enough to blow up a puddle as soon as possible.”

After waiting for the man wearing sunglasses to put down the phone, he did not immediately disband the hunting team as Extreme Cold Nether Soul said. Instead, the players were divided into three brigades, each for eight hours, staring at that seat in turn. Frozen water pool.

His excessive caution also caused some people to complain. After all, there is nothing in this deep mountain, no electricity, no signal. It is not a pleasant thing to stay here, but most people still Agree with the sunglasses man’s decision.

After all, the person they are going to deal with this time is Simon. Perhaps only by seeing Simon’s body can many people believe that Simon was really killed.

Unexpectedly to the man wearing sunglasses, Extreme Cold Nether Soul did not leave, but chose to camp with them in this deep mountain. The man wearing sunglasses at first thought that Extreme Cold Nether Soul was I was worried about what would happen to the subsequent blasting work, but didn’t expect that the latter was interested in the props on Zhang Heng.

After all, it is no secret that Simon has at least one B-Rank item.

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