48 Hours a Day Chapter 1381


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Explosives were delivered to the camp before eight o’clock in the evening, and then the engineering team dug out twenty-nine three-meter-deep ice caves in the ice and filled them with explosives until they were almost done. It’s eleven o’clock.

The second team has taken over from the first team on duty, staring at the situation on the side of the pool, and the man wearing sunglasses is checking the filling of explosives at the moment. At this moment, a player codenamed Parrot Found him.

The man wearing sunglasses looked at the little girl behind the parrot and raised his eyebrows, “Where did you find it?”

“Behind a hillside, I saw her sleeping there alone when I went there.” Parrot said, “but she didn’t want to tell me why she was there, uh… actually she didn’t want to answer any questions at all. , But there were some children’s supplies in the old man’s cave. I guess it should be hers.”

“Aboriginal people in this mountain?” The man wearing sunglasses clicked nodded, and he didn’t bother to embarrass a little girl any more, waved his hand, “Give her some food and water, and when she is full Let her go back, Simon has been frozen in the lake by us, and the others are irrelevant.”

“Okay.” Parrot said.

However, he just turned around and was about to take the little girl away, but there was a cry out in surprise from the didn’t expect engineering team, and then someone dropped the drill in his hand and stumbled towards this. Running.

Because the ice under his feet was too slippery, he ran too fast and even fell in the middle, but he didn’t even care to wipe the blood from his face, stood up immediately, and then ran.

At this time, the man with sunglasses also realized what might be going on in the water pool. His heart sank. Before the engineering team player came to him, he asked, “How can I go back? What’s the matter?”

“We…we found something that may need you to take a look.”

The man wearing sunglasses is not talking nonsense, he immediately came to the place where the engineering team was working before, and now everyone there has stopped their movements and gathered together.

Seeing the man with sunglasses coming over, the crowd voluntarily gave way.

The men in sunglasses also saw the place they were surrounding. There was the last ice cave, just before the frozen waterfall.

“What’s wrong?”

A person pointed to the frozen waterfall and swallowed, “Here, there seems to be water behind.”

“What’s the matter with water?” The man wearing sunglasses frowned, but he thought of something the second after he blurted the words, his expression could not help but changed a lot, and he walked quickly to the ice waterfall.

He found that one of the frozen waterfalls in the noodles was much thinner than other places. The ice in other places could hardly be seen behind, but this one could be seen indistinctly. To the water flow behind.

Sweat oozes from the forehead of the man wearing sunglasses. He looked around all around, then grabbed a hammer in one’s hand and smashed it on the ice.

As a result, it only took a hammer to smash the place, and the stream flowed down there. The nearest people at the two stations were directly washed to the ground. Although the others barely avoided, they looked a little embarrassed. , Shoes and trouser legs are wet.

Seeing this scene, everyone didn’t know what happened. The Extreme Cold Nether Soul froze the entire pool before, but they didn’t know why they couldn’t freeze Simon, and Simon was still in front of them. one’s eyes secretly dug a passage and, with the help of the ice waterfall, swam directly upstream from here.

But how did he do it? Especially for this passage, it was incredible that no movement was heard when digging!

Today everyone has seen too many incredible things about Simon, and even a little numb, but the man wearing sunglasses could not help but let out a foul language, and then said, “Call everyone Wake up and immediately enter the fighting state!”

Soon, even the first group of people who had already gotten into the sleeping bag were called out by their companions. They could not help complaining, but when they heard that Simon got out of the water pool, he suddenly became sober. He immediately put on his equipment and picked up the weapon again.

Extreme Cold Nether Soul also put down the tablet in his hand at this time. Before he came to the ice waterfall, his face looked particularly ugly. After all, he was solemnly vowed before saying that the entire pool was frozen. Simon was also dead, but the latter did not know when he had left the pool.

The eyes of the people on the second battle line looking at Extreme Cold Nether Soul became bad again, because this guy’s previous bewitching made them give up the seahorse, and instead of solving Zhang Heng, they paid the seahorse. I went in, and maybe the hippocampus at the time would have killed Zhang Heng already not far.

But they also knew that it was not the time to talk about this. The man in sunglasses had already let the rest of the drones out. As a result, there was no suspicious silhouette around him.

Did Simon escape?

The man wearing sunglasses doesn’t think so, because looking at the layout here, the other party has obviously realized that they will come. Since Simon didn’t choose to escape at the time, he decided to prepare for the battle in advance, that doesn’t make sense. Suddenly ran away in the middle of the road, and the confrontation between the two sides, for the moment, was that the hunting team was completely defeated, damaging the troops and losing the generals, but even Zhang Heng could not be touched.

But where will the other party go if they are not here?

The man with sunglasses pondered for a moment, and then finally thought of something, “The two teams over the cave, send a message to them and let them come here to meet.”


“No,” the man in sunglasses overturned the order he had just made, “Don’t let them come and join us, let them leave directly, be careful not to hit Simon.”

As a result, the man wearing sunglasses got the news that the two teams over the cave had lost contact with them.

The other party moved faster than they thought. The man wearing sunglasses only thought of the other side, but didn’t expect that the battle there was over, so where is Simon now?

The man wearing sunglasses replaces himself in Simon’s position. He should come back as soon as he gets rid of the people on the cave side. Take advantage of the night sneak attack before the large troops here have found out that he has escaped. In a wave, as much as possible to cause damage, but Simon seems not at all to do so.

Of course it’s impossible because of the fear of crowds. After all, Simon was not afraid of being surrounded during the day, and he calmly rushed in and out of the encirclement. The man wearing sunglasses had no idea what Simon was thinking now, but He knew that the situation of Shuang Discovery had been completely reversed, becoming dangerously changed into them, and he could not go any further in Simon’s rhythm.

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