48 Hours a Day Chapter 1384


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Kronos looked at Zhang Heng’s back, with complicated emotions flashing in his eyes, but in the end he did nothing, just disappeared from where he was.

With his departure, time has resumed its flow.

The breeze blew, the leaves made a rustle again, and the Insect Cry in summer, the mountain seemed to have returned to its former appearance.

But Zhang Heng knows that this place is different from before. Zhang Heng from Three Great Guilds is actually not too worried. Even if there are many people on the opposite side, he can’t solve it completely, but self-protection can still be done. If you make a move, that’s another matter.

Although Zhang Heng has killed several gods before and after, and they are all people with names and surnames, Zhang Heng knows that when he meets really powerful guys, there is still a gap in strength between the two sides, such as in the convenience store before. The brief encounter between Li and Thor, apart from this, listening to Cronos’ view, this time it was not just a god who came.

Perhaps the only good news for Zhang Heng is that the [hidden sheath] in his hand seems to be about to upgrade.

Because the game points are now closed, Zhang Heng has no place to do the appraisal, but he can still feel that he has mastered the [Tibetan Sheath] upgrade method, and after cutting off An’s scepter, Destroyed Poseidon’s Trident, this B-Rank prop that he spent heavily to build seems to be on the verge of upgrading.

It’s just that this upgrade method is a bit too expensive.

Zhang Heng put the little girl on the side of the road. After the time stop was lifted, the latter had recovered his mobility, but he was still a little confused about how he suddenly returned to Zhang Heng’s arms from the man in sunglasses, until Zhang Heng said to her, “Let’s go, go find your grandfather.”

However, the little girl did not leave immediately after hearing the words, but still looked at Zhang Heng somewhat reluctantly.

Zhang Heng laughed, “Every one of us has a different way to go. I can only walk my way. You can’t go, so just come here and remember what I taught you .”

“Good point.” At this time a woman’s voice sounded.

Zhang Heng clearly heard the voice coming from the right hand side, but he did not see it looking towards there.

And at the same moment he turned his head, a black crow suddenly flew down from the tree behind him and pecked Zhang Heng’s neck with his sharp beak. If he was pecked by it, There is a high probability that Zhang Heng’s neck will be pecked directly with a blood hole.

But just when the crow was about to succeed, I saw cold light flashed, next moment, and its head and body became two pieces!

Zhang Heng was standing under the tree while holding [hidden sheath], a thoughtful expression appeared on his face, “Night Goddess Nyx?”

“I was one step ahead of others, because I know that one of my husbands must be sneaking in and not knowing what to discuss with you.” The female said, and she said that, equivalent to confessing herself identity of.

Nyx married her big brother Erebos in Greek mythology, the god of darkness and ghosts, but in Orpheus’ “Sacred Words” it is considered to have a three-dimensional body, one of which is The identity is Cronos’s wife, and the status is equal to Cronos.

But no matter what kind of mythological system, Nyx is regarded as one of the powerful primordial gods. Of course, she is not at all as famous as Zeus and Thor, but she is definitely a tough character to deal with.

And the most important thing is that now the day has passed, the earth is shrouded by night, it can be said that it has entered the home of Nykes.

Zhang Heng has just learned how powerful Poseidon’s Trident is in the water. Facing Nyx in the dark, of course he will not relax his vigilance.

As a result, shortly after Zhang Heng solved the crow, another group of crows swooped down at him from the air. There were probably more than 20 crows. Unlike ordinary crows, they were larger in size and equivalent to ordinary. Twice the size of the crow, the beak is firmer and cold light faintly glows.

It’s just what’s the difference between their fate and the first crow not at all. In the blink of an eye, they separated and became the dead souls of [hidden sheath].

These crows pounce together seemingly neat and terrifying, but there is still a difference in speed between each other, and it is the nuances that this ordinary person cannot capture that they were cut off by Zhang Heng. It’s just that Zhang Heng’s movements were too fast, and it seemed that the battle was solved with a single blow.

The body of the crow fell to the ground, and after a while, it reintegrated into the darkness, leaving nothing.

“Good Blade Technique,” the female voice praised, “Try this wave again.”

Her tone barely fell Zhang Heng heard another rustling sound, which came from the surrounding grass. This time there was a group of mice, the same big heads, already close to the rabbits. The whole body is black, only a pair of red light eyes glowing with bloodthirsty.

Zhang Heng did not retreat when he saw this, but instead waved the [hidden sheath] in his hand to greet him, and forcibly made a bloody path from the rat group, but the number of rats around this time is a bit exaggerated, as if It was impossible to kill it, and Zhang Heng was soon surrounded by black rats.

Although the blade light waved by [Tibetan Sheath] is still unbreakable, it is only a matter of time before Zhang Heng is bitten.

In fact, Zhang Heng’s current speed has slowed down, from the initial fast running to now almost moving, especially in the last two steps, Zhang Heng spent half a minute faster, but he In the end, he came to the stream with the rats.

Then Zhang Heng stepped into the stream, and the mice did not seem to fear the water at all. They rushed forward, but the next moment saw that the calm stream suddenly became turbulent. It swept away the rushing mice, but the waves that were thrown up shot all the mice on the shore into the water.

In a short while, the large group of black mice was swallowed by the stream.

On the other hand, Zhang Heng was standing, but it was always calm. The running water even separated in front of his sneakers, even his clothes were not wet.

“Is this the ability that the guy who lives in Laleille gave you?” Nykes tut, “It’s as tricky as the rumor.”

“With each other, your black Legion is not easy to deal with.” Zhang Heng said.

“This is just the beginning. I originally prepared six waves of warm-up attacks for you this time, but now it seems that the next few waves are meaningless. As long as you stand by the water, no matter what animal I summon, It can be blocked by your control of the water flow. In this case, let’s just go ahead and go straight to the topic.”

“I can’t ask for it.” Zhang Heng said as he clenched the [hidden sheath] in his hand again.

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