48 Hours a Day Chapter 1385


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Tonight’s night is extraordinarily deep, as if someone covered the entire sky with ink.

Fortunately, there is still moonlight spreading in the mountains and forests, so that people can barely see the way under their feet.

But at the next moment, Zhang Heng’s heart suddenly moved. He looked up and saw a black gauze, slowly falling from the air.

at first was just the size of ordinary clothes, but the next gauze garment suddenly became tens of thousands of times larger, covering the entire mountain, and the rays of light emitted by the moon were all isolated in black On the other side of Sha Yi, the earth was completely enveloped by the invisible darkness!

Zhang Heng didn’t panic, opened his backpack and took out the [Explorer’s Lamp], but then he discovered that for some reason, the range that this C-Rank prop can illuminate this time is only less than half a meter in front of him. The light seemed to be swallowed by something after leaving the half-meter.

At the same time, there is something whistled past on Zhang Heng’s head. It sounds like a carriage. Zhang Heng remembered the description of Nyx in Greek mythology. She was carrying a black carriage at night. , Galloping in the sky.

Unfortunately, with the current visibility, Zhang Heng can’t even see Nykes’ shadow.

This woman is really cunning. Even if she says she wants to fight Zhang Heng, the first thing she does before the fight is to make herself invincible first.

“Are you ready, I’m going to start.”

Nykes chuckled lightly, and then the voice of carriage suddenly disappeared. Just as Zhang Heng was listening attentively to Nykes’s location, the sound of next moment horseshoes suddenly came from behind him.

The distance of half a meter is only a blink of an eye for a galloping Pegasus. Zhang Heng was knocked out by the carriage before he even turned around.

However, after winning, Nyx was lightly exclaimed.

Because at the last moment, a cloud of water enveloped Zhang Heng and slowed the impact of the horses. Zhang Heng seemed to fall far, but in fact he did not at all suffer too much damage, at most it was bruised back Together.

Nicks didn’t take advantage of the victory, just glanced at the direction where Zhang Heng landed, and then drove the carriage back into the darkness.

The collision just now not only hit Zhang Heng’s body, but the [Explorer’s Lamp] in his hand also got out of his hand and fell into the water. If I change someone else, I’m probably not able to pick it up again. But Zhang Heng just put his left hand into the water, and the next moment [Explorer’s Lamp] returned to his hand, but the sound of the black horse’s hoofs disappeared again.

At this moment, Nyx is sitting on the carriage, looking at Zhang Heng from a distance. She is also a little curious about how the mortal in front of her wants to deal with her attack.

The dark night is like her home court. As long as she wants, she can carry a carriage here and go without a trace, and she can make no sound until she enters within half a meter of the light source of [Explorer’s Lamp]. Traces will be revealed again, but at such a distance, even with Zhang Heng’s reaction speed, it is difficult to respond effectively.

Although he still has water flow for body protection, his body will not be able to hold it as long as he comes several times.

As a result, Nyx saw that Zhang Heng had turned off the [Explorer’s Lamp] after a moment of silence. This time the only light source between Heaven and Earth disappeared, and Zhang Heng was completely Shrouded in darkness.

Is this giving up resistance?

Nicks was not polite when he saw this, and immediately rushed to Zhang Heng with the carriage. This time she directly chose Zhang Heng’s front. If Zhang Heng was hit by this one, then the fight would be fine. The announcement is over.

The carriage drove to a distance of two meters in front of Zhang Heng. Zhang Heng did not respond. He seemed to be blindfolded by darkness.

But just as Nykes waved the reins and was about to complete the impact, something unexpected happened. Zhang Heng, who was originally just standing still motionless, suddenly crossed the sword.

His this blade accurately cut the front leg of the dark horse pulling the cart, and then heard the dark horse wailing. The whole leg of the horse was forcibly cut off by Zhang Heng, and the [hidden sheath] was not casted. Less!

This blade Zhang Heng has already turned on [Earth Scales] in the blink of a swing, and it is also an unprecedented four times the power!

What makes Nyx puzzled is how Zhang Heng can accurately capture her position from the dark night. You must know that she is the only king in the darkness, and the carriage she is currently driving is also the same. B-Rank props!

However, Nyx didn’t know that it was her B-Rank prop that exposed her position.

Zhang Heng this blade does not rely on sight or hearing, but the excitement of [Tibetan Sheath] in the face of high-end game items. This blade is not so much Zhang Heng’s swing, it is better to say it is [Tibetan Sheath] ] Zhang Heng just swung it by himself.

The result was that [hidden sheath] cut off two horse legs in one breath, and then cut the axle of the carriage. Nykes had to jump out of her carriage in embarrassment and escaped a car. The ruinous traffic tragedy.

Night Night Goddess has the slightest calmness and victory in hand, but this is not over yet, the next moment Zhang Heng actually looked at her position again.

Accurately speaking, this is not “look”, but just turned his head to the direction where she is. Nyx can see that Zhang Heng’s focus is not on her, but the other party has been without the The slightest hesitation rushed towards this side.

Nyx couldn’t help being shocked when she saw this. Her carriage had been ruined. At this moment, she could only run away on her own legs. She yelled out of her dignity while she was still running. How long do you watch!”

“We didn’t watch the excitement, it’s just your black gauze that blocked our sight.” A majestic male voice sounded.

Nicks was unable to answer at this moment, and tried to roll forward, only to avoid the blade light behind her in front of her, but her movements were still half a beat slower, and the skin on her back was After cutting a piece, black blood dripped on the ground, and the unusual pain at the wound made the night Goddess surprised and angry.

Just when she thought she was going to die here, the next moment there was a giant sword to block Zhang Heng’s next blow.

Afterwards, the sound of the collision of swords and soldiers continued to be heard, and the owner of the giant sword actually took a series of attacks by Zhang Heng in the darkness of invisible.

Until the two of them took a step back, Goddess Nyx, who had escaped in the dark night, finally took back the black veil from the sky and put it on his body, panting heavily.

And Zhang Heng finally saw the person who just took over his attack. It was a robust man with a burly stature, with a mouthful of gold teeth in his mouth, a horn on his neck, and a horn in his hands. giant sword.

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