48 Hours a Day Chapter 1386


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Seeing the appearance of the giant man, Zhang Heng’s head immediately showed a name.

—Heimdall. Guardian of Rainbow Bridge in Norse mythology, the god of dawn.

The moment Zhang Heng recognized Heimdall, Zhang Heng also understood how the opponent caught his series of strong wind and swift rain-like attacks in the dark.

legendary Heimdall, he has a pair of eyes that can see 300 li in day and night, and his ears are also sensitive to terrifying. He can hear the sound of grass growing. Only when he guards the Rainbow Bridge can he immediately spot invading enemies. The trace of Asgard blew the horn on his neck, and the Asgardian gods gathered to fight.

At the same time, Heimdall and Loki are also rivals, and the two are perish together in the final All Gods turn to Dusk.

After seeing Zhang Heng, Heimdall was not at all anxious to take action, but bowed to the sky on the other side, “I am very happy to fight with you.”

It was a youngster wearing armor and holding a lance, sitting in a four-wheeled carriage, but unlike the pure black carriage of Goddess in the dark, the appearance of his carriage looked more hideous, full of power and conquest sense.

He held the reins nodded, “The son of Odin and Yaenzasa, the Divine Sea of ​​Dawn, Mdal, I have long admired your name, and solved tonight’s affairs. In the following war, we should There are still many opportunities to continue to join forces.”

As a result, when his tone barely fell, he heard another voice, but that voice was not as polite as Heimdall, and even somewhat eccentric, “Today is really lively, a son of Odin, and a Zeus My sons actually came, and they were discussing together how to blow us up next, but I was already shivering in the corner with fear.”

“Do you new gods like to be a mouse so much, do you hide your head and show your tail, don’t you dare not say anything cruel in front of me.” The youngster on the carriage was not angry, but just said with a smile.

“No way, I’m used to self-directing and acting.” A man carrying a camera slowly walked out from the woods opposite Heimdall.

Looking at his clothes, he is like a cameraman who came to take pictures, wearing a khaki vest and a pair of hiking shoes on his feet.

But after seeing him, Heimdall was slightly moved, “God of the movie, is it you who came from the new god?”

“Why, you think it’s weird, you found that many people ambush me three days ago, but didn’t you kill me?” The movie god laughed, “If you want, you can try again after tonight. Ah, you and Ares teamed up, you should almost be able to challenge me.”

“Wait, how can you lose me with this kind of excitement.” It was the god of electricity who had fought Thor before. He appeared behind the god of the movie, holding it in his hand. My power bank is fully charged this time, so I obviously plan to do a big job.

But just as the situation became a bit with swords drawn and bows bent, another voice with an Egyptian accent rang, “Everyone, we are not here to fight tonight, even if we really want to fight, We must first solve the goal.”

The man who was speaking was a wolf-headed man. At first glance, he looked like Seth who was killed by Zhang Heng, but if you look closely, you can still see the difference between the two sides. Unlike Seth, the man in front of him His head is a jackal head, and he doesn’t have Set’s innate chaos and violent temperament.

“Anubis, you actually came, why, did you avenge your father Seth?” the god of the movie asked.

“Although I am Set’s son, I have cut off relationship with him a long time ago, and I have always been disgusted with what he has done.” Anubis calmly said, “So this time I am here purely to solve Everyone’s common trouble, you guys, stop chatting, hurry up and do business.”

Following his words, the gods finally ended the short talk session and focused their attention on Zhang Heng again.

Among them, Heimdall is more polite, opened the mouth and said, “You have no hope, boy, we borrowed an item from Goddess in Timing 3, specifically to deal with the one that Cronos gave you. The ability to stop, of course, we know that you are innocent, but unfortunately, who made you selected as the container of that guy, sometimes we have to make some sacrifices in order to maintain justice and the happiness of most people.”

“This is what I hate most about your old gods. They are always full of benevolence and morality, but they do something about male thieves and female prostitutes,” the movie god snered, “can’t you just say it,” he looked at Zhang Heng and grinned. He said, “Brother, we need you to die for the peace of the world. Now you can choose to do it yourself or let us do it. Personally, I suggest you do it yourself, because if you wait for a real fight, you may You can’t even keep your corpse.”

Zhang Heng also understands that he has reached the most dangerous time.

After severing the carriage of Goddess in the dark, his [hidden sheath] finally ushered in an upgrade, from a B-Rank item to a grade, Zhang Heng has not had time to check carefully, only when he holds this When using the knife, he can sense the existence of supernatural creatures around him, which is why he can already chase Goddess Nyx in the dark when he hasn’t recovered his vision and hearing.

Because of the newly awakened characteristic of [Tibetan Sheath], Zhang Heng realized that the supernatural creatures around him were far more than the six in front of him.

It’s just that the breath of these six people is stronger, and when they appeared, the other gods chose to continue hiding in the dark.

However, apart from this, Zhang Heng felt another powerful aura approaching here. Who will come, Zeus, or Odin?

If it is really one of them, then Zhang Heng is completely in a desperate situation.

Heimdall, who has clairvoyance and tailwind ears, is the second person to feel the breath. He is frowned, because that breath is a bit strange to him, but the guards of the Rainbow Bridge did not take seriously, because The gods who will be here tonight have only one common purpose.

But next moment, there was a cold female voice in his ear, “You want to kill him, have you asked me?”

Then Heimdall, who was dumbfounded, saw that the owner of the voice jumped directly in front of Zhang Heng without saying a word. Her body was extraordinarily huge, like a hill, with nine huge snake heads cold in the moonlight. Looking at the gods before him coldly.

Meeting with the bartender Young Lady again, Zhang Heng finally saw the other person’s body.

——The giant beast of the deep sea, Hydra.

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