48 Hours a Day Chapter 1427


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Zhang Heng discovered that his day was 24 hours longer a month ago.

The first thing that changed was his Wrist Watch, which was a Seastar Automatic III mechanical watch produced by Swiss Tissot, which was given to him by his parents in Iceland on his 18-year-old birthday.

Taobao placed an order very perfunctory, the seller delivered the goods, and the address bar also filled in the wrong class.


Zhang Heng put his finger on the keyboard and typed the first stage words at the beginning of the novel. His current writing skills have reached lv3, plus he has already finalized the outline, so the next thing is completely where water flows, a canal is formed.

Just after he finished writing the story that happened in the cafe, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.

Zhang Heng got up, walked to the living room, and looked out on the cat’s eyes.

I saw the two silhouettes standing outside the door.

——Ed Wilson and Bell Butre.

In a corner behind the captain and the explorer, there is a little brother with a little shy short hair standing. Unlike the first time we met, he no longer only wears shorts at this time. Probably because he was going to visit friends, he also put on a sweater on his upper body.

Zhang Heng opened the door, “Welcome.”

“We received a letter from you, saying that we should help with something.” Bell said with a smile, “We rushed over immediately, but I have to say that this place is quite mysterious. I just drank it. A cup of coffee, you will be at the gate of the manor when you wake up.”

“I’m the same.” Ed hearing this immediately answered, “But my experience is even more bizarre, I still remember my very difficult to deal with, and tried all my strength to leave the last sentence of life gold After the sentence, I lost consciousness. When I woke up again, I found myself lying on the ground with a dirt pit next to it, which looked like my tomb. Then, a man stood in front of me and took you He gave me the letter, telling me that he could send me over, oh yes, he also gave me a set of clothes.”

The little brother in the shorts was still as taciturn as before. He didn’t speak, but was nodded after the captain finished speaking, indicating that his experience was similar to him.

While waiting for others to finish, Bell looked at Zhang Heng again and blunted, “Okay, let’s go back to the old days and wait for dinner before continuing. Tell us what you need us to do for you first?”

“Very simple, I am writing a novel and I need you to help me complete it together.” Zhang Heng said.

“Fiction? Putting it that way my chicken soup for life can finally reach where they should be?” The captain of the army was hearing this, his eyes lighted up, his sleeves rolled up, and he was eager to go. .

Bell and the others lived in the manor for about a week. With their help Zhang Heng wrote the story of the first unit of his new novel. This unit was created based on the experience of his novice copy. Of course On this basis, Zhang Heng also carried out some artistic processing to make it more convenient and popular to read.

While waiting for Bell, Ed, and the little brother in shorts to leave, the second wave visitors also knocked on Zhang Heng’s door.

Tokyo girl Ameko, who wears a short skirt and smiles with tiger tooth, walks into the living room with the aquatic product shop Boss Yosuke Tsuchiya who looks awkward when she steps on slippers.

“Excuse me, Zhang Sang.” Ameko blushed and bowed. “My father and I won a mystery travel prize, but only after getting on the plane did we know that you are here.”

“Boy, are you messing around with all this? I thought that the award was a bit wrong at the time, but I want to warn you not to have any weird thoughts about my daughter!” Yosuke Tsuchiya discovered halfway through Ameko’s face was a bit wrong, and immediately changed his words, “However, if you can beat me again, I am not unacceptable…”

“Let’s talk about racing next time, this time there are actually some things to ask for help from two of you.” Zhang Heng also bowed and bowed to Ameko.

“What’s the matter? You helped us before. If we can help you, it will be very good.” Yosuke Tsuchiya wanted to show off when he heard that Zhang Heng had something to ask, but didn’t expect Ameko Has already agreed one step at a time.

“Actually I was writing this novel recently, but I encountered some difficulties in the process of creating it.”

“Really, you still write novels?” Ameko said joyfully in surprise, “But you just said that you encountered difficulties? What are the difficulties? Father and I can’t write novels, we don’t know if it is true. Can help.”

“Yes, as long as you can do what I say.” Zhang Heng said.


1: The Time Flow Speed ​​of 2400 makes every minute of the real world extremely long in the copy.

Zhang Heng not at all used up all the copy time.

On the 2571th day, he had finished writing the novel.

At about 2460 days, he sent away the last wave of visitors, but he was not alone, because one of the previous visitors chose to stay.

With that person’s company, Zhang Heng finished the end of the novel.

When he typed the last word on the keyboard, Consell came to his room again.

“Your story is finished?”

Zhang Heng nodded.

“But you know, you can’t take away everything in the copy, right? Whether you print this story out or write it on paper, you can’t bring out the copy.”

Zhang Heng hearing this didn’t say anything, just took out the [Edward U Disk] from his pocket.

This F-quality small prop is used to prevent the user’s IP from being tracked when plugged into the computer, but many people ignore the storage function of this thing as a USB flash drive itself.

Although its quality is very low, only F, but it is indeed a genuine game prop.

And all game items can be taken out of a copy.

Zhang Heng copied the novel he just created into this USB flash drive. The 8G storage space is a bit small today, but it is good enough to hold a novel.

“Sure enough, the answers to seemingly unsolvable problems are often hidden in those unremarkable corners.” Consel said with emotion, “I have no problems, but I will remind you one last time, be careful of Corot North, he hopes to use your power to plot the master of the city under the ice. If he knows what you are doing, he will definitely try to stop you.”

“It doesn’t matter, I have found my messenger, she is a completely invisible person, harmless to everyone, and has no offensive power. No matter what force it is will not notice her, nor Will embarrass her, and she will help me do the rest after I die.” Zhang Heng said.

“It seems that you have arranged everything.” Consell looked at that silhouette by the window. The silhouette had been standing there quietly, like a floor lamp next to it, unobtrusive. Pay attention, but Konsell knew that if he showed hostility to Zhang Heng, even if it was only a trace, that silhouette would immediately raise the shotgun at his feet and dot his head with a few holes.

“If this is the case, then I have nothing to say, and then I will leave this copy of the remaining 329 days for you two.” Consel whistled, turned and walked out the door , Before leaving, he also took the door to the room.

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