48 Hours a Day Chapter 1429


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A powerful terrifying aura rose to the sky, and even the space with all around was distorted!

This is a terrifying power belonging to Cthulhu, and this power also comes from all human beings’ fear of the unknown!

It looks so unstoppable, like despair itself!

The gods outside the villa have proved that even if they join forces together, they are not opponents of this power. With this power, “Zhang Heng” has now regained control of the body, but at the next moment, A string of fishbone bracelets hanging behind the door suddenly trembled.

Then there was a whale moan from somewhere far away!

The whale moan was submerged in the indescribable terrifying aura, which seemed extremely small, but it never disappeared, just like hope itself.

“Zhang Heng”‘s body was nailed to the spot again, but this was not something that really made him incomprehensible. What really made him incomprehensible was that he discovered that part of the body’s power actually flowed to some unknown The place.

He can clearly feel that in that place, a brand new but familiar soul is being born!

But how is it possible? !

The human soul that accidentally appeared in this World was completely destroyed by him when he descended into this body. It was like a glass that was restored to a molecular state. It is reasonable to say that it is impossible again. Was restored.

But now, this incredible thing did happen to him.

Although he has only taken over for a few months, “Zhang Heng” feels that he has adapted and familiarized enough with this new body, but at this moment, he finds that he has no idea where the new soul is.

So much so that he wanted to do it but couldn’t find any way, so he could only continue to release the incomparable powerful force, trying to directly destroy the newborn soul through coercion, but as he continued to increase his strength, “Zhang Heng” was surprised to find that the strength he lost was also increasing.

In fact, the power he released was like nourishment, continuously supplied to the new soul, helping the latter to speed up the whole process of breaking the shell.


After a hundredthirty two days of destruction and darkness, Zhang Heng opened his eyes again.

It’s just that, in front of him, it’s not the world he is familiar with.

He found himself standing on a burning street, just like the one in the previous dream. Everything he saw was burning crazily, while the only remaining humans smiled crazily, fighting each other for fun. , As if what they are in is not hell, but heaven.

On the hill of corpses, there sits another him, like a king who rules the world, looking down at him condescendingly, with a rare sneer in his eyes, as if saying that everything is too late .

Are you late?

Zhang Heng frowned, is there something wrong with his previous plan? Was it the little girl who was responsible for sending the USB flash drive to Han Lu for publication and failed to complete the task, or the god of the novel failed to put all the key items that triggered his rebirth in place, or his novel not at all was as fast as expected Popular? Or what happened to some other places he didn’t expect before.

Zhang Heng didn’t have time to think about it, because he saw the only remaining survivors and the half-man, half-fish-frog-like deep divers, as well as the small version of Cthulhu’s star family all rushing towards him. But when Zhang Heng wanted to turn around to meet the enemy, he found that his body was fixed there again as if in a dream.

Zhang Heng closed his eyes when he saw this, as if he had accepted the fate of himself and the world.

But then he suddenly opened the mouth and said, “It seems that you really have nothing to do with me. If there is only this degree of illusion, it is better to just give in.”

And just as he said this, the corpses and monster waves around him had disappeared from the blazing flames.

Zhang Heng opened his eyes for the second time, and found himself in the seabed palace again, facing the huge black shadow like a mountain there, facing the terrifying and terrifying breath.

At this moment, the world became extremely quiet, as if there was only one person left.

“I used to think that you grew up by devouring human fears. Until I saw you, no, it was our Creator. I didn’t know what really made you.” Zhang Heng looked straight ahead. The monster said.

And the monster in front of him seemed to have not heard his words, dragging a huge body, walking towards him step by step, the sturdy tentacles dragged on the ground, making a crippling sound, echoing in the palace. Above.

However, Zhang Heng in front of it neither escaped nor prepared for any battle.

“The life of despair and loneliness turned out to be the scariest thing in this world. But don’t worry, it’s different from other people in this world who can’t understand you and just want to destroy you. I don’t at all plan to kill you. Besides, despair and loneliness itself cannot be killed, just as you can never completely kill me, because hope has always existed. So…”

Zhang Heng paused, and then said, “Next, we will probably share this body and get along for quite some time. According to the current situation, you can use it for about 23 hours and 50 minutes in 24 hours, and I You can use the remaining 10 points clock, don’t look frowning, think for the good, at least, you won’t be as lonely as before.”

The monster finally stopped when he heard these words.

Although it still did not speak, Zhang Heng on the opposite side seemed to know what it was going to say, “Are you trying to say, 10 points clock doesn’t help at all? You will take advantage of my inability to control my body. In a period of time, will the world be completely destroyed? It is a pity that now that you have my 10 points clock, your original plan can no longer proceed.

“Next, I will take you into a New World in my 10 points clock, where all the characters are already in place, but the final boss position is still vacant because they I can’t find a strong character with enough weight, and this last position is simply tailor-made for us.”

Zhang Heng said that he was thinking of something, and he patted his head and added, “Oh, yes, I almost forgot to say, although our time allocation is 23 three hours and 50 minutes to 10 points clock, but actually My day is 48 hours, so, strictly speaking, our time ratio is 23 hours and 50 minutes to 24 hours and 10 points.

“This is much fairer, and my day is 10 points longer than the average person. I don’t have any comments. Besides, the flow of time in that world will be different from that in the real world. , I hope you won’t be too surprised after you go in.”

“Okay, that’s all I have to say, there are still many things to do next, I want to make sure you can’t get out of that world, and I want to help another guy to appease those new ones who have been tricked into Gods and old gods, afterwards, we must prepare for the game world to open again and welcome the players to enter. When all this is done, if there is time, I would like to use the remaining time to meet some old friends .”

Zhang Heng closed his eyes again after speaking, “Next, let’s write down the new Legendary with me.”

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