48 Hours a Day Chapter 1430


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“Sorry, this area is not yet open.”

As more and more gods began to explore all around, more and more people received similar sounds in their ears.

Not only the god of tarot cards, but the other gods have also changed their faces.

“Why is this?”

“Is Gem playing the trick? It’s obviously the time, but he still wants to plot against us?”

“What the hell does Gaim want to do, does he want to imprison us in this ghost place forever?”

“What about Isis, who was closer to her before coming in, knowing where she went.”


The gods are clamoring, trying to figure out what is going on. Unfortunately, myriad has a lot of guesswork, but few useful suggestions.

At this time, someone finally noticed that Cronos, who had been watching coldly and silently, said to him, “God of Time, do you have any good suggestions for our current plight?”


Cronos opened his mouth and spit out a word.

“Wait? What are you waiting for?” Titan Hercules frowns saying, “The guy in the city under the ice is still behind us, and I don’t know that the divine ability of the novel can’t successfully destroy the door, we still quickly find Gaim Or Isis, at least cut off the passage before talking about other things.”

Kronos was hearing this coldly snorted. He didn’t want to explain it anymore, but he saw that there were other gods looking here. He knew in his heart that if he wanted to leave here in the future, he would need other people’s help. It is necessary to unite all the forces that can be united, so that they can be patient and continue.

“Since Gaim has done this step and plots all of us in, he is unprepared for the situation outside. He has an extraordinary relationship with the god of novels, whether it is here or outside. There are still arrangements, and now we are on his site, there is no other way except to wait.”

Titan Hercules’ brows were slightly loosened, and he had to admit that Chronos’ words sounded reasonable, but he couldn’t help saying, “Then we have to wait in this ghost place. How long, one day, one week, or one month? If Gem hasn’t come to us, don’t we have to wait until the sea is dead.”

“Although the kind of situation you mentioned is possible, but the probability is very small,” Cronos said, “Gam is not a lunatic like Dorset. There is a strong behind everything he does. Just look at the decoration and layout of this place, you can see that this is just an area similar to a traffic transfer station. Normally, we will not stay here for too long.”

As if to prove Cronos’ words, he didn’t finish talking long before the big screen in the center of the waiting room and all the hanging TVs were lit up.

The gods finally saw that somewhat immature face again after 5 months!

Gem, the god of games, appeared on the screen, with a pair of sleepy eyes, it looked like a pupil who had just played a game all night but had to get up early to go to school.

Although many people are very dissatisfied with Gem’s behavior of trapping them in this waiting hall, after all Gem is still the head of the gods, the previous Jiwei is still there, especially at this node, Cthulhu Breaking out of his seabed prison, slaughter in the world, forced the gods to hide in the New World, panic like a stray dog.

At this time, both the new and old gods miss the days when Gem was still there.

Some people even saw Gaem’s excitement and tears in his eyes, but the expression of the game god himself seemed a bit embarrassing. He scratched his head, adjusted the camera in front of him, and seemed to be using it. I organized the language for a while, and finally opened the mouth and said, “Welcome, welcome to the’station’.”

“The station?” Cronos raised his eyebrows. “So, this place is really just a transit station. I just don’t know, where does the train in your station end up?”

“To the various copies of the game world.” The little boy quickly replied as if he could hear Cronos’ question.

The gods hearing this were in an uproar. The previous game world was originally built by them by accepting Gem’s invitation, but they never knew that there was a place called a station hidden in that game world.

Of course, Gaim had been missing for four months in the meantime. With his power he could build a new site on his own, but he wanted to connect this new area called the station to each instance. This involves It is very difficult to adjust the original structure from the structural point of view. It is basically equivalent to overturning half of the game and doing it again.

Therefore, there is only one explanation for the current situation, and that is that this area called the station has been in his plan since Geim started to build the grand game world he envisioned, but it was just given by him. Hidden away, no one knows except him.

Until today, this place was put into use and welcomed the first batch of guests.

At this time, even Pan Shen, who doesn’t like to use his brain, reacted. He lowered the head with horns, “Respected Gaim, the god of games, why did you stay behind us? An area?”

“You can enter the 3rd Stage for the game.” Gem has questions.

“3rd Stage? What is 3rd stage? We thought we had already said that this game is only for human players,” the car god said, “1st Stage is convenient for us to choose our favorite agents, 2nd Stage Let the agents fight again to settle the contradictions between us, abandon those ancient and bloody traditions, and step into the age of civilization. As for the 3rd stage, what is it?”

Gam heard this silent for a moment, and then opened the mouth and said again, “Sorry, I concealed something from everyone before, presumably some of you have guessed it by now, my real purpose for building this game What is it.”

“Are you crazy?!” Chronos said with a sullen face, “You may be the most powerful of us, but what qualifications do you have to decide the fate of all of us? Decide where we live? “

His words were also approved by a group of gods.

However, Gaim has gradually recovered from his initial shyness at this moment. Hearing the question of the God of Time, he scratched his head again, “It’s not that you are desperate and enter my game world to seek refuge. Right?”

Cronos, “…”

“And if you really want to count it, isn’t this the trouble you caused, Cronos, you brought that human out of the city under the ice and made him your agent, while still Cover up his true identity.”

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