48 Hours a Day Chapter 1432


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The gods in the station rioted again, and at the same time the crowd in a certain place quickly dispersed to all around, revealing a clearing and Zhang Heng standing on that clearing.

Almost all their attention was attracted by Gaim on TV, so no one noticed when Zhang Heng appeared.

But after discovering that Zhang Heng had also entered the station, many people couldn’t help showing despair on their faces.

A moment ago, they were still concealing the existence of the station for Gaim and wanted to keep them in the game world. They were dissatisfied, but in a blink of an eye they discovered that even this result has become a luxury.

I don’t know if there was something wrong with Gaim’s arrangement, or the god of the novel was too useless and failed to execute his arrangement successfully, causing the monster named Cthulhu to chase the game world all the way.

And what frightened the gods even more was that they found that they had nowhere to escape.

The real world outside before is about to be destroyed, and they can still escape into the New World, but once the New World falls, they don’t know where they can escape.

However, after realizing this, different gods reacted differently. Some people wanted to fight Zhang Heng. Although they knew that they were not Zhang Heng’s opponent, it was better to die in battle than to surrender and be useless. Killed, and some people put their last hope on Gem, and some even knelt on the ground and begged Gem to take action.

But apart from this, there is a small group of people who react differently from the previous two groups, such as War God Ares, as a god with relatively strong battle strength, he has been active in the front line before, and Cthulhu has fought hands several times, and in these few battles, Cthulhu never spoke.

In the original setting, this monster is an existence unable to communicate and communicate. At most, it can only convey some messy things through dreams and hallucinations. However, just now, they clearly heard Zhang Heng speak, and Although his words sound a little difficult to understand, this kind of incomprehensibility is not in the literal sense. In fact, Zhang Heng said that sentence clearly.

Especially Kronos, unlike other gods, he is most familiar with Zhang Heng. Now the boy standing in front of him clearly made him feel a strong familiarity, so he had already made up his mind not to speak anymore. The god of time blurted out, “It’s you?!”

“It’s me,” Zhang Heng said, “It’s been a long time, Cronos.”

As he said these words, the crowd who was about to lose control finally gradually calmed down, and the eyes of the gods refocused on the silhouette that they didn’t dare to look directly at before.

“How is this possible, your soul should have been completely crushed immediately when that guy descended!” Chronos said silently.

At this time, even the most unresponsive people realized that Zhang Heng in front of them and the previous Zhang Heng who chased them outside Pluto’s mansion do not seem to be alone, although they do not seem to be in appearance. Any difference, even Zhang Heng still has blood on his body, it is clear that he has just led the killing party against them.

“I have indeed died once,” Zhang Heng said, his eyes swept across the gods present, paused, and then he continued, “But now I am back.”

“How did you do it?” Chronos was puzzled, and he also asked the doubts in the hearts of all the gods present.

Zhang Heng did not conceal, “I wrote this novel, a very popular novel, which was uploaded to the Internet by a friend of mine after my death. It tells all my experiences. More than 9 million people have read that novel, you should understand what it means, and my return is the ending in that novel.”

“You gave yourself a resurrection ending directly in the novel to affect reality?” Chronos was shocked, “Wait, but the gods cannot interfere with their own destiny, even if they use Indirect means like novels and movies.”

“I am not a god.”

“But mankind can’t change their destiny with novels, otherwise all novelists can be immortality.” The God of Code helped his glasses and said.

“I am not a human being either.” Zhang Heng said frankly, “My body is flowing with the blood of Cthulhu.”


“Can this happen?!” Osiris, the Pluto in Egyptian mythology, was also surprised, but he also had to admit that Zhang Heng’s situation may be the most special in the world. He was originally chosen by Cthulhu The container, and the exchange of blood was completed early. To be more realistic, he was probably an ordinary person with Cthulhu blood on his body.

“So, that monster was written to death by you like this?” The words of Goddess Nyx in the night also made the eyes of the surrounding gods light up, but soon she said again, “No, Cthulhu In the original setting, it cannot be eliminated, and his story has been popular for several decades. It has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is not so easy to change. No matter how good your story is, it has only been released for a few months. Dare to challenge those rules that have gone deep into your body and mind. The only end is that your novel loses its authenticity, and you also lose the only chance to resurrect.”

“You are right,” Zhang Heng nodded and said, “I not at all write him to death, he is still in my body. Actually now I have a temporary truce with him, we share this Gu body, to be precise, he uses 23 hours and 50 minutes, and I use 10 points.”

As a result, as soon as he finished speaking to the originally relaxed gods, a heart suddenly hung in his throat. A god who was standing closer to Zhang Heng immediately distanced himself from him, and the gods looked towards His eyes seemed to be looking at a time bomb.

“Don’t worry, the Time Flow Speed ​​in the station is different from the real world.”

Gam on the TV opened the mouth and said at this time, promptly calming the tension on the scene, but there are still many gods clamoring to leave, saying that they don’t want to stay in the same place with Zhang Heng for a moment.

As a result, without waiting for Gem to speak, Zhang Heng continued, “It’s meaningless to leave now, because once I, uh… another guy in my body returns to the outside world, don’t you expect I can block him with the poor ten minutes that belongs to me. When the time comes, it is the result of everyone’s death together.”

“What do you want us to do, let’s just say it.” The Shinto of Amusement Park.

“Build a special copy for me and help me lock up the guy in my body.” Zhang Heng didn’t sell it anymore.

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