48 Hours a Day Chapter 1435


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Chen Fan felt a little bored when he saw the two people in front of the sink, because they didn’t look like a good person.

It should be the bad boys in the school who do not study well, smoke and drink, and have contacts with people in society. Chen Fan has seen similar guys before going to a certain class to block people after class. Or take your little girlfriend and swagger across the corridor, looking majestic.

Although most of them will be quickly eliminated and beaten by the society after the college entrance examination, at least during the period of high school, they did exist on the upper level of the pyramid.

In contrast, as a passerby, Chen Fan is undoubtedly the floor tiles at the bottom of the tower, so when he heard the opposite told him not to use the toilet here, Chen Fan did not question that it was obviously a public toilet. , Why not let him in, but wisely prepare to obey and leave.

But when he was about to turn around and leave, he heard an excited voice coming from the toilet.

“The ball was a risk, I didn’t hit your hand at all! Everyone around can testify.”

Chen Fan’s body shook because the voice was familiar to him. It was Wang Ruizhe, his best friend who grew up in the same neighborhood. Unlike Chen Fan, Wang Ruizhe was a little hyperactive since he was a child. In addition, he has grown to 1m77 when he was just 16 years old. Although his studies are average, his sports performance has been very good.

Especially basketball, the breakthrough is sharp, 30% accurate, coupled with tough defense, every time he appears on the basketball court, he can immediately attract a lot of eyes of the opposite sex, and from time to time there will be girls giving him water. In addition, his looks are not bad, just like Rukawa Kaede in the manga slam dunk expert.

Furthermore, this Ruchuan Feng is not as cold as the original, and he is very warm-hearted. It is also very popular among boys in the same class. As for Chen Fan, through childhood, he was taken care of by Wang Ruizhe. Chen Fan still remembers himself. When he was in junior high school, he was blackmailed by Hooligan nearby, and it was Wang Ruizhe who helped him.

Although the two of them are not in the same class after entering high school, Wang Ruizhe will ask Chen Fan about the situation from time to time to see if he is in trouble.

It’s just that Chen Fan didn’t expect that he didn’t have any trouble, but Wang Ruizhe met first.

As soon as Wang Ruizhe’s voice fell in the toilet, another gloomy voice rang out, “You brat doesn’t matter if the player is not clean, and the mouth is not clean. We asked the surroundings just now. Are there anymore people? Everyone said they saw your thug.”

“That’s not because they are afraid of you and your…wu!” Wang Ruizhe said angrily.

But this time before he finished speaking, he seemed to have been punched on the body and let out a painful grunt.

“md, it’s hard to say, I saw you not pleasing to your eyes when you played before. It looks like Dior is too bad, so I owe it!”

Chen Fan heard the sound of falling fists inside, mixed with Wang Ruizhe’s sporadic resistance, but it seemed that two fists were hard to beat four hands. He only felt that his brain was blank, and his fists were subconsciously clenched.

But he didn’t stand there for too long, and soon his body was pushed. The bad boy who asked him to go to the toilet before opened the mouth and said, “Look at what you Want to go in and get beaten together?”

When Chen Fan heard this, his clenched fist loosened again.

Countless times afterwards, Chen Fan had hoped that he could be brave at that time. Just a little bit was enough, even if he didn’t do anything, he just stood there and was pulled into the toilet by the evil looking evil. It’s better to be beaten with Wang Ruizhe in Li, than to be really scared and back off like at the time.

Unfortunately, time can’t come back, and there is no if in this World.

At that time, Chen Fan was completely surrounded by fear, which is the natural fear of small herbivores at the bottom of the food chain when facing carnivorous predators at the top.

The expression on Chen Fan’s face was very proud when I saw Chen Fan’s retreating face. “Don’t even think about reporting to the Teacher or the guard at the school. I already remember your looks. You have to dare to tell others about it. After that, we will fight every time we meet you, you know?”

When Chen Fan heard this sentence, the last trace of courage in his heart also disappeared. He only felt that his muscles had become extremely stiff, only mechanically nodded under the action of instinct.

However, the opposite party didn’t seem to be satisfied, “Fuck, are you dumb, I’m asking you something.”

“I know, I know.” Chen Fan timid, his voice is smaller than a mosquito.

“Speak up!” Unhappy dissatisfied.

However, now Chen Fan’s whole person is like being stuck in his neck. He doesn’t dare to make any more noises, for fear of being recognized by Wang Ruizhe in the toilet, just as his unhealthy value accumulates more and more. Too much, when the attack is about to happen, his other companion, who seems to be a little easier to talk, opened the mouth and said, “Forget it, he should already know that it’s great, let him go.”

After speaking, he looked towards Chen Fan again, “Why are you still stupid, don’t you hurry up?”

When Chen Fan heard this sentence, such as the amnesty, he bowed his head and walked quickly across the basketball court.

He was muddleheaded along the way, and didn’t know how he got home. He opened his schoolbag and took out his homework book. He wanted to do his homework, but he couldn’t write a word. The tip of the gel pen was hanging in the blank. On the paper, a strong sense of shame flooded Chen Fan’s heart.

He just left his best friend!

The friend who is willing to help him! ! !

Allow the latter to be beaten in that toilet, but he did nothing!

Chen Fan didn’t know if Wang Ruizhe in the toilet could hear his voice, or if anyone knew him on the basketball court over there, and would tell Wang Ruizhe what happened before.

It wasn’t until then that Chen Fan realized that he might lose his best friend, and this was not what scared him the most. What scared him the most was having to face the cowardice in his heart and admit that he was a People without courage.

And this is where Chen Fan is really sad.


Chen Fan grabbed the mechanical pencil in his hand, the bell has rang for the end of get out of class, and the teacher on the podium has begun to assign homework, but Chen Fan has no intention of listening to what he is talking about.

He packed his schoolbags, and when the Teacher announced that school was over, he was the first to rush out of the classroom, and he didn’t even pretend to follow the short-haired girl inadvertently before watching him leave as usual.

According to Chen Fan’s habit, he usually went home straight after leaving school, but he didn’t do this this time either. He just wandered aimlessly around the commercial street near the school until the sky darkened. It’s like a lonely ghost who doesn’t accept a large temple and a small temple, and can’t find its own grave.

In this World, being hated by others is not terrifying, but if you even dislike yourself, then it is really hopeless!

Chen Fan didn’t know how he came to a blind box machine.

This thing is very popular now. Merchants first come up with some attractive gimmicks, and then stuff a bunch of worthless baubles into their blind box machines. Consumers can actually get valuable things. The probability of getting ssr is lower than that of those krypton cheats on the farm.

In normal times, Chen Fan would not pay IQ tax on this thing, but today he stopped in front of a blind box machine, took out his mobile phone, and scanned the payment code on it.

Afterwards, a blind box fell off the shelf.

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