48 Hours a Day Chapter 1436


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Chen Fan already regretted scanning the QR code to pay.

Although his family conditions are not bad, his parents control his pocket money very strictly. Basically, the money given every week is only enough for him to buy stationery and breakfast. Even the favorite novels and games have to be saved for a long time. No matter how you look at it, it’s silly to spend the little pocket money left for something that you know is a pit.

But he has done enough stupid things in his sixteen years of trifling life, and it is not bad.

Chen Fan laughed at himself, reached out his hand and took out the blind box that made him fooled again.

He didn’t rush to take it apart, he felt the weight of his hands first.

Very light. Sure enough, have you been taught another lesson?

Then Chen Fan shook his ear again, but there was no sound of hitting the item.

Is it…it’s empty?

Chen Fan was dumbfounded. Although he had a premonition when he paid the money, it still made him feel a little bit at a loss. No matter what, it was 30 yuan.

Generally speaking, no matter how bad luck you are, you should be able to win consolation prizes such as pirated figures or dolls produced in Yiwu? The worst should be Pinduoduo’s 9.9 free earphones.

What’s the matter with the empty? Did the merchant forget to put something in it?

Just when Chen Fan wondered if there was a problem with this batch of blind boxes, a young couple next to him also scanned the code and got his own box.

Open it, it’s a 128G U disk.

“Good luck.” The boy said unexpectedly.

He didn’t expect much from the blind box. The reason why he paid was to make his girlfriend happy, but he didn’t expect what he got, even if it’s just a miscellaneous item. U disk, not too much loss.

The two threw the box into the trash can aside, and then left contentedly with the USB flash drive.

Leaving Chen Fan holding the empty box in his hand stood stupidly on the side of the road.

At this time, the street lights on both sides of the road and the neon signs of the businesses have been lit up. The commercial street at night is still lively, but Chen Fan feels that he is incompatible with this world of brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

There are three missed calls shown on the screen of his mobile phone, all of which are from his mother. At this time, he has basically arrived home with his schoolbag.

Mother often compliments his colleagues and friends, “Xiaofan is very obedient throughout childhood. He can do whatever he wants. He will go home on time every day after school. He will never interact with any messy people, nor Puppy love, I went to the Internet cafe to play games, this child, he didn’t worry us much when he grew up.”

Uncle Aunt nearby will also make enviable echoes, and then sigh how naughty his baby is and don’t know where he went.

Previous Chen Fan always felt that it was always a good thing to be praised anyway, but now he only feels that the word obedient is unprecedentedly harsh. He thinks about the two in front of the toilet that evening The bad boy let him go, and then he obediently rolled away.

For example, now, he got an empty blind box, which is obviously the fault of the merchant. He deliberately wanted to call the phone on the machine to question the other party, but he picked up the phone and didn’t dial half of the number. , Couldn’t help but back down.

He worried that the merchant on the other end of the phone said to him confidently, “Yes, the blind boxes we have are it’s empty. Didn’t you read the slogan before you bought it? If you sell it, you won’t be refunded or exchanged. Don’t play.”

If, if anyone on this World can lend me a little courage, it would be great!

Chen Fan clenched his fists again in despair.

The phone vibrated for the fourth time.

Across the screen, I can feel the anxiety of the person on the other end. Chen Fan was already prepared to want to be willful once, but he thought that his mother had to go to work for a day, and he had to look around for him after get off work. A soft, finally connected to the phone.

Then the good boy version of Chen Fan went online again.

“Hey…oh, today the school is on duty, it’s a bit late…I’m already at the station, I’m going to catch the bus, um…I’ll go back soon.”

Chen Fan hung up the phone and took two deep breaths, trying to hide the despair in his heart. He wanted to throw away the empty blind box in his hand, but he hesitated when he walked to the trash can. Nothing, but the outer packaging is still pretty, you can use it as a small storage box, by the way, it can remind him how stupid he is.

So Chen Fan stuffed the blind box into his backpack, and then went to the station to take the bus home.

Pushing open the door, mother has finished dinner, and father has returned home from get off work. He asked him to wash his hands and eat. The family sat at the table happily, Chen Fan behaved as usual, not at all showing any abnormality Emotions.

Father gave him a piece of ribs, and then asked about his school. He also only picked out a few irrelevant things to tell, and never mentioned what happened in front of the toilet that evening. That thing never happened.

Unfortunately, even if he can hide it from everyone, he can’t hide it from himself.

When he returned to his room and closed the door, the feeling of powerlessness and remorse wrapped him again, as if someone had tied a stone to his ankle and sank into the water, pouring from all directions The strong suffocation coming almost swallowed him completely.

I shouldn’t have left that day!

I should tell Teacher immediately, no, I should have rushed in at the time! Even if you get beaten!

I am really the worst friend in the world! No one is worse than me! ! !

Who can save me, give me a little courage! ! !

Chen Fan didn’t want to do homework at all. He threw the backpack on the bed and didn’t turn on the light afterwards, just sitting in the dark with holding head.

At the next moment, Chen Fan heard a sound of landing.

He turned his head and saw the backpack he had just thrown on the bed tilted aside, and the blind box that had been stuffed inside rolled down to his feet.

The bow tied on it seemed to invite him to open it.

Chen Fan then remembered that it seemed that he hadn’t opened this box since he started it. Although it should be it’s empty inside, but since the money has been spent, I should take a look anyway, or say that he is really inferior Not even this kind of courage.

Chen Fan hesitated and opened the lid of the blind box.

As a result, to his surprise, the box really was it’s empty. The empty walls seemed to mock his stupidity. However, when Chen Fan flipped over the lid of the blind box, he found that there was still something inside. There is an envelope that is glued to the inside of the lid.

The six words of Mr. Chen Fan’s personal letter are written in beautiful lower letters on the envelope.

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