48 Hours a Day Chapter 1437


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Chen Fan was stunned when he saw the envelope, and then a sense of absurdity rose in his heart.

How is this possible? !

How could the merchant who bought the box know his name by accident? But the probability of this kind of thing is too small, or his WeChat personal information was leaked when he scanned the code, but Chen Fan carefully glanced at the words on the envelope. He was sure that the words were not printed out by the computer, but handwritten.

I can even smell the fragrance of ink when I get closer.

Chen Fan stretched out his hand and peeled the envelope with his name from the blind lid. This strangely-originated envelope was sealed with red fire lacquer, which looked quite formal.

The fire lacquer is printed with a pattern that looks like a gamepad, and under the pattern is a signature named Game Committee.

When Chen Fan saw the signature, his pupils shrank suddenly, and then his hands holding the letter trembled.

He remembered the novel he had only seen not long ago, and his heart began to beat wildly!

Difficult… Is it true that the stories in that novel are true?

That great game created by the gods, hidden in the city, only open at night, mysterious game points, various strangely said tools with supernatural powers, and a period of surging forward with great momentum adventure!

Chen Fan told himself to calm down, because for the first 16 years of his life he had been just a passerby with no facial features.

Even if those hero stories exist in this World, they should have nothing to do with him.

Although he thought so, Chen Fan opened the envelope as an impatient.

Dear Mr. Chen Fan:

Hello! You probably guessed the content of this letter when you opened the envelope. Yes, we sincerely invite you to join an unprecedented great game. Here you can harvest everything you can think of and imagine. Unexpected things, strength, growth, friendship, and some interesting bauble… But it must be stated in advance that this is not a carousel ride in an amusement park. In addition to the attractive rewards, there are also dangers everywhere.

Survival or destruction? It is the eternal theme of this game.

Moreover, in this World, death is not the most terrifying thing. Some things that are more terrifying than death have been quietly resurrected and spread their tentacles everywhere in the world.

Please follow your inner will and make your choices carefully, because they will affect the destiny of the world, not just the world in the game, but the world you live in in reality.

Finally, with the launch of the new version of the expansion of Horror, we have also optimized the invitation mechanism accordingly. Now players who join the game have the right to refuse our invitation, as long as they read this letter within ten seconds Putting down the letter paper in your hand is regarded as giving up your qualifications as a player. You will lose all your memories after getting the envelope and return to your normal life.

Again, you are holding a one-way ticket.

Once you step on this path, you can’t turn back until the boss is attacked or the world is destroyed.

Shun Zhu: Happy gaming!

Game Organizing Committee

Chen Fan opened his mouth wide, his whole body trembled as if he had touched the switch!

The game organizing committee, it is really that game organizing committee! ! !

putting it that way, the protagonist in the novel, the boy named Zhang Heng is also real? Although he had a sense of reality when he was reading that book, he always thought that such a powerful guy would only exist in novels, no, wait, the focus is not on this now.

When Chen Fan thought of something, he almost didn’t throw the envelope on his hand.

Ten seconds, he only has ten seconds to make a decision whether he wants to step into that magical and dangerous world. Although the stories in the novel fascinated him, Chen Fan still has a clear understanding of how many catties and how many taels he has.

For example, Zhang Heng needs 48 hours of plug-in to threaten but not dangerous to get through the copies one after another, and high school students like him who have no skills and are so shocked don’t look like him. Can survive the appearance of a novice copy.

So, what he got now was simply not a ticket to New World, but an invitation from Death God.

Impossible! No matter how you look at it, I’m impossible to live for too long, even if it’s a team game with the help of teammates, but even the most kind and patient teammates will not be willing to unconditionally carry a useless oil bottle. Yes, especially when it comes to competing dungeons, for other players in the dungeon, he is simply a walking experience pack.

Chen Fan feels that he can’t do it at all. You must know that he is a passerby who dare not even provoke bad school.

His life orientation is to sacrifice his knees after those heroes fought hard to save the world, kneel down and call the great god nb, 6666, I don’t have any long objects and are willing to offer my waist to the ordinary villagers who drink wine to the hero. .

So although he is very excited when he meets a fortuitous encounter, the most reasonable way for him now is to drop the letter in his hand within ten seconds, forget all this, and return to his ordinary and ordinary In your life.

But Chen Fan didn’t know why, he just didn’t let go.

Are you fascinated by those skills, or are you dazzled by the game items in myriad?

No, at this moment, Chen Fan was thinking of the evening three days ago. He stood in front of the toilet and found that his friend was beaten in the toilet, but he could only pretend not to know him. When he bowed his head and left. Humiliation and unwillingness.

He was willing to give everything, only hoping to get a different choice at the time.

But if he is really given another chance to return to that day, can he really make the opposite decision? Still intimidated by the predator at the top of the food chain again, he lowered his head again.

Chen Fan suddenly understood what he wanted most.

So he gritted his teeth and clenched the letter paper tightly until ten seconds later.

Yes, nothing happened.

Just when Chen Fan wondered if this was just a prank, his phone vibrated again, prompting him to receive a new text message.

Chen Fan opened the text message from an unfamiliar number. The content was very simple, but his blood poured over his head. “Shu Dao Qing Pedicure Club, Game Point No. 609, 11 o’clock tonight. .

Then Chen Fan put down his phone and saw an extra line of numbers on his arm. He who read the novel knew that this line of numbers was his player number.

It was also after seeing this line of numbers that Chen Fan finally confirmed that he had indeed become a player.

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