A Random System Everyday Chapter 2095

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Chapter 2104 Five Wicked Sects

The sudden defection of Yang God Hall was expected by Blood God.

When other forces that have not joined the battle saw this, they were sighed in relief in their hearts!

At least Yang God Hall is not a collaboration with Blood God Hall!

However, a sentence from Blood God made everyone feel a little bit in their hearts.


The countless powerhouse frowned suddenly.

It is dark now, but suddenly, a large area around it is enveloped by a black ray of light!

This rays of light even cut off the sky!

"This is..."

Empress Imperial Snow couldn't help standing up seeing this scene.

"Night Curtain Barrier!"

Night Curtain Barrier is the power released by a spiritual artifact of the same name! It can also be simply understood as a barrier!

Its strength is very high! Once formed, it takes an unimaginable price to break it!

But this is not the point. The point is that the Night Curtain Barrier is the top spiritual artifact in the hands of Dead Spirit Sect!

As soon as this spiritual artifact appeared, one could also think that Dead Spirit Sect was also intervening in this matter!

Everyone didn't expect!

Maybe it can be thought that Blood God Hall is not so simple to attack Vast Cold Palace for revenge. It has other purposes. As for what it is, they want to share a piece of the pie or cooperate secretly with Yang God Hall! Also didn't expect that there will be interference from other forces!

And now......

"jié jié jié ......"

all directions are all kinds of ghost calls, and then close and numerous A group of people, who may even seem to be ghost-like things, passed through the black Night Curtain Barrier, with the rippling feeling as if they were passing through the water, and they passed through it so easily and entered the barrier.

"Not good anymore."

Empress Imperial Snow's pupils shrank sharply.

"Dead Spirit Sect, Blood God Hall, Evil Heaven Sect..."

She looked at the familiar silhouettes in the picture and the iconic ones that could be distinguished at a glance strength!

"The top five Wicked Sects! They all shot!"

The pupils of the girl next to her also shrank.

"Empress Your Majesty, fooled."

Empress Imperial Snow also figured it all out at once!

To be honest, it’s really hard to think about it here.

But now, the facts are here!

Blood God Hall join the battle as a passerby! In fact, it was just to make Yang God Hall, Vast Cold Palace and other forces suffer heavy losses! Even if they have paid a great price, they are bait, but because they use oneself as bait, it is more difficult for others to think of other points! Too ruthless!

Who wants to be normal?

Then, behind the scenes, the other four Wicked Sects prepared to use the Night Curtain Barrier as a barrier and medium to block all powerhouses outside, and they can be prepared in advance from far away and enter the Night directly. In the Curtain Barrier!

Because this is how Night Curtain Barrier can use the powerful power of the temple! Only Night Curtain Barrier can do it!

"They want both sides of these forces to suffer, and then suddenly appear to close the net."

The girl said weakly.

With the existence of the Night Curtain Barrier, they cannot break through this barrier for at least seven days!

For seven days, as the five Wicked Sects that are fully prepared, they are absolutely qualified to face the forces that both sides suffer and are in extremely poor condition, and get rid of them!

The eradication is not necessarily, but they can definitely be completely controlled!

Don’t forget, the five evil arts of Wicked Sect, this is the most terrifying place, but also the most difficult place to deal with.

Then, these powerhouses may become their puppets, and all treasures will be taken away by them!

They can leave instantly through the Night Curtain Barrier, even if they are surrounded by the outside, there is absolutely no way!

The only way to save all of this is to find where they enter the Night Curtain Barrier, because they will appear there when the time comes.

But how can it be possible that the world is so big!

Night Curtain Barrier is impossible to be exposed! Because it is one of the strongest highest spiritual artifacts in this world.

"In the name of the Imperial Family, summon all the sects and all powerhouses at the fastest speed, summon them to ask out all the Paramount Gods, and ask the other ten gods out to gather at the fastest speed, except for the Vast Cold Palace. Stake all on one throw, give it a try!"

Empress Imperial Snow responded very quickly and ordered it directly.


Now there is only one way to try, and that is to gather all the powerhouses that can be assembled and release their strength together to see if they can break through the Night Curtain Barrier.

If you can’t do it, then the powerhouses of dozens of powerhouses such as Holy Flame Mountain, Vast Cold Palace, Yang God Hall, Heavenly Water Holy Land, Heavenly Feather Hoy Land, etc. will basically have to die there!

Their death is okay, but for Human Race, this is an extremely terrifying blow!

Don't talk about anything else, just say that they are on the side of Upright Sect, and they are all impossible to let those people succeed!



Yang Lin sees the countless five Wicked Sect powerhouses and all kinds of powerhouses that look very evil The things surrounded everything, he couldn't help but cursed!

Blood God stood there.

"Sect Lord Yang, abandon one's benefactor after achieving one's goal is to pay the price, this is the price!"

"he he he! Sect Lord Yang! Before you look for Blood! Why didn't God Hall think of the current ending when seeking cooperation? Amitabha."

The fatty monk walked over and said with a smile.


The others glanced at each other.

"Nonsense! This Venerable has never looked for Blood God Hall to cooperate!"

Yang Lin said angrily.



"Never find this Eminence to cooperate with? Let alone this Eminence. Remember when your Great Influence was in the great hall, this Eminence also came, right?"


Yang Lin points to Blood God.

"It's this time you are still smearing this Venerable!"

"Yes, it's this time. If it's smearing, is this Eminence necessary? Just tell me Vast Cold Palace waits for you to listen, so that everyone at Vast Cold Palace, Su Family Fort, Heavenly Water Holy Land will take a closer look."

The current situation has been completely controlled by them.

"Sect Lord Yang, you really played a good chess game!"

Han Wenqi pointed at Yang Lin angrily.

"Today we have such a situation, you Sect Lord Yang contributed a lot! And you will eventually become losers, I Vast Cold Palace did not win, you also lost a terrible defeat!"


Yang God said at this time: "It's all about this time. We should work together to fight against the five Wicked Sects. The major Upright Sects outside will never stand idly by, don't believe it. Given the nonsense of these people, even if they control the situation, it is not easy to win us. They are disintegrating us, because we have not completely lost. We only need external reinforcements to arrive, and we have not lost. ! We must not oneself disintegrate our own will!"

"Night Curtain Barrier, there is nothing outsiders can do!"

"There must be a way, we must hold on!"

Han Yuening wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said.


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