A Random System Everyday Chapter 2096

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Chapter 2105 The Final Battle

Even though they were enemies before, now they have a common enemy!

No matter how you cooperated with Blood God Hall before, Yang God Hall, now is not the time to talk about it, because they must cooperate. Only when they cooperate, facing the five Wicked Sects can they have a battle.

"Everyone, now the meaning of this battle has changed. We must cooperate, and we must show our true ability and full strength. Those outside forces must already be assembled. We just need to hold on. It is possible to survive as long as you keep it! Never let the five Wicked Sect succeed!"

"Yes! They think this is the success of their plan, then we have to let them see who is in the end. It's the winner!"

"Everyone! Kill!"



Blood God sneered ,

Whether it is in powerhouse quality or state, they are completely incomparable with the top five Wicked Sect!

They have been playing for seven days and seven nights, and the five Wicked Sects are in good condition and there are not a few in number. There is also the new powerhouse of Blood God Hall, and the number of Paramount God is even better.

Plus their evil art battle strength is stronger.

I didn't have to lose.


The voice of Blood God fell, and the major Wicked Sect powerhouses flooded in.

The goal of Blood God is Han Yuening.

Han Yuening, even though he is capable, has absolutely no ability to fight Blood God.

The half day passed quickly.

This battle has not really reached a white-hot stage until here, and the situation is extremely tragic.

The top powerhouses headed by Empress Imperial Snow have also arrived.

"The situation inside is not optimistic."

They can only see the more fringe battles! But the situation is not optimistic.

"We must break the Night Curtain Barrier as quickly as possible! Everyone, don't hesitate, get ready to work together."

An old man said.


Then countless top powerhouses stand in one position and gather their own strength.

And the inside naturally saw the situation outside.

"They are here! Guys, they didn't leave me behind. The five Wicked Sects will surely perish! Guys, kill with me!"


For a time, Upright Sect's morale skyrocketed.

"Don't panic, they can't break the Night Curtain Barrier! Keep killing!"

Blood God also snorted.

Outside, that countless powerhouse cohesive strength has also ended!


As the voice of Empress Imperial Snow fell, at the same time, everyone's power was aimed at one position, and the continuous power struck the Night Curtain. Barrier.

It stands to reason that the power they gathered was enough to completely destroy an unimaginable area. However, it fell on the Night Curtain Barrier, but it was exceptionally calm, as if it had been completely swallowed.

"Go on! Don't pull back!"

Nevertheless, they must continue!

It lasted for one minute, and each of them consumed a lot, and the Night Curtain Barrier showed no signs of being destroyed at all.

"Damn it!"

They pulled back!

"No! This Night Curtain Barrier cannot be broken by force!"

They also know that the Night Curtain Barrier cannot be broken by force, but if it is absolutely crushed The power of pressure is definitely possible, because power can solve everything!

It's just that the combined force of so many of them has not achieved the power to absolutely crush the Night Curtain Barrier! This critical point is too high!

The spiritual artifact is really top-notch! It has no destructive power, only this effect! It's really hard to deal with.

"Venerable Grand Oneness, try with your Behead Immortal sword."

Empress Imperial Snow looked towards an old man.

"I guess it won't work, old man try it! Everyone prepare!"

With the shocking sword first, once again a powerful force rushes to the Night Curtain Barrier!

This time is not as calm as the first time. It seems that the Night Curtain Barrier was shaken by this force.

They showed joyful expressions.


next instant, a force of Night Curtain Barrier backlash burst out instantly.

"Be careful!"


Some powerhouses spouted blood directly.

The surrounding area was destroyed.

“It’s useless!”

“There’s really no way! This is basically our strongest power. I’m afraid that even if we join our powerhouse twice, we won’t be able to change the Night Curtain Barrier broke! We can only wait for seven days! We can only do this!"


Inside, many people naturally saw this scene!

"What? No?"

At that moment, the hopes and fighting intents that had emerged from many people collapsed in an instant.

They know the powerful effect of the Night Curtain Barrier, and they also know that there is basically no one that can be broken with brute force, but after all there are so many powerhouses outside, they think it is still possible to try the probability.

However, reality tells them that it is really impossible!

And next, they have to insist on six days!

How many people can survive this intense battle in six days?

Their state is really terrible, terrible!

Now, they really hope that one more sect protecting great array of Vast Cold Palace can be maintained for them, but it is gone.

"Everyone, back to Vast Cold Palace!"

Han Yuening saw this scene and knew that they had no choice but to rely on oneself, and now, they need Drag!

Han Yuening is also seriously injured now! They can only drag!

Now, the only way to drag is to go to Vast Cold Palace. This Vast Cold Palace is the largest and largest Heaven Island in the center and where Han Yuening is located!

Now, many other Heaven Island have fallen. Although there are some, they cannot be scattered. Once they are scattered, they will be completely finished!


They retreated to Vast Cold Palace as quickly as possible.

This Vast Cold Palace can be regarded as their last guarantee!

"Turn on the Vast Cold Death Dance Array!"

In an instant, the powerful force sealed the Vast Cold Palace.

Even though there are some five Wicked Sect people who have time and the opportunity to enter Vast Cold Palace, they dare not!


The large troops didn't enter. I was able to break in, but I was besieged by countless powerhouses instantly, and my teammates couldn't help. Isn't that courting death?

So, this Vast Cold Palace basically separates the two forces!

They recuperate from their injuries, regain their physical strength, and watch the five Wicked Sects approaching outside.

"Fairy Vast Cold, this Vast Cold Palace power should be able to hold for a long time, right?"

Yang Lin asked.


Han Yuening said with a heavy face: "At most two days."

"What? Your Vast Cold Palace is so weak? This last Where can I only keep two days?"

Yang Lin asked.

"In the face of the five great Wicked Sect attacks by so many people without pressure, how long can you withstand the Yang God Hall? In theory, you can hold it for a long time, but now, can you still go out to fight? So Everyone these two days."

She glanced at the people; "Recover well! Prepare for the final battle."


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