A Random System Everyday Chapter 2097

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Chapter 2106 is broken.

Two days, and it’s two days at most. Real heart is not enough. At most, it is enough for them to recover their strength. As for the injury

but there are more No good.

"hmph! Sect Lord Yang, isn't all this the result of you?"

Those people started to blame Yang Lin.

"Venerable Chang Yue, you have to be responsible for what you said! What happened to this Venerable's attack on Vast Cold Palace in line with the times? This is all accidents, but who can guarantee that there will be no accidents in doing anything? Moreover, Blood God Hall takes revenge. Did we stop halfway through the fight because of the appearance of Blood God Hall? It fell short? Let the dead die in vain?"

"But how did I hear that it was in the great hall at the time? Among them, Blood God has already come and is with you? Is there such a thing? If this happens, don’t you cooperate with Blood God Hall? Then no matter how you quibble, it is your fault! But there is this What?"

Many people from the Vast Cold Palace powerhouse looked towards the powerhouses of the Yang God Hall powerhouse.

Many people bowed their heads with guilty conscience.

I dare not admit it, because to be honest, even if they didn't cooperate, turn a blind eye is indeed a cooperation in disguise!

"He he he! Why? You guys didn’t fight fiercely before? Why don’t you say anything now?"

Venerable Nine Flames stood up and said: "old man I don’t want to hide it. At that time, we were discussing countermeasures, and Blood God did come to the great hall!"

"It's true!"

Those people were angry!

"However, the old man dare to say that he never cooperated with Blood God Hall. Blood God made it very clear that he was here for revenge! Moreover, he was there during the day, and he could intervene directly during the day! He even said hello to us!"

Then he said everything about that day.

"This matter must be made clear. We did not cooperate with Blood God Hall, but it was indeed a turn a blind eye. After all, we have already fought, and the loss is so great that no one wants to be so in vain. Waste."

Shui Buhui coldly said; "You are all powerhouses. Will there be other conspiracies in the Blood God Hall? Don't you think about it?"

"It should be considered, But who can think about this? Hey."

Then Venerable Nine Flames said; "And everyone, if it is really a cooperation, maybe one or two will agree, but dozens of powerhouses of sect are all in the great hall. Inside, dozens of sects are willing to unite with Wicked Sect? This is impossible, so you can only believe."

"It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not, the important thing is that all this is the consequence of you! "

"If you put you in our perspective, you will too!"

"He he he! Not everyone has no bottom line like you."

The constant disputes of those powerhouses.


Han Yuening coldly said that interrupted their conversation.

"In this situation now, don’t blame each other. We were opponents before, but now we can only be alliances! If you don’t want to die, let go of your grievances and fight together, without reservation, and face it together. Right."

She is also tired.

Su Chi said; "But if we can survive, this time the consequences, you Yang God Hall, Prosperous Age Dynasty, Heavenly Feather Hoy Land, no one can escape the relationship, there will naturally be people in the continent Come to punish you for this matter!"

No one of them spoke, because they knew in their hearts that the Blood God Hall was actually put in!

Each of them knows better that this matter really has something to do with them.

"But you have to admit that if you continue to fight, the five Wicked Sects will hide in the dark, and the situation will still take shape today."

Yang Lin said.

"Blood God Hall was joined to continue the battle. Both sides suffer. They are better off. You Yang God Hall dare not say that if there is no Blood God Hall, you will not continue. Hit it? If they don’t continue to fight, where will their chance come? Even if the five Wicked Sects instantly surround Vast Cold Palace in the same way, will Vast Cold Palace be afraid?"


Even if the Vast Cold Palace is surrounded in the same way with sect protecting great array, they will never succeed!

And that way can destroy the power of sect protecting great array, there is simply no chance to condense!

Because of the fierce fighting here, they have the opportunity to gather their strength secretly from a sufficient distance. If everything is calm and tranquil, the gathering there will definitely be detected by Vast Cold Palace.

Yang Lin did not speak.

"en? What about the kid?"

Cold God suddenly found that Ye Tianyi was missing.

Many people don’t understand, why did Cold God suddenly notice him?

Now that everyone is talking about such an important thing, how can you notice that person?

But it is true, how about people?

"Too old Old Ancestor, you should hurry up and get up, the injury is too serious."

Han Yuening said to her.


Cold God thought for a while, and it is true. As for that kid, don't care about it now. The most important thing now is her Vast Cold Palace.

"Everyone, two days at most, but not necessarily two days. Hurry up."

Han Yuening walked away.

She came outside the treasure house of Vast Cold Palace.

"Elderly Lin."

Han Yuening saw the old man and gave a salute.

Elderly Lin nodded, then said; "The kid entered it before, but he hasn't come out yet."

Han Yuening faintly muttered to oneself.

Originally thought that he might have already ran away, but didn't expect still inside.

But is he really doing some Profound Heaven poison item in it?

The poison garden of Vast Cold Palace cannot be said to be the largest in the world, but it is definitely the top few. If it can, it would be a good thing!

She did not go in and disturb Ye Tianyi.

She still has some expectations in her heart.

She also knows that Ye Tianyi is a smart person. If he is truly capable, he will do it, and he should be able to grasp the time.

Don’t worry about the others. If they can survive this crisis, Yang God Hall must be impossible to do it again. They must suffer resistance from the continent’s other forces!

But can we survive this crisis?


A day and a half later.

The many powerhouses out there, led by Empress Imperial Snow, still haven't passed the Night Curtain Barrier.

They basically don't have this idea anymore.

"It looks like they have entered the Vast Cold Palace of the 72nd House, but a day and a half have passed, I am afraid it will not last long, and we cannot break through the Night Curtain Barrier. "

"Look at their good fortune."

They are also slightly sighed.

It's really uncomfortable if I can't use it forcefully!

The key point is that if the people inside are really dead, the loss will be too great, and the top five Wicked Sects will directly go to the next level.

Especially those of the rest of the forces are even more anxious to death, but there is no way.


A loud noise came from inside.

They looked over.

"The last great array of Vast Cold Palace is broken."

Their eyes are full of solemnity.

That's right!

The last barrier of Vast Cold Palace was finally broken by the five Wicked Sects.


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