A Random System Everyday Chapter 2098

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Chapter 2107 is a bit late

A day and a half is actually expected, after all, they are talking about two days at most!

This day and a half, although their injuries could not be recovered to a very good level, they were much better than before.

"Do you think it will be fine if you shrink in here?"

Blood God stared at the countless powerhouses that had gathered inside and were in combat.

"It's just the beginning, you don't need to be arrogant."

Su Chi lightly saying.

"He he he! What a just beginning! Everyone, kill! Don't drag it anymore!"


Then both parties There was a bloody battle again.

Su Yuning has come outside.

"Senior, what is the situation inside?" Su Yuning asked eagerly.

After all, there are many people in Su Family Fort, as well as her father.

"The last barrier of Vast Cold Palace has been broken. It will take four or five days before we can enter. The situation inside is bode ill rather than well."

Su Yuning black brows slightly wrinkle.

Didn't expect the situation is so precarious.

"What about Ye Tianyi?"

She asked suddenly.

"Ye Tianyi? That's the Fourteenth Elder of Myriad Poisons Sect, right? I don't care too much, at first is in it, but in this situation, he must not be able to escape, he must still be there."

"That's fine."

Su Yuning groaned.


Many of them looked towards Su Yuning with confusion.

"Miss Su, what do you mean?"

Su Yuning shook the head, saying: "It's okay!"

Just saying, she feels Ye Tianyi is too mysterious. In addition, Ye Tianyi has changed a lot of things from her Five Moons Chamber of Commerce before, and he will definitely be able to create a lot of great things. Although it may not be useful in this battle, don’t forget, This is Vast Cold Palace. There is more in Vast Cold Palace!

I can only say that this is Ye Tianyi’s paradise. She doesn’t think that the things Ye Tianyi asked her to find are the limit. After all, there are still many things she can’t find, but Vast Cold Palace has!

There are so many powerhouses with Ye Tianyi, heaven and earth talisman, array, etc. Some things can definitely be achieved!

So, although the current situation is very dangerous, Su Yuning has reason to believe that as long as Ye Tianyi is there, the current situation can definitely be eased a bit!

She believes.

Furthermore, Su Yuning knows that Ye Tianyi must rely on Vast Cold Palace to survive, so they must cooperate and Ye Tianyi must also take out own housekeeping ability.

Shui Lanxin also came here, including some other powerhouses in Heavenly Water Holy Land.


Some powerhouses can't help but sighed when they see these juniors.

There is no way!

This is the final disaster that those inside Vast Cold Palace will have, and this disaster, to be honest, they feel that there is basically no chance to escape.

As for how many people can survive inside, it depends on their good fortune.

It is estimated that 90% of people will die.


One day, two days, three days...

Three more days have passed.

The loss was heavy.

Although the five major Wicked Sects have suffered equally, they cannot be compared.

"he he he! Fairy Vast Cold, it took you too long! Hand over the Vast Cold Colored Glaze Bottle, this Eminence can leave you a whole body."

Blood God stood there, facing the seriously injured Fairy Vast Cold Han Yuening.

Han Yuening, as the Vast Cold Palace Sect Lord, has endured too much in this battle.

She faced too many powerhouses.

Although he has not always faced the terrifying existence of Blood God, Blood God has also been looking for Han Yuening!

No, I finally gave Blood God a chance. In this small area, there are only Blood God and Han Yuening!

He needs the Vast Cold Colored Glaze Bottle, and it must not be shared with the other four Wicked Sects!

Han Yuening stood up slowly.

Even though she was seriously injured, she still felt a sense of arrogance.

"If you want to get the Vast Cold Colored Glaze Bottle, then take it from the body of this Venerable." Han Yuening said coldly.

"Do you think this is something difficult?"

Blood God sneered, then he opened his palm, and a terrifying force condensed and blasted directly at Han Yuening.

There is no bells and whistles and no hesitation.

Han Yuening has no ability to evade at all, she took out the Vast Cold Colored Glaze Bottle.

Even if she knows, this is what Blood God wants to see.

Vast Cold Colored Glaze Bottle exploded with great power under the use of Han Yuening, although this power is much weaker than before.



She still mouth spurt blood came out, and then flew out, the Vast Cold Colored Glaze Bottle in her hand also fell on To her side.

Blood God disdainful smile.

"If a few hundred years pass, you will have a chance to fight this Eminence. Now you, who have not even reached Paramount God, are not qualified, but it would be a pity."

Blood God said while gathering a powerful force again.

"Your talent is also one of the very best in this continent. You have reached this cultivation base at your age, and there are no more than five people in the world. A hundred years later, thousands of years, You can become a true legendary of this continent, but unfortunately you should die. Goodbye, noble Fairy Vast Cold."

Blood God finished speaking, the terrifying power in his hand blasted towards Han Yuening.

This move, Han Yuening can no longer hide or stop, she will definitely die.

At this last moment, Han Yuening glanced at the side, side Vast Cold Palace, and then she closed her eyes to meet the fatal blow.


On the horizon, a golden rays of light flew here at a very fast speed.


Then, a sword fell in front of Han Yuening and plunged into the ground. To be precise, it was a phantom sword.

next instant, this sword burst out of golden light, forming a huge golden sword phantom on the spot.

The phantom of this huge golden sword blocked that powerful force.

Han Yuening opened beautiful eyes suspiciously and looked at the golden phantom in front of him.

"Sorry, I will try my best to come out at this time, otherwise I can't change anything."

Ye Tianyi's voice came from behind Han Yuening.

Han Yuening stood up and looked towards Ye Tianyi.

"This is Paramount God, very powerful."

Han Yuening didn't talk nonsense, and reminded Ye Tianyi.

"So this is not something I can fight against, you come."

Ye Tianyi threw two medicinal pills to her.

"Ten Revolutions Spiritual Soul Pill and Divine Light Holy Spirit Pill."

Han Yuening: "..."

She will serve her without the slightest hesitation Down.

"Heavenly Condemnation One Needle, here."

Ye Tianyi then threw another needle to her.

Although Heavenly Condemnation One Needle did not even make the top ten of Profound Heaven poison item, its powerful defense effect is still very effective, and this Heavenly Condemnation One Needle is definitely no longer unusual. Heavenly Condemnation One Needle!

The golden light blocks Blood God's sight. He can't see anything, but he is not panicked. There are many powerhouses here. It is normal for someone to save her life when it is critical.

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