A Random System Everyday Chapter 2099

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Chapter 2108 The Power of So Near So Far

The golden light dissipated, and the Blood God looked at Ye Tianyi and Han Yuening.

Han Yuening was sitting there, her body was wrapped in a very holy rays of light.

Blood God felt this aura and couldn't help but frown.

His existence at this level can clearly perceive whether he is strong or weak.

The breath of this power is a power that he rarely sees in his cognition!

Han Yuening stood up.

Her imposing manner has risen to the peak state, even stronger than her previous peak state!

"many thanks."

She said, although she didn't look back at Ye Tianyi, she obviously said it to Ye Tianyi.

"Come on."

Ye Tianyi said, and then stood far away.

Little Zi'er was left by Ye Tianyi by the old man's side, where Ye Tianyi did not have the confidence to protect her.

"What is this?"

Blood God couldn't help being surprised when he felt Han Yuening's imposing manner.

Sometimes, some imposing manners are strong in appearance but weak in reality, which are pulled up forcibly using secret techniques or something, but now Han Yuening doesn’t feel that way, it’s very strong. .

Han Yuening holds the Vast Cold Colored Glaze Bottle in his hand.

She is confident that with oneself's current state and Vast Cold Colored Glaze Bottle, she can fight Blood God.

"Your Excellency Blood God, now we can have a relatively fair Battle Squad."


Han Yuening rushed directly.


Blood God is not afraid of Han Yuening, even though her imposing manner is not weak, but he still doesn't believe it, you are an Immemorial Divine King Boundary Ninth Rank Divine Venerable, why fight Paramount God? Even if it can, his Blood God is not ordinary Paramount God!

However, at the moment their power collided, Blood God retreated!

He knows this time, it's not that simple!

Ye Tianyi watched this battle, and there were countless powerhouse chaotic battles around!

This is simply the battle of the gods!

He has never seen Paramount God before, and he has seen a lot of Paramount God battles today. Of course, the power of Paramount God is very strong, but if you want to know how strong it is, you can only oneself. To feel it.

"Senior Shui!"

Ye Tianyi saw a silhouette above the void and shouted.

Although Ye Tianyi's voice seems so weak in such a noisy environment, he can still hear powerhouses like Shui Buhui.

Shui Buhui looked towards Ye Tianyi.

"Catch it."

Ye Tianyi threw something to him, then released the space power, and instantly appeared in front of Shui Buhui.

Shui Buhui reached out and took it.

"This is..."

Shui Buhui looked at the two small balls in his hands.

Then he suddenly thought of something.

Is this Profound Heaven poison item So Near So Far?

Profound Heaven poison item Ranked 5th, So Near So Far!

Profound Heaven poison item, although there are still some things that the outside world does not have here, but in this ranking, So Near So Far is still fifth!

So Near So Far, Ye Tianyi only used it once, when it was in the Eight Countries Area.

It is two small balls. After these two small balls are thrown out with a special technique, they can lock a person’s breath and form an existence similar to a perpetual motion machine. No matter how that person runs No matter if you run to the ends of the earth, So Near So Far will chase him until it hits him!

In general, for example, if you want to use force to bombard it directly, it is difficult to achieve, because the layer of toxicity wrapped around So Near So Far can dissolve all the power! Unless your power crushes So Near So Far too much!

The rest, even if So Near So Far hits a mountain peak or something, it won’t explode, unless it’s the kind of sacred mountain.

But this only exists in theory.

Shui Buhui knows that although Ye Tianyi is only a small child, he is a very smart person. Since he gave oneself this thing, it proves that So Near So Far must be useful in the face of these experts!

Until now, who has not noticed Ye Tianyi.

Shui Buhui held So Near So Far and looked towards the powerhouse.


He then threw away So Near So Far to the powerhouse.

The powerhouse was normal and didn't consider the Profound Heaven poison item or something. His subconsciously reaction was to avoid it!

After avoiding, he knew it might not be that simple, and then quickly turned his attention to So Near So Far behind him!

It was discovered that So Near So Far turned a corner and rushed towards him.

"So Near So Far!"

That powerhouse eyes shrank!

Profound Heaven poison item is basically known to everyone, and the power of Profound Heaven poison item is not poison, but weapon!

For example, the effects of So Near So Far, such as the effects of Nightmare Dolls, some of these effects even surpass cognition, but they exist! This is the most terrifying.

After the old man knew this was So Near So Far, he knew it was useless to escape!

There are two ways, one is to smash him with powerhouse, and the second is to find a substitute for the dead, let So Near So Far attack the substitute!

He chose the former first.

Because according to his cognition, So Near So Far strongest can only have an effect on Half God at most!

And he is Immemorial Divine King Boundary seventh rank Holy Monarch!

With his power, it is absolutely possible to smash So Near So Far directly.

He is very confident!

Then a powerful force hit So Near So Far!

The old man even stood still.

"Venerable Buhui, you won't want to use this So Near So Far to put the old man..."

The old man suddenly shrank his pupils before he finished speaking!

So Near So Far, surrounded by green mist, has broken through his power and came to him.


Until this time, the So Near So Far two balls collided together, and then revolved around the old man from top to bottom at an unimaginable speed !


The old man was entangled in the green mist and began to scream heartbreaking!

This kind of scream is really permeating, but to be honest, there are people with serious injuries everywhere, and there are many screams!

Neither did it attract too many people's attention.

The old man quickly fell to the ground under the poison of So Near So Far and struggling.

I can’t die in a short time. Naturally, I can’t make this kind of powerhouse turn into blood. There is almost no poison in this world that can turn Holy Monarch into blood in a short time. What a terrifying poison, it basically doesn't exist anyway.

Profound Heaven poison item, poison is as important as weapon!

The device determines your upper limit. For example, I can have an effect on Half God, and the power of Half God cannot smash the Profound Heaven poison item! The better the material, the higher the natural limit!

And toxicity determines whether this powerhouse can have a real lethal effect!

Generally speaking, the better the material, the stronger the toxicity. Only in this way can it be matched and the Profound Heaven poison item can be successfully created.


Shui Buhui was shocked.

"senior, go on!"

Ye Tianyi then threw him a space ring, and Shui Buhui opened it.


More than 20 pairs of So Near So Far!

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