A Random System Everyday Chapter 2100

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Chapter 2109 rewrites the battle situation

So Near So Far very difficult to deal with, there is nothing wrong with it.

However, the powerhouse of the Holy Monarch class, this old man, Immemorial Divine King Boundary seventh rank, his current tragedy is right under his nose.

This So Near So Far can cause such exaggerated damage to the powerhouse of this level, it is really outrageous!

There are more than twenty?

Where did this kid come from?

Although the toxicity of this So Near So Far does not guarantee the fall of that level of powerhouse in a short time, but it looks like it will be difficult to live in the end, and at least there is absolutely no battle strength now.

Shui Buhui then rushed into the battlefield again.

Ye Tianyi probably took a look.

Then he rushed to a powerhouse again.

"Senior Su!"

Ye Tianyi threw another space ring to Su Chi.

Su Chi also took it in doubt.

Then there are some powerhouses Ye Tianyi knows, including the twelve Fairy from Vast Cold Palace!

These twelve Fairys are also amazing. Although the cultivation base is not very high, they just persisted until now and haven't died!

It is true that some of the twelve Fairy from the previous generation are dead.

The old woman, that is, Han Yuening did not come before, and she is the old woman who presides over the overall situation. She is also a very early generation of Elder.

She is also in very bad condition.

Time slowly passed.

Few people have noticed the existence of Ye Tianyi, even if Ye Tianyi always shouts when fighting and then throws something to others, no one really notices it!

Because Ye Tianyi didn’t have much breath at first, and to be honest, you said Ye Tianyi, Myriad Poisons Sect Fourteenth Elder, many people know, but Ye Tianyi stood here wearing a mask and shouted , Throw something, who cares about that kind of top powerhouse?

And Ye Tianyi is not joining the battle. Those powerhouses pay more attention to the threatening powerhouses.


This battle was fought and suddenly someone started to feel something wrong.

"Be careful, everyone, they don't know who took out the Profound Heaven poison item. The intensity is very high! Be careful!"

Someone finally found something wrong!

Some people have noticed the Profound Heaven poison item, but they don’t care too much. They are more oneself paying special attention to the Profound Heaven poison item. Poison item is normal to fight, and Profound Heaven poison item is not something that no one can take out.

However, they found out.


There are so many people using Profound Heaven holy item from the Vast Cold Palace forces!

Various Profound Heaven poison items!

This is not right!

"Maybe Tang Sect also intervened?"

"Tang Sect apparently intervened! Otherwise, why can they come up with so many Profound Heaven poison items? Be careful, everyone!"

"Be careful!"


For a while, those powerhouses began to be cautious.

They are just wondering, why would Tang Sect intervene? But if it weren't for Tang Sect's intervention, why could they come up with so many Profound Heaven poison items?

And the intensity is so high, only Tang Sect in this world is able to produce such a High Rank Profound Heaven poison item, right?

Damn it!

So, did they hide such a hand at Vast Cold Palace?


Someone suddenly realized something.

"There are people from Tang Sect in this Vast Cold Palace! Just now the old man heard someone shouting, and then threw it over a space ring. I'm afraid the Profound Heaven poison item is in that space ring."

"The old man heard it too!"

"At first the old man hasn't noticed yet, it turned out to be like this! Where is the kid?"

"What Ah, that kid should be the Fourteenth Elder Ye Tianyi from Myriad Poisons Sect. He has a great reputation on continent during this time, wait! Is that kid from Tang Sect?"

"no! No! Tang Sect, didn’t you tell me? He is from Nine Provinces Continent, so how could it be from Tang Sect?"

"What about the kid? First get rid of that kid, it's very possible It was these Profound Heaven poison items he took out!"


For a time, many powerhouses were looking for Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi hid already after finishing these things!

The huge Vast Cold Palace is too easy to hide from someone, and there are so many ruins. Ye Tianyi is not so easy to find even if they hide under one of the ruins.

The battlefield is so big, in fact, not many people know the news!

For example...Blood God!

At this moment, Blood God and Han Yuening are also pulling the battlefield far away.

"Although this Eminence doesn't know how you suddenly reached this level, but after all this Eminence is Paramount God, you want to fight this Eminence, it is absolutely impossible! Blood Absorbing Great Technique!"

Blood God was also given anxious eyes.

He dignified top powerhouse, Blood God, Paramount God, and he fought back and forth with a Divine Venerable, he naturally couldn't accept it.

So Blood God is angry.

And what Han Yuening wants is Blood God anger!

Because Blood God is not angry, she has no chance.

“Therefore, the prestige of the Lord Blood God is nothing more than that. The strength of the Lord Blood God is only this.”

Han Yuening lightly saying.


Blood God is coldly snorted, and then rushes to Han Yuening.

Han Yuening and Blood God have a deal.

In fact, she really can't help Blood God, and Blood God is angry because he can't help Han Yuening, which is very angry!

Han Yuening and Blood God are continuously circling!

She is waiting for an opportunity!

Heavenly Condemnation One Needle She doesn’t know why Ye Tianyi gave it to her, and she doesn’t have time to know how strong Heavenly Condemnation One Needle is. She only knows Ye Tianyi knows the strength of this Blood God, he will never Give oneself a useless thing.

As for the situation in other places in Vast Cold Palace, neither Han Yuening nor Blood God knows.

"Damn it! Will you just hide?"

Blood God was furious!

His big move can't hit Han Yuening!

This Han Yuening has a wind attribute. His Blood God has no wind, time and space, so Han Yuening can deal with him.

"Your Excellency Blood God is in a hurry?"

Blood God's eyes condensed!


He is completely angry!

"Blood stains the world!"

The void instantly turned into a blood-red color!

Blood God stands in the void, condensing a big move!

"It's now!"

Han Yuening's beautiful eyes flashed.

Heavenly Condemnation One Needle She knows what the effect is, no matter how strong this Heavenly Condemnation One Needle is, it will still retain the effect of Heavenly Condemnation One Needle, powerful defense and spirit-breaking abilities!

Regardless of what defensive spirit strength and ultimatum you use, Heavenly Condemnation One Needle can easily penetrate!

Under normal circumstances, for such a powerhouse, Heavenly Condemnation One Needle absolutely does not have the ability to attack the opponent! Han Yuening also thinks he can't do it!

But she is waiting for Blood God to use this big trick!

Isn't this just used?

Han Yuening took out the Heavenly Condemnation One Needle and carried the spirit strength!


After that, she flew the Heavenly Condemnation One Needle to the Blood God!

The sound of breaking through the air came.


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