A Random System Everyday Chapter 2101

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Chapter 2110 How could this be?

Blood God is brewing a big move.

The brewing of the big move takes time and a lot of spirit strength!

Especially when the big move is just running, it consumes a lot of spirit strength, just like the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is turned on, it actually consumes electricity. So some adults say that you turn on the air conditioner to save electricity. Turning it off for a while and then turning it off and then turning it off is not as good as keeping it on, which consumes more power.

Furthermore, Blood God is not afraid at all. His power is here, and it is a top-notch big move. He can block any power.

So he didn't put away the big move, and it was even more impossible to avoid!

Han Yuening guessed it naturally, so she is just waiting for this moment!

Heavenly Condemnation One Needle flew over.

Blood God saw Heavenly Condemnation One Needle come in front of him, and he noticed that it was Heavenly Condemnation One Needle!


He has a disdainful smile in his heart.

Yes, the Heavenly Condemnation One Needle is indeed the Profound Heaven poison item, and it can indeed break the defense, but you have to look at the boundary. His Blood God is Paramount God. How can Paramount God be afraid of Heavenly Condemnation One Needle?

Although Heavenly Condemnation One Needle has the power to break defenses and spirits, but the gap is so big, the power of his ultimate move lies here, even if you give you a hundred Heavenly Condemnation One Needle, what can you do? It will only be dissipated by his power in an instant.

However ——


Heavenly Condemnation One Needle easily penetrated his power.


Blood God's pupils shrank violently!

He can't hide!


Because the power was forcibly dissipated, he suffered backlash, mouth spurt blood came out, and then Heavenly Condemnation One Needle pierced his shoulder.

Blood God has worked very hard. His extreme reaction avoids the Heavenly Condemnation One Needle. The limit is to let the Heavenly Condemnation One Needle stab him in the shoulder.

At the moment Heavenly Condemnation One Needle hit, all the power of Blood God collapsed.


He stabilized his figure and landed on the ground.

His face is terrible.

He was poisoned.

Originally thought is a poison he doesn't need to care about!

Because he is the top Paramount God.

But when he felt the poison, he knew that oneself was wrong!

This poison is terrifying!

But what makes him most unexpected is, why can Heavenly Condemnation One Needle penetrate his power?

Han Yuening also looked shocked.

This is Heavenly Condemnation One Needle? This can be compared to Heavenly Condemnation One Needle terrifying in her cognition too much!

Where is this Ye Tianyi sacred?

"Your Excellency Blood God."

Han Yuening fell not far in front of Blood God, lightly saying; "It seems that you may not be able to participate in the next battle."

Blood God's eyes flashed with killing intent, and he remembered the kid who appeared at that time!


He did not speak, but the silhouette fled.

Han Yuening sighed slightly in relief!

Blood God, the powerhouse, will lose battle strength more and more as time goes on. Naturally, she doesn’t think this poison will kill the powerhouse, but at least their Vast Cold Palace may be revitalized. NS.

She turned her head and glanced, Ye Tianyi hid under a stone slab and smoked.

She pays more attention to this man.


Han Yuening fell in front of Ye Tianyi.

"Thank you very much."

Han Yuening said.


Ye Tianyi threw a few space rings to her again.

"There are still some, not too much, not enough time, I can do this at best, I can't help the rest, but you owe me personal love."


Han Yuening said.

"I have thought about repaying it in the future. You give me the treasure house of Vast Cold Palace to stay in it for two years. As for how much I have used, I think, if Vast Cold Palace is okay this time, Those things shouldn't make you feel bad, right?"

"Promise you."

Han Yuening said.


Ye Tianyi stretched, and then threw a space ring to her.

"There are some medicinal pills inside. You can serve them to your people. Basically, they can recover their battle strength. Coupled with these Profound Heaven poison items, I think you should be at the same level. A state of checks and balances."

Ye Tianyi said.

Although there are more of them, but after all, Ye Tianyi's medicinal pill is limited, and the number of people who can give it is limited! It can only be so.

"many thanks."

Han Yuening finished speaking, and then the silhouette rushed into the void.

In fact, it is their own fate. Although this medicinal pill Ye Tianyi can be refined, its formula is too rare. In fact, they normally only have a chance to have this kind of power.

The joining of Han Yuening and the intervention of medicinal pill made the battle really stabilized.

"What's the matter?"

An old man asked when he saw the status of Blood God browse tightly knit.

"It's okay."

"Your breath is already messed up. Who can hurt you like this?"

They feel incredible!

The only person with this ability is Cold God, but Cold God is on their side and has been seriously injured.

Other...what can there be?

spiritual artifact?

They don't think Vast Cold Palace can have this kind of spiritual artifact, because in general, they know where some things known to have this ability are.

"Is the situation under control?"

Blood God tried to stabilize the turbulent power in his heart and tried to calm the own voice.


The old man shook his head and said: "Maybe Tang Sect was involved before, or it could be the Fourteenth Elder of Myriad Poisons Sect. Suddenly many people took it. There have been many Profound Heaven poison items. Our people don’t pay much attention to these Profound Heaven poison items at first, but their intensity is very high, surpassing our cognition, and have a great impact on many powerhouses."

"Profound Heaven poison item..."

Blood God was also conspired by the Profound Heaven poison item, and he knew it very well.

"That kid!"

Blood God's eyes flashed with killing intent.

"do it quickly."

Blood God said.

"There is no way to do it quickly, and even I doubt that we can meet our previous expectations before the Night Curtain Barrier disappears."

whiz whiz whiz ——

Then, they saw many powerhouses of the Vast Cold Palace forces joining the battlefield again with a strong posture.

"What's the situation?"

The old man's eyes widened.

"Why is Cold God suddenly in such a good state?"

He couldn't believe it!

He knows the extent of Cold God's injuries, but now, she is in a state of no one, and she is in a state of rebirth, but obviously she is not going to die, so where is the rebirth?

And it's not just one, many powerhouses, the powerhouse in his impression is in a bad state now suddenly seems to be nothing.

Blood God also saw it.

He thought of Han Yuening just now!

She is also in very bad condition, even he has a chance to kill Han Yuening, but that kid suddenly appeared, and then I don’t know what happened, Han Yuening sat there in a short time The internal state has returned to its heyday, even stronger.

Damn it!

How could this happen!

But Blood God knows, it's that kid!

"There is a time limit, hold on! Kill!"

Blood God is unwilling to let this action become futile!

absolutely impossible!

They rushed into the battlefield again.


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