A Random System Everyday Chapter 2102

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Chapter 2111 Turn the battle around

Chapter 2090 Turn the battle around

Although the people on the outside cannot fully see the situation inside, the battlefield is so big, they can still see A lot of.

For example, Profound Heaven poison item.

"Have you Tang Sect intervened before?"

Someone looked towards several powerhouses in doubt.

Don't mention how shocked those powerhouses are.

"How is it possible! Tang Sect and Vast Cold Palace have always been at odds. To be honest, if Tang Sect was not special, when Yang God Hall attacked Vast Cold Palace, I would definitely join Tang Sect. Let alone help Vast Cold Palace, unless they give benefits that cannot be denied, but obviously they don't!"

An old man said.

"What? Not your Tang Sect?"

They couldn't understand.

On this continent, Tang Sect is the one who has the most Profound Heaven poison items. No one person, a force can come up with these things that are more powerful than Tang Sect!

But right before their eyes.

"It is definitely not Tang Sect. Some of these Profound Heaven poison items have exceeded Tang Sect's limit!"

"I have to admit that it is true, such as So Near So Far, with the limit of Tang Sect, that is, you can create So Near So Far to deal with Half God, unless you Tang Sect said that you have been able to come up with something higher level."

Tang Sect's Some powerhouses are also shocked.

How is it possible!

Su Yuning probably knows who it is.

"The old man saw something at the time."

An old man touched his beard and said.

"Oh? What did Xeon Venerable see?"

The Xeon Venerable said: "At the time, the old man was on the other side of the Night Curtain Barrier. There were many Others were also present. At that time, Blood God was fighting with Fairy Vast Cold of Vast Cold Palace. Originally, Fairy Vast Cold was isolated and was about to be killed. Then a person appeared and blocked the Fatal Strike for Fairy Vast Cold. If the force was old If the man admits it correctly, it should be the symbol of Holy Sword."

Then the old man continued: "After that, the man appeared, as if to give Fairy Vast Cold taken something similar to medicinal pill? Then Fairy Vast Cold returned to its heyday in a short period of time, and could even fight Blood God. There is no problem with dealing with it."


"Wearing a mask, This Vast Cold Palace wears a mask. It must be the Fourteenth Elder Ye Tianyi of Myriad Poisons Sect."

Ye Tianyi came to Vast Cold Palace wearing a mask, and he was in front of many people. So it's not a secret, and apart from Ye Tianyi, no one else wears a mask.


Those powerhouses are even more unbelievable.

"You mean that kid?"

"Impossible! He is from Nine Provinces Continent, Nine Provinces Continent has so many geniuses over the years, many of them are even The genius standing at the top of Nine Provinces Continent can reach those powerhouses and forces at the top. According to our understanding, Nine Provinces Continent's control of the Profound Heaven poison item is weaker than us. How could it be possible?"

"It is impossible! But there are always exceptions. Nine Provinces Continent impossible, but maybe someone realized it for some reason? For example, this kid Xiaoxiao solved the poison of Myriad Poisons King and cured the Venerable at his age. Buhui’s dark illness, maybe even Vast Cold Palace Ancestor was cured because of him! These are things that we didn’t want to believe before, but they are all facts. What’s wrong with adding another one? If it is him, the old man is easier to believe! Although it is too exaggerated, but these are all within the scope of the medical technique."

"Yes! If I remember well, there is one The medicinal pill is called Divine Light Holy Spirit Pill, and it seems that it can probably do what the Xeon Venerable saw."

"Not enough! You must add Ten Revolutions Soul Return Pill or Ten Revolutions Spiritual Soul Pill is good."

"These kinds of medicinal pill, Ten Revolutions Spiritual Soul Pill and Ten Revolutions Soul Return Pill can still be refined. They are not completely lost, but Divine Light Holy Spirit Pill... "

"Why is that a possibility?"

Their powerhouse discuss spiritedly.

The more I talk, the more I can't help being shocked.

"If it is really that kid, he is it possible that can turn the tide of the battle?"

"In theory, if these things are enough, it is possible to turn the tide of the battle. "

And Su Yuning absolutely believes that Ye Tianyi has this ability, these powerhouses are a little believe, let alone Su Yuning who knows Ye Tianyi better than them.

"Hiss——To tell you the truth, the old man is looking forward to it. If we can do it, this is not our continent’s Divine Vestige."


Empress Imperial Snow is standing there.

"Ye Tianyi, how much do you know about Heavenly Master?"

Empress Imperial Snow indifferently asked.

The Heavenly Master lightly saying: "I had a face with him at the birthday banquet of Xiang Siji Imperial Prince before. It was really unusual. The old man's discipline Qi Mengya was also regarded as his help before accepting disciples. Medical technique The words are not particularly clear, but the rumors outside during this period are not fake. As for the talisman, Empress Your Majesty, you know that the old man has studied for so many years, including accepting Mengya as a disciple because of her strong attainments in this area. That person is more than a little bit stronger! So the Holy Sword's talisman is more explanatory than what he used."

"For so many years, this is the most exaggerated one heard by this Emperor. People are gone."

Empress Imperial Snow exclaimed.

Including the people from Nine Provinces Continent that she heard about.

"Who said no? Such a person really doesn't understand what he got, and even feels whether he has entered an Ancient Era site. There are countless actions in that site. Ancient Era's top powerhouse, he has accepted many powerhouse inheritance alone."

"This is impossible, how can there be such a ridiculous thing."

Another old man next to him retorted. .

"It’s impossible, it’s ridiculous, but the old man can think of it. At his age, impossible self-study, there is only one method of inheritance. From ancient times to the present, any one we know People, even those who are the strongest, which one of them can make this achievement? Since only this way works, and the inheritance of one person cannot be achieved, there is only a group of people!"

"God reincarnation?"

"It's possible! At the same time, he was awakened, and then he got another strong inheritance. If two people are added together, it would be possible."


They are all discussing Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi is also served.

In fact, he wanted to keep a low profile when he went to Myriad Poisons Sect. How could the unfathomable mystery be more exaggerated than in Nine Provinces Continent?

Two more days have passed.

The situation in Vast Cold Palace looks like the five Wicked Sects cannot meet the previous expectations. How can one kill many people and two lives?

The most important thing is the state of Blood God...

He can't control the spread of toxins even if he sits there, let alone let him fight! He has lost his battle strength.

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