A Random System Everyday Chapter 2103

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Chapter 2112 is attacked

Blood God is sitting there, his body is wrapped in rays of light.

But his complexion is so hideous, he can see that he is holding back something.


Soon, his mouth spurt blood came out, completely broke his work, his body collapsed, and his elbow was against the ground.

"Sect Lord, what's wrong with you?"

Several people ran to his side.

"It's poison."


They looked at each other.

Then they thought of Profound Heaven poison item.

"This Profound Heaven poison item can even affect the existence of Sect Lord?"

All of them began to panic.

So don't they have to die?

"cough cough ——"

Blood God coughed up blood.

His condition is extremely bad, he knows, if he fights further, he will die.

"What's the matter..."

Blood God said, holding back the pain.

"The situation is under their control. Too many of us have been tricked by the Profound Heaven poison item. It is conservatively estimated that 100 powerhouses have been hit by the Profound Heaven poison item. I don’t know for whatever reason, I was injured to almost no battle strength, but suddenly recovered to the peak state, which is really unimaginable. They were originally a group of top-level existences, and it was not easy to take them down. I am afraid there is no chance."


Blood God spits out mouthful of blood, said: "That Ye Tianyi, is he dead?"

I am afraid this operation has failed!

But he must kill that Ye Tianyi.

"No, the place is too big and messy, he is alone, it is really difficult to find him in hiding, and they don't give us many opportunities to look for him well."

Blood God stood up and said: "Failed, but even if it fails, he will be killed. Send this Eminence order to deal with those powerhouses, mainly to find that Ye Tianyi, execute without any mercy! It is extremely easy to kill him. !"

"This...Sect Lord, do we still need to do this?"


Being so young Scheming to make his Blood God look like this, he couldn't accept it! He must kill Ye Tianyi.


Then they rushed out.

"Kill that Ye Tianyi? All right!"

"Our plan now fails because of that kid, he must be killed!"

"Okay ! Then we will deal with these people, mainly to find the kid!"


Then, in the huge Vast Cold Palace, the situation becomes The people who have finished the five Wicked Sects are dealing with those powerhouses, and are distracted to find the location of Ye Tianyi.

As for the powerhouses of the Vast Cold Palace, they did not say what they could do with their best efforts.

They were originally under a lot of pressure. Now it feels like their opponents are not fighting them very hard. Those people are also sighed in relief, at least there should be no major problems, and they will have a little opportunity to catch their breath.

To take a breath, it is responsible for oneself. Oneself hasn't improved here, so how can I have the energy to take care of others?

So, Ye Tianyi is very dangerous.


I don't know from which direction, a Fireball blasted down directly, blasting the huge ruins around Ye Tianyi.

"He is here!"

A person yelled, and instantly attracted a lot of people's attention.

Ye Tianyi was also exposed to their vision.

"Kill him."


For a time, many auras completely locked Ye Tianyi.

Although Ye Tianyi was hiding well before, it was only because no one took Ye Tianyi seriously. Now their main target is Ye Tianyi, so once they lock their breath on Ye Tianyi, Ye Tianyi only Those who haven't escaped far can always be locked by their spiritual consciousness.


Ye Tianyi scratched his head.

What the hell?

No, you fucking are angry in your heart, you go to kill those powerhouses, what do you mean to deal with him as a junior? Is this interesting? Can there be a sense of accomplishment even if you kill him Ye Tianyi?

Take it.


Ye Tianyi probably glanced at that moment.


Why are there not many people from the forces of Vast Cold Palace around here?

requite kindness with enmity?

The one after another took advantage of the five Wicked Sect distractions to find him and take the opportunity to cultivate?


"Elder Ye is in danger, everyone is coming with me!"

Han Yuening discovered the situation there, and quickly rushed over with a group of people.

"Sect Lord, we..."

Someone looked towards Yang Lin.

"What matters to us? Save the own state to prevent accidents."


Shui Buhui took a breath and looked towards Ye Tianyi's location over there!

"Heavenly Water Holy Land, follow me!"

Shui Buhui shouted.

"Su Family Fort, come with me."

On the other side...


Vast Cold Palace Cold God called out a few Vast Cold Palace powerhouses who obeyed Han Yuening's orders and were going to guarantee and protect Ye Tianyi.

"Old Ancestor."

They respectfully gave a salute.

"You don't have to go, save your physical strength and spirit strength."


They were a little dazed for a while.

Although people are selfish, and there is no known subsequent mutations, including the five Wicked Sects, even if they fail, if they fight back to the death, or if they leave, Yang God Hall will fight back again. How to do?

However, Ye Tianyi helped to be able to become the current situation, otherwise it would be even more tragic.

"It's good to save energy."

Cold God said.

"Listen to Old Ancestor, the people from the Yang God Hall forces are resting on the spot, and we must at least ensure that some people can recover better."

"Understood. "

The other side.

Han Yuening brought a group of people to come, and also instantly saved Ye Tianyi's situation.

However, there are too many people on the other side, and they absolutely can't protect Ye Tianyi better.

"You go to protect Elder Ye and the others fight."

Han Yuening ordered.


Then a dozen powerhouses came to Ye Tianyi's side.

I have to say that it has given a lot of face. The existence of more than a dozen Half Gods is protecting Ye Tianyi.


It's useless.

They have more people. Coming from all directions is really difficult.

"Elder Ye, we try our best to protect you."

A powerhouse said.

"Many thanks."

Ye Tianyi said, and then he was preparing something quietly.

Ye Tianyi is a person who can do a lot of retreat. Whether he can think of the current situation or not, he has been in the treasure house of Vast Cold Palace for so long, and he will definitely not treat oneself badly.


A dozen people were beaten to pieces by a group of people in a short period of time. They can no longer protect Ye Tianyi completely, there are many gaps. Can make other powerhouse directly attack Ye Tianyi.

"Let's die!"

A powerhouse patted Ye Tianyi with a palm.

"Immovable As A Mountain!"

Ye Tianyi directly released Immovable As A Mountain.

Ignoring the boundary's Immovable As A Mountain, let Ye Tianyi stand safe even in the face of this Eternal Supreme power, golden light protector.



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