A Random System Everyday Chapter 2104

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Chapter 2113 Pulling strongly against a crazy tide

Many of them were taken aback when they saw this scene.

Then Han Yuening saw it, but she was powerless! People who only hate Yang God Hall have not come!

She feels that this will become her life's regret, her life's guilt!


Ye Tianyi's golden rays of light made it clear to him that he was not harmed.


What kind of power is this?

"What's the matter? How can I not hurt him?"

"It should be some kind of talisman or spiritual artifact, which will not last long, or the strength is enough to directly smash it, all People, you can lean here if you have the opportunity!"

An old man shouted loudly.

Then, a lot of people from the top five Wicked Sect all lean towards Ye Tianyi.

No way, there is a big gap in the number of people. Although they are working hard to guard, they just can't hold it.

Then more and more people can gather around Ye Tianyi.

The point is, Cold God didn't make a move!

How to keep one less powerhouse like this?

The powerful force they gathered kept blasting on Ye Tianyi's body, but what made them couldn't believe it was that it was useless?

So much powerhouse's power blasted on him, the power is useless?

How is it possible?

However, it seems that Ye Tianyi has seen too much incredibleness in his body, and they chose to try again.

"Everyone comes here, if the people of Vast Cold Palace attack, a group of people will defend, and others will kill this kid!"



Then more people gathered here!

Instead, they formed a circle to surround Ye Tianyi, and then the people from Vast Cold Palace were desperately attacking but couldn't get in.

"Where is Old Ancestor?"

Han Yuening is puzzled, why didn't Tai Shang Old Ancestor come?

Obviously, Ye Tianyi’s current state should be something like spiritual artifacts. He absolutely can’t hold on for long, and Ye Tianyi has saved Vast Cold Palace and their lives, if not in time If he rushes in, he will definitely die!

He is waiting, just waiting for them to rush in to rescue him!

"I don't know, is Old Ancestor still fighting over there and not getting off?"

Han Yuening black brows slightly wrinkle.

"hmph! You guys really make people laugh and generous."

Shui Buhui stared at the five Wicked Sect people, and said: "So many people deal with a junior Don’t be afraid of other people’s jokes!"

"hahaha! Venerable Buhui wouldn’t think we would take seriously if we say these words?"

A Wicked Sect powerhouse said with a big smile.

"With each other, don’t you also rely on this kid to survive and stand up? A group of powerhouses need a junior to survive, and it makes people laugh and give it out."

Ye Tianyi is looking for an opportunity over there.

This is an opportunity he waited for, but there is still an opportunity!

That is the interval between these people's attacks.

Their attacks are constantly falling like gusts of wind and rain. He can't remove Immovable As A Mountain, or he will die.

Those powerhouses who saw the own attack fell on Ye Tianyi's body were ineffective, and they gradually lost interest.

They just waited, and it’s not a good choice to waste spirit strength and physical energy. Here are all the people from the Vast Cold Palace power side. It’s not clear how it will follow.

While someone stopped, many people stopped when they saw it.

No one is a fool.

And this is Ye Tianyi's opportunity.

This is not...

Ye Tianyi directly dissipated the power of Immovable As A Mountain.

At that moment, he threw something out.

Of course many people have noticed.

Some people's first reaction is to hide.

Because although Ye Tianyi's strength is not strong, everyone still recognizes his ability, otherwise, Vast Cold Palace won't turn from danger to safety because of a Ye Tianyi.

But there are always people whose first reaction is not to run, because after all, this is just a junior. If he moves, it is a bit funny that their powerhouses run.

Furthermore, there are people from the Vast Cold Palace forces outside here attacking them. Even if they run, they don't know how to run for a while.



The thing that Ye Tianyi threw out burst out instantly.

Ye Tianyi immediately used space power. He did not use Space Jump because he could be pulled down by the powerhouse in an instant. He used the second space. In short, Ye Tianyi is now in this position. I can see it, but it doesn't belong to this space anymore.

"Be careful!"

Someone was shouted.

Can’t escape!

Some people can, some people can't.

shua~ shua~ shua~ ――

The rain-like poisonous needles scattered all around.

Profound Heaven poison item Ranked 8th, Petal Fall Tear!

Petal Fall Tear may not have the exaggerated effect of So Near So Far or Annihilation Mist, but Petal Fall Tear is a rare Profound Heaven poison item that can be attacked by groups.

Otherwise it is also impossible to be the Profound Heaven poison item Ranked 8th.

It is naturally very toxic,

not to mention that Ye Tianyi was prepared from Vast Cold Palace.


Someone screamed.

This Petal Fall Tear still severely injured many Wicked Sect people.

As for whether they can survive, it’s hard to say! The boundary is very high, but at least if they can't solve the poison, they will become a lifelong ailment!

There are powerhouses who want to attack Ye Tianyi, but because of Petal Fall Tear, they can't do it either, although they just do it.


Seeing this scene that all broke apart for a while, many people were completely shocked.

"Petal Fall Tear."

Some people also recognize it directly.

"It turns out that he has been deliberately bringing these people together, hiss—"

"Too terrifying, the mood of this kid is simply too exaggerated, the most exaggerated It’s his courage and daring to use this method. How many people can there be in this world? Those of the older generation don’t necessarily dare to do it?"

"The step-by-step calculation is too precise, I’m afraid from He had already calculated the current situation from the very beginning. It was too ruthless, and it was really amazing."


"Withdraw! Everyone, rush in. Night Curtain Barrier, quickly withdraw!"

"Quick! Quickly withdraw!"

This method of Ye Tianyi directly became the last straw that crushed the five Wicked Sects!

They rushed into the Night Curtain Barrier one after another.

The preparations they had made before allowed them to rush into the Night Curtain Barrier and disappear directly here, appearing in a place that was already prepared and no one else could find.

In a short time, the top five Wicked Sect people all ran away.

The loss is great!

But obviously, being able to achieve such a situation has already made everyone feel fortunate.

And the one who completed this masterpiece is Ye Tianyi, a junior!

He was completely shocked by this continent.


Everyone couldn't help but exhale.

Night Curtain Barrier has also disappeared.

"Night Curtain Barrier disappeared? Quickly, let's see what's going on inside!"

Those people outside can't wait long ago, and rushed into Vast Cold Palace.

The Vast Cold Palace in front of them also made them lament the impermanence of the world.


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