A Random System Everyday Chapter 2105

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Chapter 2114 Mutation

Ye Tianyi was a martial cultivator when he was in Earth. He has a lot of experience in actual combat. What's worse is that this body is slightly weaker, but after all Ye Tianyi is also the Body Refinement Boundary Five Star, but he is deliberately hiding the own boundary! When going out, especially with people you don’t know, you must learn to hide. This is not to play the pig to eat the tiger, but to survive.

The power of the wind attribute surged again, Ye Tianyi appeared in front of a Demon Transformation Leopard Cat in an instant, and then blasted it out with a punch, the speed skyrocketed again, the one in the air Demon Transformation Leopard Cat was kicked directly onto a tree by Ye Tianyi, and the whole tree was broken. The Demon Transformation Leopard Cat fell to the ground and convulsed and never got up.

On the other side, Xing Baobao also not to be trifled with. That sword dances with sword skills in her hand, and Demon Transformation Leopard Cat is no match at all!

The other eye-catching man is the bronze-skinned man named Yang Chusheng. He has spiritual artifacts, but it seems that in his eyes these can't be considered what kind of danger, bare hands are the same as Ye Tianyi Fighting several Demon Transformation Leopard Cats!

About 3 minutes later, all the Demon Transformation Leopard Cats were killed by them. There was no danger, except that two people were slightly injured.

"Everyone, take a break, Liu Neng, bandage your wound. The blood must be clear and clean. The monster beast will be easily attracted by the smell of blood. Zhao Ming, you go with Yang Chusheng Check it a little bit ahead, don't go too far..."

Shang Yu said to a teenager.

"I know Captain."

"Elder Brother Tianyi, you are so amazing now."

Xing Baobao looked at Ye Tianyi with admiration.

She knew that Elder Brother Tianyi would definitely not always be a waste! Although he is not particularly good now, but she is already very admired, this is the beauty in the eyes of the legendary lover.

Ye Tianyi smiled and shaved her Qiong nose.

Xing Baobao's face is red once again.

Five minutes later, Yang Chusheng and Zhao Ming walked over together.

"Captain, there is a cave in front of several hundred meters, do you want to go in and take a look?"

"Go! Everyone keep up."

Shang Yu eyes shined, Ye Tianyi's eyes lit up slightly after hearing it.

Purple Honeysuckle grows in the dark and humid place where never seen the daylight, and there is a high chance of Purple Honeysuckle in the cave.

Then everyone came to the destination. It was a big mountain with a very obvious cave, and it was pitch black inside.

"Go, go in and take a look."

Shang Yu walked in directly after he said it.

"I don't think I should go in anymore."

Then Yang Chusheng finally spoke at this moment.


Everyone looked towards him.

"Very dangerous." Yang Chusheng said.

"Why is it dangerous? This is Myriad Monsters Heavenly Forest. We are the same everywhere."

Shang Yu said.

Ye Tianyi came out at this time and said:

"There is a cave in such a place, and there is no Purple Honeysuckle in it. I don’t want to talk about it, but I don’t need to think about it. It is the place where the monster beast lives. Even if this is a natural cave, monster beast impossible will let go of such a natural shelter from wind and rain, and this is Myriad Monsters Heavenly Forest. The monster beast can live in the within cave, which proves at least this The monster beast is the king in this neighborhood, so it is very dangerous!"

Xing Baobao is also nodded again and again.

Yang Chusheng looked at him especially when he heard Ye Tianyi's words, Ye Tianyi grinned at him.

Other people also retreated when they heard Ye Tianyi's words.

"Then, according to what you said, what are we looking for Purple Honeysuckle? In this way, I find someone I add one million, go, follow me in!"

Shang Yu walked in, and the others hesitated, but finally fell under the temptation of money and followed him in.

Xing Baobao tugged Ye Tianyi's clothes corner and asked: "Elder Brother Tianyi, shall we go in?"

Ye Tianyi looked towards Yang Chusheng and asked: "What about you? ?"

"Don't enter."

Yang Chusheng lightly saying.

"Then we won't enter."

Although Ye Tianyi needs Purple Honeysuckle, it is obviously dangerous inside, and Purple Honeysuckle does not have to be found in the cave. , So it’s not necessary. If you don’t find it in the end, Ye Tianyi will choose to return here to find out.

Three people stayed outside.

"Captain, Purple Honeysuckle! Is that Purple Honeysuckle!"

Zhang Chao walked inside and suddenly saw a Xiaoxiao purple-golden flower in the corner and said excitedly !

Shang Yu looked over, his eyes suddenly brightened!

"Yes! It's Purple Honeysuckle!"


After that, he galloped away and picked the Purple Honeysuckle directly and looked carefully. After a glance, he put Purple Honeysuckle into his own backpack.

Good luck, there is no monster beast in it, but there are traces of monster beast, but the good luck monster beast just happened to not be here!

"Very good! We found Purple Honeysuckle! Captain, everyone you promised to come with you will add an extra one million!"

Zhang Chao said excitedly.

Shang Yu nodded with a smile, but there was a fierce flash in the depths of his eyes.

The few people showed excited expressions, but next instant, the thunder in Shang Yu's hand flickered, and Zhang Chao directly hit the wall with a punch.



Zhang Chao looked at him incredulously.

Shang Yu sneered, wrapped around Power of Thunder.

"Just you want to share money with me? It's ridiculous!"


next instant, thunder broke out, everyone died in it .


Two minutes later, Shang Yu gasped and rushed out of the cave.

"Run! There is a monster beast inside!"

Shang Yu shouted loudly.

The three of Ye Tianyi ran away with him subconsciously.

"Captain, what's the matter? What about the others?"

After running enough distance, they stopped, Xing Baobao asked.

Shang Yu grabbed his own hair, pretending to be annoyed, and said: "I'm sorry for them... They all... Hey, there is no Purple Honeysuckle..."

Ye Tianyi brows tightly knit, sniffed slightly, probably understood something.

"It's my problem, I am really too big, but I want to find Purple Honeysuckle too much!"

Shang Yu said with an annoyed look. .

They don’t know each other. Ye Tianyi doesn’t touch each other when they die. Xing Baobao is kind by nature, and she may be a little sad. Acknowledge, but what does everything count in the face of money and interests?

The taste of Purple Honeysuckle Ye Tianyi is known because of the Universe Holy Technique. Although the taste is very weak, he can smell it. After all, he is a martial artist and his senses are not comparable to an ordinary person. Others can smell it too, but they don’t recognize it. Maybe they just think it’s men’s perfume or something on him, and there must be Purple Honeysuckle in his backpack!

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