A Random System Everyday Chapter 2106

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Chapter 2115 Once Killing God

Chapter 2094 Once Killing God

This is the most unimaginable thing they have ever seen in this world.

You encountered a major enemy in Vast Cold Palace, and then someone saved Vast Cold Palace and saved the lives of so many people in Vast Cold Palace. You should thank them.

That is indeed the case.

But Cold God, as the top powerhouse, suddenly shot Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er.


Even if you put Wicked Sect, someone saved you a Wicked Sect, those people will at least be grateful, even if there are any crooked thoughts, that is when you will do it in the future.

And Cold God, as such a powerhouse, she actually tried to kill them in front of all the sect powerhouses?

I can’t understand.

The only explanation is that Cold God is under control.

But obviously not, her breath is normal.


For a while, the surroundings became noisy.

"Cold God, what do you mean? What are you doing?"

"Ye Tianyi saved you, saved the entire Vast Cold Palace, did you kill him? You are People? Do you still have a conscience?"

"Crazy crazy! This world is crazy!"

"They must die! Such a big boundary gap, one death Ten thousand times is enough."


Shui Buhui and the people of Heavenly Water Holy Land were extremely angry.

"Old Ancestor, what are you doing?"

Han Yuening was shocked, she looked towards that Cold God.

"Ingredient, treachery, this is Vast Cold Palace?"

Empress Imperial Snow said at this time: "Everyone, please be quiet and see what the Lord Cold God said. Calm down. Some."

"Yes!" Heavenly Master nodded, said: "Take a thousand steps back, even if Lord Cold God has a grudge against him, he must be secretly trying to kill him, and impossible. Do it in front of all of us, Lord Cold God, if you are not under control, please explain."

Cold God looked towards the distance.

This move, they will undoubtedly die! impossible to survive.

Someone wants to go over.

"Don't go there!"

Cold God shouted.

Some people stopped.

Then Cold God swept toward the crowd, saying:

"Everyone! There is no way for the old man, do you know who the little girl on Ye Tianyi side is?"

"Who is it?"

They asked in confusion.

"There should be none of you who participated in that battle, so you don't know."

"That battle..."

They Many powerhouses calmed down and recalled.

No one of them present has participated, but Cold God has participated. In that era, that great battle, could it be...

"Gods War?"

Empress Imperial Snow asked after hesitating for a moment.

"Empress Your Majesty is right, Gods War!"


They couldn't help but glance at each other, sucked in a cold breath.

"Yes, what does Gods War have to do with Ye Tianyi and his younger sister?"

Su Yuning said angrily.

She is a little uncomfortable.

Ye Tianyi is so dead, she really can't accept it! Absolutely can't accept it!

This feeling is uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

Obviously, he was a man who grew up across the world. He survived in the face of countless crises, but died in the hands of the owner, and this person was still the object of his help.

Too unwilling.

"Gods War is the entire continent united by Monster Clan. It is also a battle between Human Race and Monster Clan only time over the years. Deuf's goal is to transcend paramount and may be called God Existence, we call it unkillable, and finally sealed it in the lock temple. This is what this Venerable knows."

"Yes! So what?"

Cold God then lightly saying: "So what? Why did the old man take the shot? Not because the little girl on the Ye Tianyi side is the Killing God of the year!"

Everyone:? ? ?


They stared.

Can't believe that the legendary Killing God is such a sweet and flawless little girl?

Who can think of them?

This is not something that a normal brain can think of?

Should Killing God not be a wicked person? how can that be possible?

"You must be lying to me, you must be quibbling! It must be another reason! How could this be Killing God?"

Su Chi pointed at Cold God and said angrily.

"Lied to you? There should be more than the old man who knows the news in this world. If only the old man knows the secret, then you can doubt it. If it is not, then you can only believe the old man's words."

At this time, an old man pondered then said: "I remember the late Old Ancestor said that Killing God is really not a man."

"Is that so."

Cold God then said: "The old man has no choice, only this opportunity just now, although he will also kill Ye Tianyi, but...there is no way, I can only do it. At that time, Ye Tianyi took her, and the old man saw her for the first time. I recognized it when I arrived. I was very scared at the time, but I saw that she had no cultivation base for some reason, and she had no memory, so she put up her hand and waited until now."

"That can't... …"

Han Yuening hadn’t finished speaking yet, Cold God interrupted him, saying: "I understand that you can’t kill Ye Tianyi together, but Ye Tianyi is with her, let’s be honest It’s hard to say whether he has a powerful Evil Power. It’s the only way to be safe. Of course, it’s best not to kill him. There is no way. The chance is right before you. As long as you can kill the Killing God, whatever you can! If you do, do you understand the consequences?"

"Understand, continent will lose of life. Last time, the Killing God slaughtered nearly one-tenth of the creatures in the continent, and the continent really can’t withstand such a toss. , Lord Cold God, what you did is not wrong."

Cold God said; "The old man is willing to bear the world's infamy alone. At least he must be killed. If he awakens, he will have no chance to kill. It’s not just for any reason, it may be that the lock temple has lost everything for her for thousands of years. Then this is the chance to kill her. Don’t hesitate, you can’t hesitate!"

Then Cold God continued. Said: "Ye Tianyi's gratitude for Vast Cold Palace is unforgettable, and it is really helpless to kill him when he is old! I hope you can understand, but the old man will also express his will to death to comfort the spirit of Ye Tianyi in the sky."

As soon as Cold God said this, many people who have opinions don't know what to say, it seems that there is nothing more to say.

"There may be many opportunities, but they can't..."

Han Yuening felt extremely guilty in his heart.

"Yuening! Those who become major events don’t stick to the trivial, be decisive! Don’t be indecisive. Hundreds of millions of people will be killed because of indecisive! Ye Tianyi is a hero, and he is now a rescuer. The great hero of the entire continent! It can be understood that he paid his own life to save the people of the world."


At this time, it was a monstrous The purple light rose from the sky, and instantly dyed the entire surroundings into purple, and the void became purple, a huge purple vortex was spinning...

A small silhouette wrapped around the rays of purple light stood up slowly.

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