A Random System Everyday Chapter 2107

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Chapter 2116 Little Zi'er's Past

Chapter 2095 Little Zi'er's Past

Everyone's pupils shrank sharply.

This power...

They are all top powerhouses, and their perception of power is very clear!

This is a terrifying, unimaginable imposing manner!

"Not good anymore!"

Feeling this imposing manner, everyone inwardly shouted that it was not good.

The silhouette gradually became clear.

The silhouette of the small Little Zi'er.

It's just that she is completely different from the Little Zi'er before.

"You... are going to die!"

Little Zi'er made a sound in his throat. Even though the voice was still very milky, there was an unimaginable oppression. force.

"Not good! This power is really Killing God!"

"Even if you don’t recognize the power of Killing God, but this level of power has not even been felt by the old man , It’s definitely Killing God!"

"Is this the Killing God of peak state? Shouldn’t it?"

"Naturally not, but...this doesn’t seem like we can compete Right?"


The Cold God eyes shrank, and then a terrifying force burst out of his body.

"Let the old man try the power of the current Killing God."

After that, she rushed over.

The powerful force made everyone fearful, but...

She slapped Little Zi'er with a palm, but Little Zi'er didn’t even move, just a part of her body. The purple power burst out, and then Cold God mouth spurt blood flew out directly.


Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

Is this too terrifying?

Is this what they call Killing God in the legend?


Many of them at first did not support Cold God’s approach. After seeing this scene, they even wondered why Cold God did not succeed in giving her to killed?

She didn't have any strength at the time, why was she okay?

How is it possible?

Doesn’t that mean that the most critical person in Cold God killed Ye Tianyi by mistake and let Ye Tianyi be buried?


Little Zi'er seems to have some unconsciousness. Her current purpose is only one, kill!

"Can't stop it! No one can stop her, run!"

Cold God vomited blood to remind everyone.

Everyone had no desire to fight. They saw that Little Zi'er wounded Cold God without even taking a shot, so who could hurt her?



The crowd dispersed.

"Hurt...the big Elder Brother...kill!"


Little Zi'er kept muttering in his mouth.

Little Zi'er's pupils have become purple, and her hair has also become white snow hair, flowing with the wind.


Little Zi'er suddenly disappeared in the same place, turned into a purple light and rushed towards a powerhouse at random.


The very crisp sound of the neck being twisted, the powerhouse was originally a top-level existence, but in the face of Little Zi'er, there was no way to fight back. It's like trivial ant! It seems that Little Zi'er is the Immemorial Divine King Boundary, he is an ant, just like that.

The body fell weakly to the ground, and the neck was twisted directly, and blood was constantly pouring.


Little Zi'er was still muttering in his mouth.

whiz whiz whiz ——

She seems to have become a hunter at this time. All the people here are prey, and they are the kind of prey that can't fight back at all.


Ye Tianyi was lying on the ground, his clothes torn, covered in blood, he made some noises in his throat, his fingers moved and then slowly opened The eyes slowly rose up.

He almost died.

To be honest, pure fate!

The random palm of Cold God was enough for Ye Tianyi to die a thousand times, but this palm mainly fell on Little Zi'er.

And even if there is someone in front of you who can help you block this palm, you have to die, but Ye Tianyi is fatal, and even if Little Zi'er does not have any cultivation base, she is not ordinary Mortal body.

So, she was enough to block more power, 99.9% was blocked by Little Zi'er, and Ye Tianyi just suffered a strong impact.

But even though there is only a trace of strength, it is enough for Ye Tianyi to die, thanks to his physical strength.

If it is normal, Ye Tianyi may not wake up, but because of his Undying Body, he recovers very quickly from his injury.

Ye Tianyi stood up tremblingly, and saw above the void, Little Zi'er turned into a purple light, and turned into a death God, wherever he went, it was only a moment, no matter it was What level of powerhouse is directly used by instakill!


The little white arm pierced the chest pain of a powerhouse, crushed his heart, and spread the blood on Little Zi'er's face and body.

However, Little Zi'er's eyes and expression did not change at all.


Then Little Zi'er pulled his arm out and rushed to another person.

"No...no no."

The powerhouse was grabbed by Little Zi'er's hand.

His eyes are full of pleading and fear!

Even though he has a lifelong cultivation base, he is completely suppressed by the power of Little Zi'er and becomes like an ordinary person.


The powerhouse's tears were streaming down.


Little Zi'er directly crushed his head.

Ye Tianyi: "..."



Ye Tianyi knows that Little Zi'er is not simple!

I also saw that Little Zi'er gave Heavenly Ruler Azure Dragon of Paramount God level to instakill.

But, how could this be?

Ye Tianyi brows tightly knit.

The sudden attack of Cold God also made Ye Tianyi very angry, but now, what is more important is Little Zi'er.

The current Little Zi'er is obviously an unconscious situation, and her strength is too strong, too strong. With the current massacre situation, Ye Tianyi feels...If you don’t stop, I'm afraid it will really lead to catastrophe.

The most important thing is that Ye Tianyi really doesn't want Little Zi'er to continue like this.

No way!

Ye Tianyi is very angry with those people requite kindness with enmity, but there will be time to settle the accounts in the future, and now the most important thing is Little Zi'er.

"Are you okay?"

Han Yuening also saw Ye Tianyi stood up and ran here quickly! Little Zi'er had already gone to the other side.

"You can't die."

Ye Tianyi said.

"I'm really sorry, I didn't expect that Old Ancestor would do this too, I'm really sorry."

Ye Tianyi coldly said: "Then what can I do?"

“It’s mainly because of Little Zi’er, she was the former Killing God. Back then, she slaughtered nearly one-tenth of the creatures of the continent. In the end, Human Race Monster Clan and all the top powerhouses of the major races, Countless powerhouses united and paid an unimaginable price to seal it in the lock temple."

Ye Tianyi: "..."

The lock temple, he was also at that time I found Little Zi'er in the lock temple.


Little Zi'er was blocked by them.


Ye Tianyi probably heard about this thing before, but Ye Tianyi definitely didn't think about Little Zi'er.

Now that I think about it, this happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, so Little Zi'er......


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