A Random System Everyday Chapter 2108

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Chapter 2117 Continent Public Enemy

Chapter 2096 Continent Public Enemy

Well, this thing Ye Tianyi can accept!

After all, Little Zi'er may not really be Paramount God, it may really exist on Paramount God!


One-tenth of the creatures...

The entire continent, hundreds of millions of creatures, was destroyed by one-tenth, this, fuck... …

There is an Asura outside, and there is a Little Zi'er here...

It’s an exaggeration.

"I'm sorry, I apologize to you for Ancestor's actions."

"Stop talking, I'll take down this grudge, if it weren't for my life to die early, always One day I will come to report!"

Ye Tianyi finished speaking, looking towards Little Zi'er in the void.

Han Yuening has nothing to say.


I saved you, saved you, saved everyone, in exchange for your shot almost killed him.

Who can not be angry?


Han Yuening sighed.

In front, a monstrous purple light burst out.

Ye Tianyi and Han Yuening, who were far away, were both hit by the shock wave.

The dust dissipated, and a huge pit of tens of thousands of meters was already there.

"If I'm not mistaken, this is the effect of her just falling from the sky and locking a powerhouse on the ground with a punch."

Han Yuening said with trepidation.

At this time, Han Yuening eyes shrank!

Because she suddenly felt a terrifying imposing manner completely locked her down.

That is...

Little Zi'er.

She looked up towards the void.

Sure enough, above the void, Little Zi'er has rushed over.


Little Zi'er aimed directly at Han Yuening.

"I can't move anymore."

Han Yuening was shocked.

How strong is this person?

She has such a high boundary, but she can't even move.

"Little Zi'er."

Ye Tianyi shouted.


Little Zi'er's small fist had fallen ten centimeters in front of Han Yuening, but he didn't go any further.

The terrifying power bypassed Han Yuening and exploded behind her.

Everything in the rear sight range is scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Little Zi'er slowly turned his head and looked towards Ye Tianyi.

For a while, her purple eyes seemed to be trying to change between purple and black, and her snow hair was also trying to change between black hair.

"Let's go."

Ye Tianyi felt that Little Zi'er was in a good state, and took Little Zi'er's hand, then released the space power and disappeared In the same place.

No one is chasing.

Because everyone has scattered and fled, and even if someone is paying attention to the situation here, it is impossible to see the status of Little Zi'er clearly.

Han Yuening alone can see clearly.

But she naturally impossible to block Ye Tianyi's departure.

And immediately, as long as Ye Tianyi is not blocked from running, or the breath is not locked over, after a short while, Ye Tianyi who has space will naturally be unable to be found by them.

No, Ye Tianyi really ran away completely with Little Zi'er.

When everything was quiet and the dust settled completely, many people gathered here again.

"People ran away?"

"They ran away."

"Why no one stopped?"

A powerhouse asked road.

Then no one returned him.

Why no one stopped? Shabi.

Ye Tianyi didn't even die.

Su Yuning showed a surprised expression.

Really strong.

This is all right.

This is too exaggerated.

Shui Buhui is also very pleasantly surprised.

Ye Tianyi's death means that he must die too, and now Ye Tianyi is alive, no matter what the situation in the future, at least he still has a chance to be cured by Ye Tianyi.

Although he knows Ye Tianyi must be very chilling, it shouldn't matter to him Heavenly Water Holy Land.

"What should I do now?"

Someone asked.

"What should I do? What else can I do? Hurry up and call on continent. The Killing God from hundreds of thousands of years ago is back. Hurry up and get ready."

"Now Everyone is here, and a large number of powerhouses are gathered. The old man suggested that the current state of Killing God looks very unstable, and maybe even the power has dissipated. She can burst out of power purely because of a sudden awakening or some other reason. , And it's an unconscious behavior."

Cold God said.

"Isn’t she also an unconscious behavior before? Massacre so many creatures."

Cold God said: "Indeed, but this time her strength is very weak! Absolutely weak Yes! You believe that the old body, if she can slowly regain her strength, she will be stronger. After being trapped for hundreds of thousands of years, she must have a greater hostility, and the consequences will be more terrifying than before. Now, at least she Not so strong, the old man thinks that she must not be dragged! You must find her and get rid of it completely!"

"I agree!"

Another powerhouse nodded: "Maybe now It’s also very strong, but it’s at least a hundred times easier to get rid of it or defeat it, isn’t it? If you don’t want continent to be in desperation again, then we must start looking for them now! All other forces are prepared , Ready to send out together to kill it or seal it again."

"I agree too! It is actually a good opportunity for us just now. However, if we are not prepared enough, I am afraid it will be difficult to imprison him. From now on all People are ready! All forces are ready, and spiritual artifacts are also ready. Once they find her, they will be dispatched immediately without mercy!"

"What about Ye Tianyi?"

"His words...maybe not necessarily threatening, but...he is also guilty! I am afraid that Killing God wouldn't come out without his words? I'm not sure, but if you find him, you will find the Killing God!"

"That's right! That Killing God does seem to have a good relationship with him. Maybe we can use that Ye Tianyi as a bait. In this case, killing Killing God may be easier, even a hundred times, a thousand times easier More than!"

"I understand, then we will look for them both now. Any one of them is fine. After we find them, we will catch them at all costs! If it is Ye Tianyi, we will catch them directly! If he resists, he can only come hard. The best result is that we use Ye Tianyi to threaten Killing God, while she may still retain some consciousness! The worst case is to directly meet force with force with Killing God ."

"no! The worst case is that Killing God is restored to its heyday! So we have the fastest speed!"

"Yes! Send my order, all forces will send the news Communicate the continent to all places, even a small village. If anyone can tell their whereabouts, the reward will be great!"


Empress Imperial Beside Snow, the Heavenly Master asked respectfully: "Empress Your Majesty, shall we do this too? "

Some people really don’t want to do this!

Because Ye Tianyi is a good person!

Even life saving benefactor!

But, If Killing God is not divided, continent will lose of life.

The worst result, Ye Tianyi is dead.

But in exchange, hundreds of millions of people have survived.

And Ye Tianyi does not necessarily need to die, it is Killing God who needs to die.

"Let the order go on. "

Empress Imperial Snow can only do it after thinking about it again and again.

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