A Random System Everyday Chapter 2109

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Ye Tianyi is Ye Tianyi, Little Zi'er is Little Zi'er.

Their goal is Little Zi'er, although it may cause some impact on Tianyi Ye, Ye Tianyi may hurt, or even kill Ye Tianyi, including Little Zi'er good relationship with Ye Tianyi, certainly I do not want to let them kill Little Zi'er of.

As Ye Tianyi, is admired him, but there is no way, the survival of the entire continent and Little Zi'er closely related to survival!

They all know about that, but also know the consequences of terror!

Even Little Zi'er is Empress Imperial Snow's own daughter, she may have to consider whether to severing.

No way, this really is no way.

even more how they are used as an outsider, even though it can understand the dismay Ye Tianyi, but they absolutely impossible to stand Ye Tianyi here!

"Now there is a problem."

Shui Buhui suddenly brought something.

Then he said: "Anyway, Ye Tianyi saved Vast Cold Palace, and Cold God you did kill him, Ye Tianyi was lucky it did not die, but before the Cold God Lord also said, We will choose to own death to make up for this thing, although ye Tianyi is not dead, but has now become the enemy, and his kindness you have not reported the other does not say it, Cold God to do something you are not ? "

Shui Buhui words very clearly.

You say you want to die Ming, that now even if Ye Tianyi did not die, you should do so, because Ye Tianyi save you Vast Cold Palace there are so many people.

And you have to Ye Tianyi shot.

Ye Tianyi that he did not die oneself lucky, not your mercy shot.

"Yes, ah, that do it?"

there are some who are standing Ye Tianyi side.

Mostly, too outrageous, and consequently you really want to do, that Ye Tianyi done these feed the dog?

" ! you"

Vast Great Elder before the Cold Palace, old woman who said: "Old Ancestor indeed said so, but now the special circumstances, that did not die Monstress , multi-Old Ancestor one can count on a strong battle strength, why should this happen? "

" yes ah, this continent Cold God to have this strength of the people to have a few people? even Cold God before say so, but now the situation is special, at least until after smote Monstress do, right? you think so? "

" makes sense, really makes sense! now is vain, and when the time comes even laid down his life in the battle that is paid a great deal to contribute ah. "

" was right! I did not really need to do in today's circumstances. "


how right and wrong, we have a clear mind, Cold God should damn, but her battle strength is indeed indispensable, if only an ordinary one Immemorial Divine King Boundary, even just an ordinary little Immemorial Divine King Boundary Eighth Rank of Eternal Supreme, Ninth Rank of Divine Venerable might have to die, but Cold God's strength in the continent rare ah.

"the first so quickly out of the news release, the next period of time, at continent angle set off, to prohibit any sect infighting occurs, any in-fighting behavior is cutting back our battle strength, are devastating for the continent. "

" understand. "

everyone hurry back and straightened up, send messages, wanted Ye Tianyi with Little Zi'er, and Little Zi'er ready to kill everything in.


Ye Tianyi with Little Zi'er has come very far away.

Now Ye Tianyi of cultivation base is not low, and no one can lock his breath, continuous Space Jump, he can run far, far away, far away once, and think he found that needle in a haystack NS.

Little Zi'er already passed out in Ye Tianyi's arms, and she has returned to normal.

Ye Tianyi Creation Principle release, a blanket on the floor, the Little Zi'er changed in there gave her a blanket and sat there with injury recovery.

badly hurt, even Undying Body have to restore what, he would have to add strength.

About the identity of Little Zi'er now be clear half of it, at least she knows what an image in this continent, as to why a killing Killing God the world, and her power in the end What forces belong, Ye Tianyi do not know, I guess we know nothing.

Even Ye Tianyi not quite clear who did what he would have guessed, is estimated to be wanted by the continent.

It was not great.

In particular, he saved Vast Cold Palace, was also nearly killed that old witch!

Now, Ye Tianyi wanted on two things, first is the Little Zi'er all things Ye Tianyi want to find out, so naturally impossible to Little Zi'er surrendering them!

Little Zi'er no matter what kind of a man, Ye Tianyi are not willing! Ye Tianyi do not care about the consequences, he is selfish!

at least, Ye Tianyi Little outbreak Zi'er know just because she Ye Tianyi.

She looks like lost consciousness, but she was to Ye Tianyi, protecting Ye Tianyi, is angry because of Ye Tianyi.

So anyway, Ye Tianyi are impossible to give up the Little Zi'er.

Another thing, and that is that old witch Ye Tianyi take Vast Cold Palace to kill.

Other people, a lot of people would like to kill Ye Tianyi, is that most want to kill the old witch.

But a bit difficult task ah!

"Who would have thought will be so."

Ye Tianyi simply do not think.

So, now do about it?

"Destiny Tower or go right?"

Destiny Tower has been dry to ninety layers, it is estimated that people do not know.

leaving the last eleven layers.

However, Ye Tianyi basically feel it is difficult to have the ability to play go up.


There is a place to go!

Heaven Building.

That would be a force Nine Provinces Continent people, Zhuge Qingtian was there.

But ......

Even so, it is definitely not a good place!

Not because you are Nine Provinces Continent of people, Ye Tianyi went there on security, human eye miscellaneous, Ye Tianyi can only believe Zhuge Qingtian.


go up.

just take advantage of this opportunity with Little Zi'er to wander the world, a good fun to play with her, and instantly Ye Tianyi can also experience some of it.

spiritual artifact , then there are some very top level of existence, but Ye Tianyi not first do not want to, heaven and earth spiritual object, then there are some of the top Ye Tianyi also difficult to obtain, also by luck , Vast Cold Palace treasure house there are many, Ye Tianyi naturally impossible to stay there, he took some, but some are very difficult to deal with, Ye Tianyi not take, because he's Infinite Space Bag in Nine Provinces Continent, unusual space ring can not be installed.


And now, for Ye Tianyi, the most important thing is actually very simple ......

martial skill!

Heart do not!

Evil Emperor Art with Heart Asura enough to comprehend the Ye Tianyi, Ye Tianyi lack of powerful martial skill! Stronger, he needs more.

So, he needs to go to a sect, to a force inside, but now, how can they have the top sect accommodate him?

Also, Myriad Poisons Sect there Ye Tianyi also not done it, but he can not go back.

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