A Random System Everyday Chapter 2110

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Chapter 2119 Li Xian'er please help

Chapter 2098 Li Xian'er please help

Myriad Poisons Sect, even if Ye Tianyi even some people to believe, shen Qianlian ah, Shi Yincheng these, but more is not to believe.

" Fuck! line of work do not want to do it?"

Ye Tianyi suddenly thought, as if I did not finish the experience later let him go somewhere, while capital line is oneself founded sect!

oneself founded sect, then any connection with oneself want to learn top martial skill so what does it matter?


Wicked Sect?


Even Ye Tianyi those unhappy people, they will not join Wicked Sect, and very dangerous.

"step by step now."

Ye Tianyi then looked towards Little Zi'er.

She is injured, after all, is Cold God that beat firmly Dangdang beat in.

mouth when she is with blood.

But just to Little Zi'er Ye Tianyi probe found her breath is restored, the injury also self-recovery, just say because of a kind of de-force lead to a coma.

There is no problem, just do not know what the future will wake up.

Moreover, Little Zi'er this little skirt ......

This is her own mini skirt.

no trace of dust, without any damage, and even spit her blood is not stuck to.

It is clear that this is absolutely not a simple skirt.

Time slowly passed.

Little Zi'er Shuiliaoyitian, while Ye Tianyi time of day also has been completely restored perfected.

"Well ......"

Ye Tianyi sit there and smoke, Little Zi'er issued a hint of fudge, Ye Tianyi rushed out your cigarette came at her.

Little Zi'er long eyelashes flutter flutter a little, and then slowly open the eyes.

is black eyes.

Ye Tianyi sighed in relief.

afraid to open eyes that purple eyes, it would prove that Little Zi'er not return to normal, or by saying, Ye Tianyi not know Little Zi'er.

"Big Elder Brother ......"

Little Zi'er see Ye Tianyi, then a child pursed mouth, open hand requires hug.

Ye Tianyi flew her to hold up.

Little Zi'er take advantage of the small head buried in Ye Tianyi shoulder.

" Little Zi'er, where there is wrong with you?"

Q Ye Tianyi concern.

"...... not just want a big Elder Brother."

Little Zi'er said softly.

Ye Tianyi really like this girl ah, Ye Tianyi it would have liked a little girl, Little Yingyu ah, Duanmu Xiaoxiao ah are, they are also sticky Ye Tianyi, Little Zi'er more sticky.

And so cute, even when her runaway really terrifying, very cruel, but she is really good.

So Ye Tianyi will protect her.

"eat it? You see."

Ye Tianyi eyes looked next to the table towards.

" wa!"

Little Zi'er big eyes full of small Xingxing.

"eat eat!"

" to."

Ye Tianyi smile put her down, and then came to the table with a Little Zi'er together eating good food.

...... Little Zi'er feel as if something will happen to forget the outside.

"Big Elder Brother ...... Well, eat."

Little Zi'er big eyes looked Ye Tianyi.

"Well, I can eat."

Ye Tianyi eating and watching Little Zi'er.

" Little Zi'er, what do you remember?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

Little Zi'er confused blinking eyes, then shook the head.

"did not duck."

"ah, row, eat."

Ye Tianyi then took out a character, hesitated.

He subsequently crumbled.

Myriad Poisons Sect.

Li Xian'er own is on Immortal King Peak.

Ye Tianyi situation there she heard.

also shocked by it.

is also feeling good, he was all right on the line! Otherwise, Li Xian'er mood will be bad.

Of course, no other meaning, a friend to count them, and secondly, she would like to Ye Tianyi par it, so I do not expect Ye Tianyi accident.

suddenly appeared in front of a picture of Ye Tianyi picture.

"No one, right?"

Ye Tianyi asked loudly.

Li Xian'er said:. "No, I Peak in Immortal King"

" That's good, Myriad Poisons Sect I go back there, you do finished yet? "

Ye Tianyi asked.

"yet, you ......"

Li Xian'er hesitated for a moment, then said: "? how about"

"lacks something, I was not being wanted for? "

" ah, and although they are not specific to you, but you see, if you resist also execute without any mercy, evidently they either want you to threaten Little Zi'er, or use your hope is dead to let Little Zi'er outbreak, thus eradicate her, after all, the power of Little Zi'er for her is not strong. "

Ye tianyi nodded; "guess, those who would rather let Little Zi'er broke out, and then show up, do not want to drag on, they estimated that Little Zi'er when the time comes will be stronger."

"she who in the end?"

" Yeah, pretty Elder Sister, Little Zi'er want you anyway."

Little Zi'er suddenly appeared in Li Xian'er see among the pictures, then sweet and greasy arrayed against Li Xian'er hands.

Li Xian'er veil is exposed under a smile.

" Elder Sister would also like you."

such a lovely girl, Li Xian'er could not bear.

"go to dinner."

Li Xian'er softly.

" . Um um um"

Then Ye Tianyi said: "Anyway, I'm better than you and those who know more, you know these surface chant, and I want to get clearly, I would also like to see if we can control the little Zi'er, let her become killing machines rumors unconscious. "

" According to rumors, she is somewhat similar to our Nine Provinces Continent of Asura, loss of consciousness, just know that killing, bloodthirsty fury, there is no purpose, it is simply because unable to control oneself. "

" she's not Asura. "Ye Tianyi Road.

Ye Tianyi clearly Asura atmosphere, so it is not Little Zi'er determine the strength of Asura.

"I do not know, how are you going to do?"

Li Xian'er asked.

"to enhance the boundary, life experiences, to hide a hide, the way it look Destiny Tower have no chance, do not you do me a favor?"

This thing Li Xian'er can only be handed over to the.


"There is a poison called the Mantuoyu Poison, you heard it?"

Li Xian'er shook his head: "not . "

" the poison can be said that it is not much, but it really tricky, this world will only Shen Family, more powerful people might despise this poison. "

"Myriad Poisons Sect Shen Family is not it?"

" Dui." Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Then what? to find the antidote?"

" not."

Li Xian'er feel not so simple.

to find the antidote why so?

" Shen Family should have a certain person or a few people in a few years to go through a place called Yang Family Village, they destroy a people's whole family, in order to get what eventually seemingly did not succeed "

Ye Tianyi continued:." As a result I want to find the antidote, Mantuoyu Poison special place in its toxicity is Myriad Transformations, basically only then poisoned the man to come up with accurate antidote, this is a place I can not, and poison antidote and refining are together, that is, matching, unique and unmatched, and only then that the antidote for the job, and secondly, the reason why I strenuous effort, do not want let this thing leaks, or make people aware of the poison that year and then those people about. "

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