A Random System Everyday Chapter 2111

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Chapter 2120 Goodbye Yang Xin'er

Chapter 2099 Goodbye Yang Xin'er

This is the difficult place.

Li Xian'er certainly understands.

If you want to find that person, you have to make that person feel that you don’t know anything about a few years ago, you don’t know what happened to who, and you don’t know for what purpose. Can come up with the antidote.

And this antidote is still so many years ago, because Mantuoyu Poison Myriad Transformations, you just ask him for an antidote, he can give you, but it can't detox Yang Tian's poison!

It must be the antidote of the year.

"It’s difficult, but you can try it. I’m just worried that the antidote to the poison is still there a few years ago."

"In theory, it will be there, because he must be Very important things, he still needs this antidote to threaten, because there are people in that family who are still alive and poisoned."

About Asura, Ye Tianyi didn't tell Li Xian'er, Li Xian' Er also knows that nature is more than that simple. Ye Tianyi doesn't say she doesn't ask, he probably knows what to do.

"I can try, but I am not sure that I will succeed."



Li Xian'er and Ye Tianyi still believe her very much. Although they have known each other for a long time, this woman is a very decent person.

She won't do that kind of insidious stuff with you. She has a scheming but won't play scheming with you, because her pride makes her reluctant to do it.

Ye Tianyi still believes her very much.

"Destiny Tower, when are you going to go by?"

Ye Tianyi said: "It's difficult, I feel like Nine Provinces Continent. The people from Nine Provinces Continent will get together next time. For those lacking martial skills, let’s see where we can get some top martial skills!"

Because of this incident, Ye Tianyi’s original plan and plan collapsed completely. He plans to use Myriad Poisons Sect Yang Tian's matter is resolved, and then go to the top power, Vast Cold Palace, etc., but there is no place for him to go now.

But everything is fate, Ye Tianyi didn't think there was any loss.

Let’s not talk about encountering Little Zi'er, just the own sword given by Little Zi'er, Ye Tianyi feels that it is difficult to find in the world.

He got enough things here in a short time.

Fire God Bead, Thief God Gloves, Divine Dragon’s blood body tempering, this sword...

There are many miscellaneous things, and Pure Jade, this one is the Illusory Stone The things that exist at the same level are also one of the key materials for a God Murdering Cannon created by Tang Sanzang. There are many others, but Ye Tianyi didn't take it seriously.

There are countless things that I got in Destiny Tower.

But after all, Ye Tianyi wants to be able to substantially improve own.

Because Ye Tianyi is special, he is Xiaoxiao's age, and he can see the continent pinnacle scene with such a small cultivation base. Of course, he can't compare with the geniuses who were born here.

But Ye Tianyi can really see very few things.

"By the way, my two disciple from Yuewang Peak, Wang Jinfu and Lu Mingwei, please take care of me, especially Wang Jinfu. If their disciple great competition soon, I will also I don’t care anymore."


"I will not contact you anymore. If you have anything, you can contact me with what I gave you."


"Got it."

Then Li Xian'er waved away the picture in front of him.


Ye Tianyi took a breath, and looked at Little Zi'er who was innocent and happily eating, and his mood improved a lot.

"Go to Monster Clan."

Ye Tianyi thought for a while, maybe Monster Clan is a safer place, it's safer compared to Human Race, Monster Clan also has an empire , It’s just not as organized as Human Race.

But Ye Tianyi's purpose in going to Monster Clan is not to say not to live in Human Race. He used to experience oneself, kill monster beasts, and raise the cultivation base.

Although it is not as fast as in Destiny Tower, after all, Destiny Tower will be next to ninety layers. Ye Tianyi has no confidence.

"Little Zi'er, shall we go to Monster Clan to play?"



Seven days later, Ye Tianyi came to the edge of Human Race.

There is a barrier here, which completely isolates Human Race from Monster Clan.

Ye Tianyi changed Little Zi'er's hairstyle and wore a small veil. Although I saw many wanted portraits of them along the way, it was really hard to recognize them.

Ye Tianyi changed his face and grew his hair, let alone, really handsome.

Although appearance changing made him a lot ugly, it just felt.

Although these two people are actually conspicuous in the crowd, few people directly associate Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er.

Passing through this barrier, Ye Tianyi will officially go to Monster Clan. No matter how awesome the Human Race is, you won’t be able to find him in Monster Clan, right?

But not necessarily. If Little Zi'er’s news is to be resolved with Monster Clan, then Ye Tianyi will not survive in Monster Clan.

So, when Ye Tianyi took Little Zi'er to this place not far away, he hesitated.

Monster Clan, is it a good place?

It's not necessarily true.

Human Race is afraid of this happening again, and Monster Clan is naturally afraid.

"Be smart, don't take a nap!"

There are secret whistles staring at some places such as the city on the edge of the barrier.

"Be careful that Ye Tianyi took the Monstress and left Human Race and went to Monster Clan. When we arrived at Monster Clan, it would not be so easy for us to catch him. After all, Monster Clan is so big, if he goes to Monster Clan Clan’s empire is okay. Once you hide in which forest or cave, you may not be able to find him after a hundred years of hiding!"


Ye Tianyi In the biscuits buyer with Little Zi'er, I heard this by the way.

Some people guess that Ye Tianyi will go to Monster Clan and it’s no problem.

But it's useless if you just watch it like this, so...

There should be another mystery here.


Then Ye Tianyi took Little Zi'er to the happy tailor shop of Yang Xin'er and Yang Tian.

"Sorry, it's closed today."

A familiar voice came from inside.

Yang Xin'er wiped his hands and walked out, looking at Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er.

"Ye...Young Master?"

She asked tentatively.

Although Ye Tianyi's appearance changed, but Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er stand together, plus Ye Tianyi's eyes, some special points, Yang Xin'er feels possible.

"en. ”

Ye Tianyi nodded.

Yang Xin'er took a small mouth, and then hurried over to shut the shop door.

"Young Master Ye, Little Zi'er, sit down quickly."

Yang Xin'er poured tea for them.

"You really are going to Monster Clan? Don't go."

Yang Xin'er said.

Of course she heard about Little Zi'er, but she was not afraid.

Because she had been with Little Zi'er, no matter how she believed Little Zi'er would not hurt her, as for the future...

That is not Yang Xin'er who will What you think, what will it look like in the future, whether Little Zi'er will really become the Killing God again, it's up to your fate, but now, she is Little Zi'er.

"What's the matter?"

Ye Tianyi brows tightly knit asked.

"I also passed by a small alley when I was going to deliver food to Grandfather Feng. I overheard a general chatting with other people. Just two sentences, probably as long as Young Master Ye walks through. barrier, other people can lock your position."

Ye Tianyi; "..."

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