A Random System Everyday Chapter 2112

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Chapter 2121 deduce result

Chapter 2100 deduce result

This thing is achievable.

It is a kind of need to pay a lot of resources to achieve, but for those forces, it can still be used.

The premise is that they have Ye Tianyi's DNA.

Of course, they are not called DNA.

You only need Ye Tianyi's blood, hair and so on.

And they obviously can have it.

"It turns out that this is the case."

Ye Tianyi is also a little scared, that is to say, once he touches the barrier, at any time in the following, Ye Tianyi can be locking.

Of course impossible is locked forever!

But Ye Tianyi also knows a way, and that is the positioning of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion!

Once Ye Tianyi is directly located, it only takes a few hours, and Heavenly Secrets Pavilion will be able to lock the position for several months!

And once Ye Tianyi touches this barrier, it is equivalent to opening Heavenly Eye for the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion!

Ye Tianyi will be locked for a few months!

Some fears.

"Okay! Many thanks, how about Little Tian?"

"He is in very good condition now. Since Young Master Ye treated Little Tian before, he is always Normally, I’ve been cultivating with Grandfather Feng."

Ye Tianyi nodded; "Well, I haven’t gotten the detoxification method yet, but this is relatively easy. I try to make sure this If things don’t reveal the weak spot, there is still more than a year and a half, it’s okay."

"Thank you, Young Master Ye, for your hard work." Yang Xin'er said gratefully.

"Okay, then I won't bother you, so as not to bring bad things to you, let's go first."

"Young Master Ye, Little Zi'er walk slowly "

Ye Tianyi left with Little Zi'er, but fortunately he did not pass through the barrier.

"Big Elder Brother, where are we going now?"

Little Zi'er asked gruffly.

"Go to Bright Moon Empire."

Ye Tianyi said.


This continent has only two empires!

Although these two empires are few, each one is very large, and some areas are clearly divided. You can understand these areas as Gods Territory, Eight Kingdoms, Eight Wilderness, Lower Territory, and Upper Territory.

Monster Clan can’t go, this empire is quite familiar, but the other empire has no acquaintances!

Even if another empire is also wanted for Ye Tianyi, they don't recognize it.

In fact, it should be good to keep Little Zi'er here, but Ye Tianyi dare not! It's better to follow oneself.

Someone can Heavenly Secrets Deduction deduce Ye Tianyi, but Ye Tianyi is not afraid of deduce, because someone tried it before, Zhuge Qingtian also tried it, and deduce is less than Ye Tianyi.

As for Little Zi'er, she shouldn't be said to be able to be deduce, because she is not an ordinary existence.

Ye Tianyi took Little Zi'er towards Bright Moon Empire.


Heavenly Secrets Pavilion.

Many powerhouses have also gathered in this sect.

They are around there, watching the digital Heavenly Secrets Pavilion powerhouse at Heavenly Secrets Deduction.

"Then Monstress deduce doesn't come out, Ye Tianyi is okay anyway, right?"

They said.

Normally, if you look for Heavenly Secrets Pavilion powerhouse deduce, they all refuse, and they can't explain some things.

But now, it's a matter of the survival of the continent. Even if deduce these things will cost them a lot of life, they must do it! Even if no one asks them to do it, they will do it!

The people at Heavenly Secrets Pavilion are rare and have a sense of justice, and they are the kind of people who have the world in their hearts.

They are people who are more able to sacrifice their lives for the sake of justice.

Many other people, led by Cold God, looked at them nervously.

Whether it can be deduce is related to the rise and fall of continent.

If you kill Monstress directly, everyone will breathe a sigh of relief, and now is the best chance to kill her!

It's very simple. She has just exploded out of strength, and she should be in an extremely weak period now, and it is estimated that it is difficult to explode a second time in a short period of time.

So, if they missed this opportunity, their difficulty will increase. It is what everyone wants to kill her at the best time.

"pu ——"

Suddenly, the five Heavenly Secrets Pavilion powerhouse a mouthful of blood burst out.

deduce is also over.

"What's going on?"

Everyone was shocked!

This Ye Tianyi is difficult to deduce, and they all know that a powerhouse deduced before and vomited blood. Everyone didn't understand it, but think about it might be that some of his inheritance power is too strong.

So, they found five Heavenly Secrets Pavilion powerhouses to deduce Ye Tianyi, even they are very top-level existence, and Ye Tianyi's boundary is so low, there is no problem at all?

However, all five people vomited blood.

"It's pitch black."

An old Heavenly Secrets Pavilion wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said.

"Dedicated can't be achieved. I am afraid that this kid has some spiritual artifacts on his body that can stop Dedicated, but it is a bit exaggerated. Is the cultivation base of the five people I waited for is not enough to give him to Dedicated? "

"Maybe it is some kind of protective force? No, he must be given to deduce, otherwise, continent will not be peaceful."

"Deduce came out to find the Monstress , That Monstress must be with him, and Ye Tianyi must know that oneself will not be deduce out, so he will definitely keep that Monstress by his side, this is also our opportunity!"

"Venerable, please Heavenly Development, only Venerable Heavenly Development has the ability to give Ye Tianyi to deduce!"

Cold God lightly saying.

This Venerable Heavenly Development is a powerhouse at the same time as her, and it is also the Old Ancestor of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion. It also participated in the battle to seal the Little Zi'er.

"This is the only way to go, wait for the old man to go please too Old Ancestor."

An old man has to get up and go over.

"cough cough ——"

There was a dry cough, and then an old man who seemed to be very old walked over slowly.

"Old Ancestor!"

"Venerable Heavenly Development."

Everyone one after another saluted.

Apparently he must have arrived at deduce.

"Venerable Heavenly Development, it is really sorry to ask you to come out of the mountain, no one else can deduce to the position of Ye Tianyi, but the matter is important, there is no way, I can only trouble you Venerable Heavenly Development."

A powerhouse said.

Cold God also took a fist and said: "We, the two Old Guys, can still have the opportunity to use the residual heat, which is also considered to be infinite merit."

Venerable Heavenly Development touched it. Beard said: "Your Excellency Cold God said, the old man won't be too slow, let's start."


Several people gathered around Venerable Heavenly Development. On the side, Venerable Heavenly Development sits in the middle of the Eight Trigrams Array, then picks up the whisk and starts to deduce.

Everyone stood there watching quietly.

Time slowly passed...

They saw the lightning and thunder above the void.

"Should it be done?"


At this moment, Venerable Heavenly Development's face suddenly changed, and a mouthful of blood was sprayed. come out.

"Venerable Heavenly Development!"

Everyone was surprised.


Venerable Heavenly Development wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth.

"Are there...results?"

"It's in Wind Forest City of the Imperial Snow Empire, and I can't deduct it any further."

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