A Random System Everyday Chapter 2113

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Chapter 2122 Find a mercenary regiment

Chapter 2101 Find a mercenary regiment

This Venerable Heavenly Development is talking about a deeper level...

For example, where they are going, and maybe even where they will stay. In theory, deduce a martial artist from this boundary. This point came out of deduce with his eyes closed, but he can only deduce until Ye Tianyi is now in. where! And it's not an extremely accurate location, it's just a city, how big is a city?

Even for deduce this, so many of them shot and were injured.

"Wind Forest City ran a long way, and even dared to appear in the city. It really didn't put us in the eye, and directly notified the sect near Wind Forest City and asked them to search for Monstress. Trace!"


Cold God said.

Then she said: "Then Ye Tianyi has a space attribute, and the power near Wind Forest City is not strong. He should have a powerful spiritual artifact, Profound Heaven poison item in his hands. It’s dangerous, but beat the grass to scare the snake."

"Your Excellency Cold God has a point, what should I do?"

Venerable Heavenly Development said at this time: "The best way is to be able to stare at him, everyone else rushes there, but must stay secret, find the opportunity, and everyone will attack together, otherwise, he will inevitably run away."

" Not good is realized, we have to spend time in the past, it is too easy for him to go, when the time comes, the scope has to be expanded again."

"Then it is the old man little by little deduce his whereabouts! If you deduce once a day, or even deduce twice a day, the old man can't find it if you don't believe it!" Venerable Heavenly Development said.


Everyone glanced at each other.

"Venerable Heavenly Development, this is too expensive."

"he he he."

Venerable Heavenly Development touched the beard said with a smile: "The old man itself is an old bones, and there are not many days to live. If he can make a contribution in the last time, the old man this life will die well."

"Salute to Venerable Heavenly Development!"

"My continent is lucky to have the existence of Venerable Heavenly Development."

"Yes, we are all We should learn from Venerable Heavenly Development, this is a role model for our life!"


Every time deduce consumes Yangshou and even gets hurt, he exists like this There is not much life in itself. Obviously, Venerable Heavenly Development has broken the jar, and does not intend to make oneself better, but intends to continue to consume oneself until the end of life.

"There is actually another way."

Cold God thought for a while.

"What can I do?"

"Isn't this Ye Tianyi value emotion, value friendship? Isn't Myriad Poisons Sect her partner here?"

For Cold God's sake, everyone naturally knows what she means.

"No! This is really against the morals, absolutely not!"

"I don't think it can be the case."

Venerable of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion Heavenly Development said: "No, Ye Tianyi is an innocent person."

"Ye Tianyi is not an innocent person."

Yang Lin walked over and said.


Then Yang Lin said: "This Monstress was released by Ye Tianyi."


"Brother Wen."

Yang Lin glanced back.

Wen Buruo came out.

"Senior! Here is Wen Buruo."

Wen Buruo gave a salute.

"What do you know?"

Wen Buruo nodded; "Know, I have been looking for the Lock Temple for many years. Some time ago, I found the Lock Temple and many people went in. , Including Ye Tianyi, I did not go in, I kept waiting outside! After that, the only person who entered was Ye Tianyi who came out alive, and the Monstress with him."

Everyone A surprised look at each other.

"It’s just that I didn’t know who the Monstress was at the time. I thought it was a person who went in together. I didn’t notice because there were too many people. At that time, I thought it might be two people who came out alive. It's not like this anymore."

Wen Buruo is not qualified to see this kind of existence, Ye Tianyi gave up, but he can be familiar here.

"Why don't you come in?"

"Naturally dare not."

"Where is the lock temple?"

Cold God Asked.

To make sure what he said is true or false.

"In the Sea Territory north of Northern Wind Small Town."

Others looked towards Cold God.

"Your Excellency Cold God, is what he said true?"

Cold God nodded; "Indeed, the Lock Temple is there, and those who know this thing are still alive. There are not many people. It seems that what he said is true. If so, Ye Tianyi is also the culprit."

"Then there is no need to think about it, he can also kill It’s up."

"Indeed! Vast Cold Palace, you can’t bear to do it, so leave it to us when the time comes."

Yang Lin said.

This is, Han Yuening said: "However, under normal circumstances, how can they be able to enter the Lock Temple? I don’t believe that he opened the Lock Temple. I prefer her to oneself breakthrough. After the seal, the lock temple was opened, but she lost her memory and cultivation base because of the seal, and did not come out. It happened that Ye Tianyi went in, and because Ye Tianyi had the ability to live out, then Ye Tianyi did not go in. One day, She will also come out oneself."

"It is also possible."

Someone agreed with what Han Yuening said.

Han Yueru said at this time: "Then he may indeed be an unaware person, but maybe it is because of his careless behavior that he released the Monstress?"

Wen Buruo said: "The Lock God Temple was indeed opened by Ye Tianyi. At that time, he had a fishbone thing in his hand, which opened the way to the Lock God Temple. Cold God senior, you should be clear."

Cold God said: "That is indeed the key. In order to ensure that nothing happened, we hid the key in the mountains. Even if we were found, no one should know that it was the key."

Ye Tianyi got this jade bone, but I heard who got it from Destiny Tower.

So is there anything wrong with this?

"So it seems that he is still prepared? He did it deliberately."

"Well, it looks like he did it deliberately! He just wants to treat that Monstress Released."

"No matter what, I can't be merciful."


"Then his partner...does he also need... …"

Venerable Heavenly Development said: "No matter what, don't hurt others. His partner hasn't left Myriad Poisons Sect, which proves that there should be no guilt in her heart, no need. "


"Then guys, get ready, we can get closer to Wind Forest City."



In Wind Forest City.

Ye Tianyi of appearance changing took Little Zi'er to sit in the tavern and eat.

There are still several days away from Bright Moon Empire, Ye Tianyi is not in a hurry, unless those people still think that Ye Tianyi will go to Bright Moon Empire, then Ye Tianyi has nothing to say.

However, Ye Tianyi is absolutely impossible to stay more in one place.

"Find a mercenary regiment."

Ye Tianyi thought for a while.

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