A Random System Everyday Chapter 2114

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Chapter 2123 set off Bright Moon Empire

Chapter 2102 set off Bright Moon Empire

He took Little Zi'er with him. As far as two people act, it’s really targeted. Kind of key!

A man and a woman, a big man and a little girl, even if the looks are different, many people will still notice.

With a mercenary regiment, although it is slower, it is not easy to expose it.

But Ye Tianyi must not follow a mercenary regiment as an employer.

mission point.

There are mercenary regiment everywhere here.

This is a profession of continent. Many, many people are doing this. Generally speaking, their boundary is not high, and they are all ordinary martial artists, just to earn commissions and some spiritual artifacts, heaven and Something like earth spiritual objects, or just to buy something that is within easy reach of some martial artists from superior backgrounds.

Ye Tianyi took a look and saw several mercenary regiment missions to Bright Moon Empire.

It doesn't matter where to go to Bright Moon Empire, as long as you go.

"Uncle, are you leaving today?"

Ye Tianyi saw an uncle of the mercenary regiment pick up a treasure hunt mission to Bright Moon Empire, walked over and asked.

"Yeah, what's the matter with you?"

The uncle glanced at Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er.

Ye Tianyi said: "I also want to go to Bright Moon Empire. The journey is extremely dangerous. I don't know if I can go along?"


Ye Tianyi shook his head: "I don't have enough capital to invite mercenary regiment to escort to Bright Moon Empire, and some are not willing to take it out. I just hope to be able to travel together. I also have a bit of a cultivation base, maybe I can help a little."


The uncle hesitated.

It is true that many people have more power, and this trip is indeed extremely dangerous.

Other words...

"Okay, then you guys come with us, get ready, set off immediately."

"many thanks!"

Ye Tianyi gave a fist.

The reason why I don’t ask a mercenary regiment to escort myself is because I will be found out.

The guilds of the mercenary regiment are recorded. Your mercenary regiment has levels, and the promotion is for mission points, so once you do a mission, you will be recorded in the guild.

The interested person came and took a look at the information of the person who came to publish the mission. It is a male or a female, and it can be found at any age, and this is not easy to fake, at least Ye Tianyi is going to publish the mission and record It would be a man who issued a mission to Bright Moon Empire, what mercenary regiment received the mission.

Soon, several carriages are ready.

This horse is not an ordinary horse, at least it runs fast and has great endurance.

"Come with me."

The uncle looked at Ye Tianyi and walked away.

Ye Tianyi took Little Zi'er and walked over.

There is a carriage, four horses, and four people standing beside it.

"We are Wild Mercenary Regiment, and I am the head of Ma Yu. These four are my members, Xiaowu, Kaizi, Mingwen and old-fashioned."

The old man Tu is a middle-aged man, about the same size as the group leader Ma Yu, and the other three are youngsters.

Ye Tianyi took a fist and said, "Everyone, please show me a lot!"

"Head, who are these two?"

The middle-aged man asked the horse.

"This Little Brother and his younger sister are also going to Bright Moon Empire, but the journey is dangerous, I hope we can take them a ride."

Ma Yu said.

"It's all right to send an escort mission? We are not doing charity."

Zhang Mingwen murmured dissatisfiedly.

"Plain text, how do you say it? Everyone is a martial artist. It's normal to help each other. The escort mission to Bright Moon Empire is paid a lot. How many ordinary martial artists can get it? Besides, they They are also martial artists, and I can help."

Ma Yu said.

"Understood, I'll get on the horse first."

Zhang Mingwen jumped on a horse after speaking.

"What boundary is this brother?"

Xiao Wu asked.

"Heavenly Venerable Boundary."

Ye Tianyi said.

"Well, that's okay, captain, this is equivalent to our team having one more Heavenly Venerable contribution. This action is extremely dangerous. Multiple Heavenly Venerable is also a good thing."

Ma Yu nodded; "Indeed! Higher cultivation base than both of you."

"Cough cough! This is no way, talent is too bad."

Kaizi has a dry cough Said with a loud voice.

Think about it this way, they are more of a cooperative relationship, even if there is no compensation.

"Brother, what is your name?"

Xiao Wu asked.

"Lin Tianyī, please give me your advice."

Ye Tianyi casually compiled a name.

"Teach each other and teach each other, so let's go to the carriage with your sister."

Ye Tianyi said: "No, I have already accepted your love, I will pay It’s really wrong to hide in the carriage."

"What's the matter with this, it’s okay, you go, and we won’t be polite if you use it."

Kaizi said .

"Old-fashioned, go and ask."

Ma Yu said.


Then the old-fashioned walked to the carriage and asked: "Girl, two more people in the carriage, do you think it's okay?"

Ye Tianyi was taken aback for a moment.

There are still people in the carriage?

He didn't pay attention.


There was a soft "um" inside but there was no response.

"Very good, Brother Tianyī, and little girls, you can go in."

"You go in first."

Ye Tianyi to Little Zi 'er said.


Little Zi'er nodded, and then got into the carriage.

"Head, is there anyone in here?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"Yes, a girl is also going to Bright Moon Empire, we will escort her there."

"Escort the mission?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

If it is an escort mission, then Ye Tianyi can't be with them.

Because they will definitely be found out, and even if the escort mission is found to be a female, they will definitely pay attention.

"No, she found us to pay us to escort us. She did not go through the guild mission. Although there is no points to earn, the reward is still very attractive."

Listen At this point, Ye Tianyi was relieved.

"so that's how it is, so your line is actually two missions."

"Forget it, this mission to the Bright Moon Empire treasure hunt was actually picked up by us. Anyway, I have to go to Bright Moon Empire, and see if I can find it."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Okay, it's getting late, it's time to set off, Brother Tianyī, go to the carriage, I will call you if you need it."

"Okay! Troublesome ."

"You are welcome."

Then Ye Tianyi also got into the carriage.

There is a woman sitting in the carriage, who seems to be young, wearing a veil and a red dress, and Little Zi'er is sitting beside her, wearing a veil, really blinking Big eyes, blinking at the woman.

Ye Tianyi comes in, they looked towards Ye Tianyi.

"Excuse me."

Ye Tianyi said to her.

"It's okay."

The woman said, then closed her eyes to cultivate.

"We set off."

Ma Yu said, and then the carriage moved.

One day has passed, and they have completely left the area where humans live, surrounded by woods and barren paths.

"Resting in place."

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