A Random System Everyday Chapter 2116

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Chapter 2125 is greedy for life and fear of death

Chapter 2104 is greedy for life and fear of death

The last time deduce was in the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion.

More than a day has passed since now.

Under the gaze of a lot of powerhouses, Venerable Heavenly Development and several Heavenly Secrets Pavilion powerhouses began to continue the trail of deduce Ye Tianyi.

After half an hour of deduce, as several people sprayed a mouthful of blood at the same time, everyone rushed closer.


They asked eagerly.

Compared to Venerable Heavenly Development's injuries or loss of life, they naturally care more about the other side.

"Devil Forest."

Venerable Heavenly Development said weakly.

"Devil Forest?"

They all looked at each other.

"This Devil Forest is a very dangerous place in the Imperial Snow Empire, where monster beasts are in groups, and there is even the presence of Monster God. Therefore, we have maintained a relatively balanced balance over the years. The monster beast inside does not come out, and few people will venture into the Devil Forest. Except for some academies, family experience, and some mercenary regiments to cut their way through the Devil Forest, few people apart from this, this Ye Tianyi What is going to Devil Forest for?"

"It is also very understandable. He must also know that we know this, and his boundary is actually not high. Even if we look for him, we may ignore Devil Forest because Devil Forest is really dangerous. Even if he has the ability, how long can he stay in Devil Forest? So he thinks we think so and will ignore it."

"Well, it makes sense! Let's send someone to rush into Devil Forest to find him."

Yang Lin said.

"No! Don't be so reckless!"

Venerable Nine Flames said.

"First, if we rush in directly, we will break the balance with Devil Forest Monster Clan. Second, Devil Forest is all trees, extremely complex, easy to avoid, and still so big. If we were A group of people go in, even if they are separated. Once he finds out, he will probably run away. He has a space attribute. We shouldn’t say we should block this place, right?"

"It makes sense. , Spiritual consciousness cannot be released, it will be noticed by him, and I suspect that his ability may be deeper in the Devil Forest, so he shouldn't be on the periphery. Maybe he is just ready to come here to experience and improve the boundary."

"What should be done?"

"Let the strongest ones enter the Devil Forest, release a large range of spiritual consciousness to find, he must not be able to detect the spiritual consciousness of this level powerhouse."

"He is afraid of Monstress if he can't detect it..."

"Then Monstress hasn't awakened yet, there is no such ability!"

"Okay! That's it! , Other people can spread out and surround the Devil Forest, no matter where they come from, they can be sure to trap it immediately!"


Ye Tianyi still doesn’t know oneself It has been continuously deduce, he knows that oneself is difficult to be deduce out, but Ye Tianyi is also very cautious, he knows that it may also be deduce out, so it is so cautiously.

In the Devil Forest, they are advancing.

"Be careful, don't let the horse run too fast, in case some monster beasts perceive it as running prey."

Ma Yu reminded.


Ye Tianyi is already sitting in An Qing's carriage, driving the carriage.


A flame shattered an area in front of them, almost touching them.

"Be careful! Prepare for battle."

Ma Yu loudly shouted.

"Don't come out."

Ye Tianyi said to Little Zi'er, trying not to call Little Zi'er's name.

Then Ye Tianyi extend the hand, holding a sword in his hand, which looks more ordinary.

The eyes of several people are locked in front.


The low roar of monster beast came from the grass.

Gradually, a golden monster beast with extremely strong limbs appeared in their field of vision.


When he came out, they roared at Ye Tianyi. This angry roar made them even unable to stand firmly. This tone is the same as Myriad Swords Returning to Origin is also full of lethality, just a little less lethal, but no matter how small, those horses died directly.

"Not good! It's Roaring Flame Lion King! Roaring Flame Lion King of Divine King Boundary!"

See this monster beast, Ma Yu and the others eyes shrank!

Divine King Boundary may not be considered strong for the continent, but it is really not a very weak existence. Ye Tianyi has seen too many strong ones just because he is in contact with very high-class ones, even In areas that are not so powerful, people who are in contact with are also powerful people over there.

For this mercenary regiment, the most powerful is the leader Ma Yu, but he only has the Divine King Boundary cultivation base.

"Roaring Flame Lion King above the Divine King Boundary Eighth Rank, old-fashioned, you take people away first, I am behind."

Ma Yu holds the big knife loudly and said.

"No! We have to be together, or you will die."

The old-fashioned browse tightly knit.

Ma Yu’s cultivation base is only Divine King Boundary Third Rank. There is a gap in itself. The opponent is still a powerful monster beast. He can only drag, but as long as the Roaring Flame Lion King doesn’t let go, he I can't run.

"You will die if you stay, I still have a chance to run!"


Roaring Flame Lion King roared and rushed directly.

"courting death!"

Ma Yu's eyes condensed, with a golden light masterpiece on his body, and he slashed it directly with a big knife in his hand.

Ye Tianyi stood there watching.

Obviously he is a powerful martial artist.


The two collide.

The Ma Yu hit the ground directly, smashing a deep hole, and the Roaring Flame Lion King rushed over.

If this paw hits, Ma Yu will definitely be shot to death.

Ye Tianyi hesitated.

Let's take the shot.

Ye Tianyi is ready to take a shot, but he is a step ahead of the old folks.

"Leader, hurry up!"

The old-fashioned loudly shouted, his body was full of flames, and it turned into a fire and rushed towards the Roaring Flame Lion King with a fleshy body.

"Principle! Traction!"

Xiaowu released the own Principle. A line of force appeared between him and the Roaring Flame Lion King, trying to hold the Roaring Flame Lion. King.

Then, this line was instantly broken, and he also spurted out blood.


The old soil rushed over and was hit by a paw of the Roaring Flame Lion King, vomiting blood and flew out.


Ma Yu, who got time to stand up, saw this scene shouted.


He rushed up again.

"Damn it! Our luck is so bad, so many mercenary regiments have not encountered this kind of monster beast, why did we encounter it!"

Zhang Mingwen clenched tightly Fist gritted his teeth unwillingly.

"Old soil."

Kaizi ran to help the old soil that was seriously injured and lost battle strength.

"You guys go! While I can still hold him down."

Ma Yu shouted loudly.

"No! Let's go together."

"Let’s go! Our boundary is too low to even break the defense of the Roaring Flame Lion King. What is the use of staying here? Don’t let it down It’s a kindness to the head of the group."

Zhang Mingwen hurriedly said.

"Zhang Mingwen, are you talking about humans?"

Zhang Mingwen coldly snorted and said: "Am I wrong? Who is an idiot like you to stay and die?" You don't go, let me go! I accept the kindness of the leader."

After finishing speaking, he galloped into the distance.

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