A Random System Everyday Chapter 2118

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Ye Tianyi did not speak.

He feels that oneself's measure just now seems to be worthy of merit.

"Let me do it."

The old folks rushed to talk at this time.

He knows Ma Yu value emotion, value friendship. Even if he says when the time comes, he must tell false news. If this happens, Ma Yu will die!

In order for Ma Yu to survive, he would rather be this villain.


Ma Yu frowned.

"You shut up."

The old man coldly shouted and looked towards the old man:

"You said it."

Old Earth Road: "At that time, we were facing a Divine King Boundary Roaring Flame Lion King. We would have died there, but suddenly someone shot, and I don’t know what method was used. Then one leg of the Roaring Flame Lion King was gone. , We can survive."

Then the old-fashioned continued: "At that time we knew that there was an expert to help, so we called out a few times, but no one responded."

"Just When we were about to leave, we saw two silhouettes of several hundred meters, which seemed to be one big and one small. As for whether the small girl was a girl or not, it was not quite clear."


"Is that so."

The old man pondered for a while.

"Which way did you go?"


The old man pointed in a direction.

"If you dare to lie to the old man, all will die."

Old man said: "You can rest assured."

"Let's go."


Then they walked away.

The old man then took out a talisman.

"The old man should have found the whereabouts of Ye Tianyi and Monstress."

"How did you find it?"

Then the old man said Fan.

"The old man feels alike. First, Ye Tianyi is kind in heart, and he can think of saving people casually. Second, he does not want to show up, which proves that he has some concerns. Third, with His ability is completely undiscovered, but he just walked out a hundred meters away and did not release the space attribute. Because he didn't dare, it was probably him."

A voice came from the talisman:" I don’t feel the problem is big, think about it carefully, under normal circumstances, how could there be one big and one small two people in this Devil Forest? And just go along with them! Where is the location?"


"Everyone going northeast, remember not to beat the grass to scare the snake."



Ye Tianyi didn't expect. He thought of and did something on a whim, and the effect would be so good.

I'm afraid this old man will take the wrong way.


Now all the people they came in looking for went deeper to the northeast.

"We're going out now. If it's not possible, we should take a long way."

Ma Yu said.

"I have walked so much, and I will go out after two days of walking. Let's stop."

Ye Tianyi said.

Think about it, now there is no need to leave Devil Forest. People who are looking for him are going to another direction. They must relax their vigilance on this side. Then if they go out and they deduce again, wouldn’t it be exposed? NS?

"No! We are all injured."

An Qing said: "Injuries can be raised while walking. I have a few medicinal pills here. You may be able to get better if you take them. For the most part, I am in a hurry now, hoping to pass through Devil Forest."

They accepted An Qing’s medicinal pill.

"Sixth Rank medicinal pill..."

They were a little shocked.

This Sixth Rank medicinal pill is very valuable.

"Quickly take it."

An Qing said.

"many thanks Miss Qing."

Ma Yu cups the fist and says.

Indeed, without this medicinal pill, their injuries might not be healed for a while.

Ye Tianyi glanced at her.

She really needs to hurry.


She seems not simple.

Sixth Rank medicinal pill, she should not only be able to take out the Sixth Rank medicinal pill, right?

After taking the medicinal pill, they cultivated in place and their condition gradually recovered.

Other people in Devil Forest are a good meal to find.

During the period, this Venerable Heavenly Development was deduced again. They were still in Devil Forest, and they did not give up looking for it! It's just the opposite.

Two days later, they left Devil Forest and found a city to replenish what they needed.

And Li Xian'er contacted Ye Tianyi.

"Any progress?"

Ye Tianyi asked about Mantuoyu Poison.

"It's not about this, it's about you."

Li Xian'er said.


"According to what I know, they can deduce your position. It seems that Heavenly Secrets Pavilion Old Ancestor has taken the shot."

"I know, I have found it."

Li Xian'er continued: "But the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion Old Ancestor consumes a lot of life and vomits blood every time it deduce. I guess it won't happen a few times. He will not consume all of oneself's life on you, at least he will save some of his life in the days of catastrophe that may be thought to occur."

Li Xian'er's words let Ye Tianyi eyes shined.

This woman...

"You are so bad."

Ye Tianyi couldn't help saying with a smile.

"I didn't say anything, good luck to you."

Li Xian'er broke contact after speaking.

Ye Tianyi couldn't help laughing.

This woman is good or bad.

She told oneself that the news is okay and not bad, but the key is her sentence...

Every time you do this, you will lose your life and vomit blood. I guess it won’t come a few times.

This is telling Ye Tianyi that you can have a way. This Venerable Heavenly Development consumes life, and you only consume spirit strength and time. He can't play with you! You can play him alive.

Although I didn't say it directly, it means that.

Ye Tianyi thinks it is feasible.

Otherwise, they will know Ye Tianyi's approximate location every time he goes, Ye Tianyi unable to move a single step!

This must be resolved.

"A handful of old bones, let me see how much life you can play with me!"

Ye Tianyi's mouth is slightly curved.

In the pub.

Ye Tianyi walked back.

"I bought some meatloaf for everyone."

Ye Tianyi put the pie on the table.

"It's so polite."

"Brother Tianyī, you also eat."

Ye Tianyi shook his head and said: "Everyone, thank you very much for the escort along the way , I'll be here, I can walk the rest of the way by myself, many thanks!"

They looked towards Ye Tianyi.

"There is still a long way to go," Ma Yu said.

"It's okay, don't bother you! We'll meet again some day!"

Ye Tianyi pulled Little Zi'er.

"Well, goodbye Jianghu!"

"Goodbye Jianghu."

An Qing glanced at it and said nothing.

Ye Tianyi took Little Zi'er and left, but what Ma Yu didn't know was that there was an Eighth Rank medicinal pill in his pocket.

This is Ye Tianyi's thanks to them, right?

Originally Ye Tianyi was going to Bright Moon Empire, but now that I know someone is deduce him, then Ye Tianyi will not go for the time being, so I have fun with them.

Ye Tianyi took Little Zi'er away from the vicinity of Devil Forest first, went to a less crowded place, and set up Transmission Arrays in several locations.

Then he stayed in one place with Little Zi'er.

It’s also very pleasant to stay here to rest, eat and play.

On the other side, Venerable Heavenly Development has begun to deduce again.

Because they searched in Devil Forest for two days and didn't find it, they suspected Ye Tianyi had run away and wanted to see if it was still in Devil Forest.

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