A Random System Everyday Chapter 2119

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Chapter 2128: Zhuge Qingtian tragically reminded

, I randomly create a new system every day

It’s the same story again.

A few of them a mouthful of blood sprayed out again.

"Venerable Heavenly Development, okay?"

Venerable Heavenly Development wiped the corners of his mouth and shook his head: "It’s okay, the location has changed."

" What? Did you leave Devil Forest? Where are you now?"

"South Wind Prairie."

They looked at each other.

"South Wind Prairie is more than a few thousand kilometers away from Devil Forest. This Ye Tianyi uses space attribute."

"It's weird, where is he going? Why? Go to South Wind Prairie again, where there is no who smoke, but only some local ordinary persons?"

Cold God nodded; "The old man thought that his route was like going to Bright Moon Empire Looks like, now suddenly I traveled a few thousand kilometers to the side, and it was the first time in the past few days to use the space attribute to hurry. I don’t quite understand what this kid thinks."

"South Wind Plain, The land is wide and the people are sparse, and the field of vision is extremely broad. When you go there, be careful to be seen by him. Then let them set off South Wind Plain. Once you find Ye Tianyi and that Monstress, don’t hesitate to use the space power directly to trap them. Live."



South Wind Plain.

Ye Tianyi doesn't know whether they deduce or not. According to the situation of one deduce a day, it must be deduce now, because Ye Tianyi has been in South Wind Plain for more than a day.

But because this place is big and open, Ye Tianyi didn't see anything.

"Little Zi'er, we are leaving."


Ye Tianyi took Little Zi'er into the prepared space array Among them, the array started, and then disappeared in place.

"Someone uses the space."

They are all top powerhouses. This spirit strength fluctuates, which can be sensed if they are a little closer.

"It must be Ye Tianyi, he has noticed something."

"Is it locked in position?"

"No, although I feel it, But it was too far, and there was no time to react."

"Go and see."

Then some people gathered near the place where Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er just stayed. .

"Transmission Array? Space Transmission Array, which Ye Tianyi did?"

"It should be him. Unfortunately, Transmission Array is for one-time use. He should have noticed something Now."

"First go to Venerable Heavenly Development and then deduce."

Venerable Heavenly Development.

Venerable Heavenly Development sits, and again deduce Ye Tianyi's position with a few people.

"pu ——"

A mouthful of blood again.

"Massively buried mountains."

Everyone's eyes suddenly lit up.

"The Mass Burial Mountain, he ran so far, but the Mass Burial Mountain is not big. If we can rush over in time, we can block it directly, and the next step is to catch a turtle in a jar. ."



The mountain is buried in mass.

Ye Tianyi has a difficulty, that is, he doesn't know when the other party deduce, he is worried that he may not be able to leave if he is too late.

"old man."

Ye Tianyi contacted Zhuge Qingtian.

"What's the matter with you brat? Where did you hide?"

Zhuge Qingtian asked.

I remember Zhuge Qingtian and Ye Tianyi talked about the god of this world before, and I don’t know if Little Zi'er is.

"Hey, run around, old man, you talked to me before, do you think..."

Ye Tianyi didn't explain, but Zhuge Qingtian definitely knows.

"I’m not sure, I don’t feel it, the person who created this world and the rules should not be your side Little Zi'er, she is very difficult to deal with, but she should not be what I want to explore, But at least it’s more mysterious than any other."

"Indeed, by the way, I didn’t come to tell you this. I was caught up by the people of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion, and they kept going. deduce my position, the Old Ancestor of the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion."

Zhuge Qingtian said: "You don't want old fogey to fight against him, do you? I don't have this ability with old fogey."

"No, of course I don’t want you to stop him from deduce. I just want you to see if you can tell me when they were deduce."

Zhuge Qingtian groaned a bit. .

"It’s difficult, after all, it’s the old man who did it. Even if I just deduce time, the key deduce object is still him."

"The deduce is done by several people, you can deduce Others, Sect Lord of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion is among them."

This was what Li Xian'er told Ye Tianyi, although Ye Tianyi didn't know how she knew it.

"en? Several people push you together? Why do you need to? is it possible that deduce you are so difficult?"

Zhuge Qingtian is still shocked.

This kid, how sacred.

This has shown that Ye Tianyi is extraordinary.

And Ye Tianyi is not because of some spiritual artifacts, he knows it.

After all, I used to deduce before in Lower Plane.


Ye Tianyi said.

"This is fine. Although the old man boundary is not as high as it is, the old man has some great things. Okay, you wait."

It took about ten minutes.

"They just deduce it half an hour ago."

"Thanks, I will continue to bother you for these two days."

Zhuge Qingtian Angrily said: "ok, ok, ok, but you have to tell me, what's the use?"

He naturally didn’t know that deduce Ye Tianyi had to vomit blood, although he had deduce before, but he didn’t. t expect that kind of powerhouse has to vomit blood.

He can't figure out the reason, can he run?

Then he will run for a lifetime.

"I want to kill that old man."

Ye Tianyi lightly saying.

Zhuge Qingtian: "..."

"How can this be killed? is it possible that you want him to spend his life and die? hahaha, then..."

Half of laughter, Zhuge Qingtian paused.

"No way?"

He suddenly felt that Ye Tianyi's words were not groundless.

What if?

"Okay, that's it for now, I have to run."

Ye Tianyi crushed the talisman after speaking, and then took Little Zi'er away from the Mass Burial Mountain.

On the other side, a group of people passed through the space and arrived at the Mass Burial Mountain in a short time.

"Quick! Block the Mass Burial Mountain."

The powerful space forces directly block the Mass Burial Mountain.

"Go in!"

Then many of them rushed in together.

I searched a big circle, and spiritual consciousness was also released. I didn't find it in such a small place?

Their doubts gathered here.

"Strange, how about people? Can you still get underground?"

"Did you run away?"

"If the Mass Burial Mountain is Transmission When Array fell, he should have left immediately. A while passed when Venerable Heavenly Development deduce, and he was still massaging the mountain... Then he is gone again... Damn it, Venerable Heavenly Development."

They looked towards Venerable Heavenly Development.

And his face is already pale.

"Ancestor, don't deduce anymore."

Heavenly Secrets Pavilion reminded.

"No problem, continue."

After half an hour...


"Heavenly Sun City."

"Just a few hundred kilometers away, go quickly."

Ye Tianyi sits in a corner of a tavern.

"old man, help me deduce again."

Zhuge Qingtian: "..."

"Your sister! This is less than an hour You let the old man deduce again?"

Zhuge Qingtian cursed.

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