A Random System Everyday Chapter 2121

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Chapter 2130 Miss Qing?

, I randomly create a new system every day

In fact, many people have already thought about this.

He didn't know when they deduce, even if he ran away, how did he make it possible that he was already not in there as soon as they passed?

"That's right, as if he knew it, I doubt that we have a traitor here. Every time deduce is telling that Ye Tianyi to let him run away in time."

Yang Lin said.

After speaking, his gaze looked towards Han Yuening.

A few people also looked towards Han Yuening.

"You don't think this Venerable is secretly telling him, do you?"

Han Yuening asked with a frown.

"You have been defending Vast Cold Palace from the very beginning. Yes, he saved your life. Many people in your Vast Cold Palace died. But in the face of the big troubles, Fairy Vast Cold , I hope you can understand." Yang Lin said.

"This will not bother Sect Lord Yang. I still know this Venerable."

Han Yuening coldly said.

"Okay, don't fight infighting at this time, continue to chase."

"Chasing? How to chase? A group of us chased for so many days, Venerable Heavenly Development is It’s even weaker now, so continue to chase it like this? What’s the difference between it and the previous seven days?"

"That’s right, and...in fact, it’s completely visible, he He was walking us. He knew we were catching him a long time ago. His whereabouts are erratic, and he suddenly appeared in the north and in the south. He just kept going around in this huge area, and he really couldn't catch him."

"When did it become such a difficult thing to chase a junior."

They really took it.

"Venerable Heavenly Development can no longer be deduce, at least in a short time, we need to change the plan!"

"How to change?"

This At that time, Yang Lin took out a map.

"This is a map I asked someone to draw specially. I have marked some points on this map. This is the place Ye Tianyi has been to these days. I think I can probably lock a range , Look."

They walked over and took a look.

"These days, the places Ye Tianyi goes are all within this range, and I don't know if it is intentional or what, he has not exceeded this range and has been going around in circles."

They all watched the map carefully.

"Indeed, logically speaking, if he is hunted down, shouldn’t he run farther and farther? How can he go around in a range? The Northeast is the Devil Forest, and this one is Heavenly Sun City, this side is the Southern Plains...He doesn't run far in other places."

"It's really strange, why doesn't he run far? , It’s obviously more dangerous to run around in this area."

"I have a look at it, and I always feel that there may be other things in it."

Han Yueru came over and took out the pen to connect the places where Ye Tianyi had been.



In this area, there is a relatively long distance between the places on the left and the right, so they are not connected together, and It is connected to the left alone, and then to the right after the connection.

Although the connection is not as smooth as the two letters, the S is not so curved, and the B does not have the arc, but it can probably be seen.

They didn't know what SB meant.

But because people came to Nine Provinces Continent hundreds of years ago, this has become a kind of culture here.

They looked at each other.

"bastard thing!"

They don't believe in such a coincidence, so this is Ye Tianyi from the very beginning.

This Ye Tianyi is humiliating them in this way!

I'm scolding them as SBs.

"This Ye Tianyi is simply too arrogant. It doesn't treat us as human beings. We are chasing him, and he is still playing with us. Who can bear it?"

"Too bad! He must be killed."

"bastard thing!"


That's right.

Of course, this was intentional by Ye Tianyi, he was going to humiliate them.

You are all chasing me, you are going to kill me, what's the point of humiliating you?

As for whether they can see it, it's up to the fate.

"old man, the last time."

Ye Tianyi contacted Zhuge Qingtian again.

"shit! The past few days I have lost several decades of lifespan."

Zhuge Qingtian cursed.

"You are considered good. It will be good for hundreds of years. When the time comes, I will add it back for you."

"Go away and wait until I will. "

Then Zhuge Qingtian began to deduce.

"No result."

Zhuge Qingtian then contacted Ye Tianyi.

"Okay! Many thanks."

Ye Tianyi said.

"You oneself, pay attention."

"Well, I know."

Ye Tianyi then took Little Zi'er to Bright Moon Empire set off.

Then it will be non-stop. If they deduce afterwards, even if Ye Tianyi is in the Bright Moon Empire, then follow-up is impossible to deduce him like now.

It should be so.


Two days later, Ye Tianyi finally left the Imperial Snow Empire.

There is a big gap between Imperial Snow Empire and Bright Moon Empire. This gap may be several thousand kilometers. It is not too far for Ye Tianyi, but this area belongs to no man’s land. Monster beasts are rampant. If you say the most Human Race here, it is the mercenary regiment.

On the other side, everyone is still looking for Ye Tianyi, but they have lost their way. They can only rely on the news from various people to Ye Tianyi.

Because Venerable Heavenly Development really cannot continue to deduce for the time being, and Venerable Heavenly Development is not deduce, others can't push Ye Tianyi out.

Some people continue to stay here looking for Ye Tianyi, while some have returned to the own forces to rest.

"Hu—I finally came to Bright Moon Empire."

Ye Tianyi exhaled.

He is now at the very edge of Bright Moon Empire, but unlike Ye Tianyi who just came to the Northern Wind Small Town of the Imperial Snow Empire, here is still a more powerful place, a bit similar to Ye Tianyi’s arrival Myriad Monsters Great Forest has Wind City on the edge.

There are a lot of sect, spirit level forces, Sovereign Level forces, and a little deeper there is also Emperor Level forces.

However, there is still some distance away from city, and it is still a no-man’s land.

"Little Zi'er, are you tired these days?"

Ye Tianyi rubbed Little Zi'er's head.

"It's okay, with the big Elder Brother here, Little Zi'er is not afraid of getting tired."

Little Zi'er said sweetly.

"Really, when the time comes, we find a place to settle down."


Ye Tianyi with Little Zi'er Keep going.

At this time, the sound of battle came from the front.

Ye Tianyi didn't intend to take care of it, but suddenly he heard a shout.

"Miss Qing, you go first! Hurry up, you go first!"

There was a shout from over there.

"Miss Qing?"

Ye Tianyi rubbed his chin.

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